On Stage At DigiFest LA (With Screaming)

I filmed this video on stage at DigiFest LA last weekend. Feels… GREAT. MaximoTV was there too. They took this lovely video of us arriving on the red carpet. By “lovely” I am referring to all parts in this video except the parts where I make that-face-which-shall-never-be-made-again. x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Gy1Sd6_KGQ Thanks for the thumbnail, Maximo!!! On stage, Taylor and I announced the return of Nation. Get ready for the show to be even bigger and better in 2014!

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I’m In YouTube Rewind 2013. In A One Direction Shirt. With Harken.

The title of this post says it all. Yes, that’s me in YouTube’s Rewind 2013 music video. x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7jtC8vjXw8 Adding up YouTube Rewind 2013, Rebecca Black’s Saturday, and The Today Show, I’ve made my weird face at over 33,000,000 people this week. And on top of that, I was holding a gnome, my book Harken, and wearing a pink One Direction shirt. It can’t get any more 2013 than that.

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kaleb nation on the today show rebecca black saturday

Kaleb Nation On The Today Show

Did you see me on The Today Show?! 2 seconds of fame is the new 5 seconds of fame ūüėČ That crazy face is from Rebecca Black’s new “Saturday” music video, which got over 4,000,000 views in a day. I’m the crazy eyes guy.

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In Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Music Video, I’m The Crazy Eye Guy

I’m in Rebecca Black’s new “Saturday” music video. I made crazy eyes. x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVCzdpagXOQ Saturday is the sequel to the legendary Friday music video that got over 60,000,000+ YouTube views in 2011. Be In A Rebecca Black Music Video can now be checked off my bucket list. I don’t want this Saturday to end. [hr] END OF PROFESSIONAL REACTION¬†   [hr]ZOMFG I AM IN REBECCA BLACK’S MUSIC VIDEO FOR SATURDAY. IT SHOULD GO AT THE TOP OF MY BOOKS. FROM VIDCON STALKER… TO SATURDAY’S #EYEGUY……

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Power Showers And The Creative Trance

I just took my first shower in 4 days. It lasted almost two hours. I bathed, showered, washed my hair, scrubbed my skin, shaved, moisturized, deodorized, brushed my teeth, mouthwashed, brushed my teeth a second time, conditioned and fixed my hair, slipped into fresh clothes, and finished it all off with some sprays of cologne. Doubling up with a bath and shower took the longest.¬†I bathed before showering to loosen up days of filth. I call it a Power Shower. The “before” was atrocious.¬†Last night…

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VIP At The VMAs!

Taco Bell invited me to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and surprised me with the VIP treatment! Watch the story of my trip: x http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hB_MAe5DPwU In case you missed it, here’s my blog about how Taco Bell asked me to the VMAs! Make sure you’re following me @KalebNation to keep up with my adventures!

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Kaleb Nation With Taco Bell's Fiery DLT

I’m Going To The VMAs

It’s official… I’m going to the MTV VMA’s for Taco Bell! I’ve had such a ridiculously hard time keeping this secret. Every year, Taco Bell chooses Youtube Correspondents to visit the MTV Video Music Awards in New York and be their official eyes and ears online. This year they picked me! I’ll see it all. Taco Bell is bringing me into the preparty, the prepreparty, the VMA’s, and even the afterparty (and maybe an afterafterparty?). I’ll be tweeting, Instagramming, and vlogging my trip from California…

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