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A Translation Of Twilight Hate

This was on the Amazon.com page for THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER: AN ECLIPSE NOVELLA, the new Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer: As if the first one wasn't bad enough... This is the most ridiculous "vampire" series ever. The only thing Meyers' vampires have in common with traditional vampires is the blood drinking and pale skin. She turned them into super heroes and super villains. And come on... they GLITTER in the sunlight! Even Stephen King called her a mediocre writer at best. And how many adjectives are really needed in a single sentence?! She caters to a bunch of teenagers, in es[...]

At The Official Twilight Convention!

Can't see it? Click here. Thanks to a bit of awesome from the organizers of Twi-Tour and the Twilight Lexicon, I will unexpectedly be attending the Los Angeles Official Twilight Convention tomorrow (Saturday, March 13). Not exactly sure when I will get there (I'm a writer... mornings to me begin at noon) but I will be hanging around, most likely in time for the Chaske Spencer panel at 11:55 AM. Of course, I'll have my cameras. So if you've heard about these events (and if you're a Twilighter, you probably have) then I'll come back with some gre[...]

Bella Rocks! Writes Song Inspired By Bran Hambric

Here's something an awesome BranFan just uploaded to YouTube! Bella Rocks!, a Twilight-inspired band, has released a brand-new song -- but this time, it is inspired by my own book, Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse: Can't see it? Click here. This is just another example of how wonderful the Twilight fandom has been to me, when barely over a year ago I was a complete outsider who knew nothing about the books! Words just cannot express how it feels to see someone so inspired by my writing that they create works of their own based on it. Even mor[...]

On My Way To LA Again!

Can't see it? Click here. I had such a fun time at the Twilight movie premiere back in November that I couldn't resist flying back for the DVD release party! I will be at Borders Westwood in LA, California, on March 20 for the midnight release party. It'll almost be like a mini reunion of all the cool promoters and fansite people I met last year, and I'll be sure to bring back loads of photos and video from the trip! I'll also be Twittering any big happenings as fast as I can get them up (yes, technically I know it is called Tweeting, but the[...]

Never Underestimate Twilighters

As usual, I severely underestimated Twilight fans. On my Youtube channel, I started a contest to win some of the Twilight movie cast autographs I got at the premiere, and teamed up with Twicon's people to give away a signed book. I expected about... 150 entries? At this moment, it's the #3 most discussed video on Youtube, for the second day in a row, with 16 other honors. It's been viewed 20,000 times and commented 3,800+ times in just 24 hours. Lesson learned: never underestimate Twilighters. Other lesson learned: get more sleep, in case 18,00[...]

The Great Book Machine Exposed

I realize it's been quite a while since I've given a real update on my writing side of things, and people are probably wondering if A) The book is still coming out and, B) It's still set for Fall 2009 (answers: A. Yes B. Yes). There is this interesting thing in publishing where everything appears to the untrained eye to be going painstakingly slow, and yet in reality there are a couple hundred tiny gears turning in the Great Book Machine, each one pivotal in producing a book consisting of the most epic win possible. At the moment, there are few surviving photographs of this machi[...]