The Grave Of Emry Hambric [Music]

I know that most of you have not read The Farfield Curse in its entirety yet (as it’s not out until 2009), and even those who have read parts probably do not know well enough about the characters to actually care who Emry Hambric is. I won’t attempt to explain it because I’d really have to write the whole book out for it to be understood, but hopefully my new song will help you imagine the feeling at the end of the first book:


The ending is a mixture of hope and a little sadness, a happy ending but tinged a little, and in a way I feel this song echoes how the first book concludes.

If you like my music or my other songs, I have two that you can download for free on a hidden page at I’ll have more news on the book soundtrack closer to the release in late 2009.

There is some about Emry in the prologue of the book (and a song for the Prologue as well, on the Music page) so I can also email preview chapters of The Farfield Curse if you want to get a better feel of who she is. Email me and I’ll try to get previews out as quick as I can.

This song is a first draft so opinions are welcome!

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  • Kaiti

    I so envy you. I love music, and I’m fairly proficient at clarinet and piano (and I used to sing in high school), but I have absolutely no aptitude for making my own. More than anything I wish I could create musical pieces but it’s one gift I just don’t have.

    I downloaded the other two songs earlier today and all 3 are absolutely wonderful.

  • Len

    I can totally hear the sadness and hope in this music. How do you come up with this great sound? I also like the twinkling sound effect. It almost put me to sleep. Keep it, it’s great:)

  • Mellie

    I love it.
    And I know who Emry is!
    This song totally represents all the feelings for her.
    It’s very touching and sweet.

    Another great song! =D

  • Becca

    Wow. That was very beautiful. I havent heard such a beautiful composition in a very long time. I could feel the emotions just weaving in and out of it. Absolutly amazing! I look forward to reading your book. Iy should be very very good. I love the way you write and your charisma. Excellent. Oh and by the way congrats on make 10th place on youtube!

  • Corinne!

    That song is amazing. I almost kinda reminds me of the music from Titanic at the beginning, though, and I can’t entirely decide whether that’s good or bad because I love Titanic but the music is all really depressing.
    You’re song isn’t depressing though. It’s so good!


  • Kim

    That was soo great. You should try your hand at making a version of bella’s lullaby. I bet you would do a really good job at it.

  • Alli

    This is beautiful Kaleb, just like all of your music. I don’t know how you do this. It’s great. I’m going to go listen to those downloadable songs to see if I want them (though I’m sure I will).

  • Aubrey

    It’s very lovely. I just have a couple of suggestions. The unison at about 35 sec. sounds a little out of place to me, and at about 50 sec. the alternating eights are the main focus over the melody. Is that on purpose? Other than those two small details I really enjoyed your piece. Kudos for daring to compose and not just criticize like some people 🙂

  • Heather

    I really love all the music you compose for your book. You definitely have a talent in that if writing ever falls through for you (which I’m sure it won’t lol)

  • Wren

    Calming (but never boring).
    It gives the feel of separation, appropriate for a grave-side song. Soft, but not toooo depressing. (if the scene is at the end of book 1 of course there has to be more to the story!) It also has a bit of conclusion feel to it, like some things have ended (book, life) but more is still to come, phew.
    What Kim said, I’d like to see your version of Bella’s lullaby.

  • Melinda

    Ahh. Such talent. I envy it. I really like this song. Beautiful.

    I am in the process of reading the preview you sent me. So far, it is great! It is just hard to find time by myself with no distractions to read it. It doesn’t help much that I am a slow reader!! :/ I will finish it soon though!

  • Angie

    I love this, along with the others, it’s so pretty. I especially love the flute part, being a floutist myself. Thanks so much for sharing your talent

  • April

    You are such a talented person. I mean come on, you can write music, write books, your funny and your able to admit that you have read twilight and like it. I hope. Well anyway, i love all of your music!

  • Stephanie

    First draft? I can’t believe that. Amazing author (though I haven’t read your book, I have a very good feeling about it), hilarious, college student, and musical genius. When I read your blogs, your personality just explodes, and that’s what I think makes an incredible book. A story that has the authors voice in it always appeals to readers whether they notice it or not. 🙂

    When the strings came in at around 2:10, it was absolutely beautiful. In the seconds before the strings, it felt sad, but then, there was a tiny ray of hope. Then, once the strings come in, it seems to hit a note of determination. I may be completely off, but I adore the song and your music! Again, I seriously don’t believe that this is just a first draft. Is there anything you can’t do?

  • Liz


    You are one of the most gifted people I have ever heard of: writer, reader, website designer, musician, my god you are funny, and so many other things I don’t know about you. I applaud you!

    The song was so beautiful. Every part of it was inspiring. I couldn’t pick one part I liked most. Every time I thought I liked one part better there was something new. Fantastic!

  • gina

    gosh…though its not my favourite- i prefer the other tow- i fully got the feeling u tried to convey….hope, sadness…its amazing..

  • Meggs

    You have it all- everything i wish i had: musical talent,writing ability, and you’ve come so far…
    and i’m sure you’ll make an excellent author. (I’ll be sure to check your books out when they arrive.)
    Lastly, i wanted to say your music really was touching and so original…it was breathtaking. Congratulations and who knows maybe someday I’ll get my own book published…

    till then,

  • jacobblack’sgirl

    okay, first i have to confess i was not able to listen to your song. but only because it’s 12:27 A.M. and everyone else is asleep. anyway, i’ve been reading The Twilight Guy, which by the way is hilarious and just discovered this site a half hour ago. and am now chuckling at the editing process you’re going through. good luck!

  • Owen

    Kaleb. You really are an outstanding person. This new Score/Song is beautiful, I just can’t wait to read the whole book. Will you be posting links to where we can buy it from.

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