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Bella Rocks! Writes Song Inspired By Bran Hambric

Here’s something an awesome BranFan just uploaded to YouTube! Bella Rocks!, a Twilight-inspired band, has released a brand-new song — but this time, it is inspired by my own book, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse: Can’t see it? Click here. This is just another example of how wonderful the Twilight fandom has been to me, when barely over a year ago I was a complete outsider who knew nothing about the books! Words just cannot express how it feels to see someone so inspired by…

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Back from the Twilight Premiere

I just got back from the Twilight movie premiere a few days ago, and it was honestly a blast. For the trip, I had to be up around 2 AM in order to catch a flight and arrive on time. I was coming a day early so that I could be a panelist at Twilight Live, which was a podcast they were doing before the premiere. People had been lined up around the block for the event since the night before. Lucky for me, I…

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Twilight Movie Premiere Trip

For those of you who do not follow my TwilightGuy blog, I was recently invited to the red carpet at the Twilight movie premiere. If you don’t follow TwilightGuy, then you probably aren’t a Twilight fan, and thus I’ll explain that Twilight is a film based off a book by the same name, by Stephenie Meyer, and is the most-hyped film of this season. If you haven’t heard of it, you must really live in a cave.

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