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Kaleb Nation and bfftaylor on Good Morning America

Good Morning America!

They bumped our mini-interview on Good Morning America a day earlier! That's me and bfftaylor on Good Morning America! Thanks YouTube for helping me meet the love of my life 🙂 Posted by Kaleb Nation on Monday, June 22, 2015 Thanks to TheWayWeMet for thinking of us for the show. And thanks YouTube for helping me meet the love of my life.

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I’m In YouTube Rewind 2013. In A One Direction Shirt. With Harken.

The title of this post says it all. Yes, that’s me in YouTube’s Rewind 2013 music video. Adding up YouTube Rewind 2013, Rebecca Black’s Saturday, and The Today Show, I’ve made my weird face at over 33,000,000 people this week. And on top of that, I was holding a gnome, my book Harken, and wearing a pink One Direction shirt. It can’t get any more 2013 than that.

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I’m The Guy In The “Princess Charming” Music Video By Megan And Liz

A few weeks ago, I went to a filming in Laguna Beach, CA, for a music video shoot with the amazing singing duo Megan And Liz! It was rainy and extremely dreary all day but that actually turned out to be awesome, since I was playing the part of the somewhat-love-interest having a somewhat-terrible-day. This shoot was loads of fun (when is hanging out with a bunch of Youtubers in Orange County NOT fun??). And you have no idea how many takes we did to get…

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New F.A.Q. Page (Warning: May Contain Penguins)

Due to popular demand, I have now opened up a brand-new F.A.Q. page (click here to visit)! With it, you can:

– Find out what a penguin has to do with Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse

– See how I get rid of writer’s block

– Check out my favorite music for writing

– Find out why I sign my name KAN

– Find out who this is:

Sewey Wilomas - Pencil

– and loads more!

I’ll be adding to the page as questions come in, and the Bran Hambric section especially after the book comes out (there’s only so many questions for me to answer about it now, of course!).

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My Addiction Has Taken Over MY LIFE

Can’t see it? Click here. FEED MY ADDICTION: Yes, I am taking trapeze lessons next month, with world-famous celebrity superstar YA author MAUREEN JOHNSON. Wish me luck (and plenty of ropes, nets, supports and cushions).

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