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Boys Like Girls - Thunder

I am a very big radio listener. For years, before I moved to college, I would listen to the radio every day for hours while I hung around the house or worked out or was in the car, and it was always some sort of small thrill waiting to see what they would play next (unfortunately, it was usually something like the Yin Yang Twins or Lil Crunk, a genre I abhor save for that Flo Rida song). One of my favorite parts of radio (strange as I will sound) is trying to guess what the Summer Song of that year would be. One year, it was easily Golddigger by Kanye West. Before that, it was We Belong Tog[...]

New Stuff

[singlepic=57,320,240,,] Lots going on: Signed up a few new affiliates for the show Got a new site for the show Kaza Kingsley said she will be playing my Erec Rex video at schools coming up this year on her tour. My first Izzy video has gotten over 4,000 views My Man-gibon video has gotten over 1,070 views in 3 days, and I didn't even send it anywhere. My inHumanities test wasn't half bad. Luckily I knew Frankenstein pretty well. Caught up with somebody I haven't talked to in many years Finally heard a Amy Winehouse song other than Rehab. Bought it. Cooked a roast and to[...]

Return of My Show

For those of you who are exasperated with best-of's, my show is back up in full swing again, and I've got at least half a playlist of new stuffs. So be sure to check it out and if you want on this year doing an intro, record it and email me the mp3. Preferably the 'hi this is * from * and you're listening to...' variety since I need more of those. I've got some cool stuff planned for the show this year but I'm still working it all out, so keep checking. And Kaza Kingsley will be on tommorow! Don't forget to come back for that. She'll be taking questions in the comment box all day the 20t[...]

Me versus the Microphone

Every week, I step behind a big, suspended microphone and record my show. Usually though, before I get to recording that week's program, I make a series of liners: short commercial-like spots that promote the show on radio stations. Sometimes, last week in particular, saying 'You're listening to ... on W-A-C-K Radio!' in a deep radio-announce-style voice uncountable times into a microphone, whilst the house is empty and devoid of life, a certain, echoing madness comes upon me which causes me to break from my script and burst out into different voices, for no apparent reason other than I go te[...]

The Passing of WJNF-FM

88.3 FM, WJNF The Rock, is shutting down in January of 2008 and transferring their signal to Way-FM, a national broadcaster. For those of you who have known me long enough, WJNF was the first station ever to take on my show in February of 2006. I remember spending an entire month calling every single radio station, state by state, with no takers for the program. I got to Florida and called Rene, and she took the show right there. I was so excited that when we went to the chess tournament that weekend, I told people I didn't even know about it. It was the first time anybody else thought I was f[...]

My New Show Intro

I just finished recording a new intro for my radio show! Check it out below: This is taken from this weekend's show. I didn't know that I've had the same intro since October of 2006! So it was certainly time for a newer, sleeker one. Here's the old one: For my friends who have been around long enough to remember, before this show was even on the air, I did this online with cheap equipment and a microphone that sat on my desk. I look back and shiver: how in the world did people put up with listening to me :) ? Remember this show: I hadn't yet learned mastering and I had an awful micro[...]