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Most Epic Comments Of All Time

Every once in a while, I get one of those hate comments that is so epically stupid, it deserves a special distinction and honor. Usually, the epicness of these comments are due to their attempts at insulting someone (usually me) but turning themselves into uber-failbeasts by spelling 90% of their insults incorrectly. These comments are below

(WARNING: some of these contain bad language, which has been kept to preserve the natural voice of the individuals involved):

(OTHER WARNING: some of these comments will severely vaporize brain matter, proceed with caution):

A. in response to TWILIGHT — The First Guy To Publicly Read Twilight

thats stupied

Z. in response to Signing My Book Deal [The Story Of A Writer]

your gay to the extreme.

C. in response to Christopher Paolini: Will Be 4 Books instead of 3

omg i cnt wait 4 da 4th bk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was so sad 2 tink once i was done dis it wun it was da end:( i am soooooooooooo xcitd bout da last 1 its nt even funii!!! bt chris if u c dis DO NOT RUSH i wnt da last 1 2 b brill!! n 2 evry1 who wnts him 2 hurry SHUT UP no1 who wnts a crappy half finish bk is a real fan. real fans will wait for a brill bk 2 make it perfect!!!!!!

B. in response to Robert Pattinson On My Cell Phone?

hey rod you r the best actor in the whole wide world you r funny hot cool and u would be a great bf 4 the girl that will love to the end remembe rif you give me your # i wont text ar call 24 7 please email it to me im not upsest though love you rod lol peace

A. in response to Robert Pattinson On My Cell Phone?

well it doesnt really seem 2 me dat its a gud question really. i have read da books b4 da movie came out, so already no a whole of things bout edward cullen, hoever u r kaleb, u shud have asked questions dat wud b subjective enuf to reveal hes personality, which da fans wud have enjoyed more, nywayz im not really dat much of a fan, but jus wanted 2 let all of u outdere in luv wif robert, dat its really a stupid idea 2 focus soo much in dis fantasy guy, u lot will defo get more out of life if u focused on da real matter of life den. i mean really fink bout it, wat r u gona get out of luvin dis fantasy guy, well da answer is NOTHING – believe i no. i no dis guy personally enuf 2 give such a cruel statement, nd i only mean dat hes one guy, ho can only like/love one girl. so stop hulahokin, its not worth it…. but i ddo like da music in da back ground, its touchy

lil shizznit in response to Christopher Paolini: Will Be 4 Books instead of 3

Lan ur a fucking faggot…so many ppl like the book world-wide, so get fucked bcoz ur retarded and Eragon+Eldest RULE!

[note: I don’t have a clue who Lan is. Thus, I am assuming Lan is lil shizznit’s alter ego, like Smeagol and Gollum]

C. in response to I have no idea

um yes u shoud never ever? ask  me or my friend if we like twilight cuse u moight get blamed 4 murdding us cuse we might not be able to breath after we scfeams about rob patibnson cuse if u ever saw out rooms u wouldin unbastand:0

R. in response to a kind post about my music on HisGoldenEyes

Sorry, but…




Cheers <3

1/27/09 – K on my Youtube channel

you, sir make me ashamed? to bare the name “Kaleb” you twitard

My response:

You spelled it wrong.
It should be ‘you, sir make me ashamed to bear the name “Kaleb”? you twitard’
It makes you look foolish when you can’t use proper English.

His response:

-stunned silence

2/10/09 – C. on If I Become A Famous Author

A wise man once told me, people are getting dumber every year.. I didn’t understand why he would say such a thing, until i saw this video and a 5 star review out of 274 people… Im a writer and i clicked on this link out of pure curiousity. In response to this video, an author wouldn’t do these ignorent thing’s and if you find this video humerous, your probably under 5′ feet tall. { oh, you probably don’t get that}

My response

HA HA HA. Sorry, you have no idea how much you made me laugh with this comment.
I hope it is a joke, seriously. Before you criticize other writers, try spelling ‘ignorant’ correctly (an A not an E). It gets your point across better.
A smile at least once a year is known to increase your lifespan. Try it sometime, you might like it.

Its response

Ah Kaleb, i’m intrigued you found my comment amuseing.. It really mean’s alot coming from a successful u tube hor. If you have made any money writing, it’s truly an inspiration to any aspiring writer’s. So atleast your not completely useless. Oh and excuse the spelling error, i can’t pull my editor out of my ass, which would be a nice little trick.

And I don’t exactly know how to respond to that…

R. on 51 Things I Found In My Room

ur music sucks
gay video n waste of time bye

T. on My Phone Call With Robert Pattinson

ya and i was born yesterday! like that is really rob pattinson. i’m not stpid. get a better voice….-alice_ThePinkSisters 2015
(our videos are actually reall!)

calikk26 on Support Stephenie Meyer video

the publisher shoulda burned the novel nd spared the world of that womans idiotic writin stephne kings rules

[I regularly add to this page, as I receive these tiny pieces of joy]

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