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Something I've Been Working On

This is part of a secret project I've been working on. It isn't finished yet. But you'll probably be seeing bits of it soon. If you followed me on Twitter, you'd have seen something else from this project that I posted yesterday:

"Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse" Soundtrack CD!!!

Can't see it? Click here. If you enjoy the music that I've posted on Youtube and on my website, then you'll DEFINITELY enjoy the music on the Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse soundtrack CD! It has 9 original songs that I composed, recorded, mixed... pretty much everything'd! I also did all the cover and artwork design, so it's pretty much a complete Kaleb-made package :D There is a discount on the CD right now -- only $5.99 for this month only, which makes it less than $.99 a song (better than iTunes!). CLICK HERE to order it or visit www.BranHambr[...]

"Four Months" [Music]

Can't see it? Click here. This is a new song that I have been working on for someone I know. It is not from the Bran Hambric soundtrack and I didn't really plan on posting it, but since some of you like it, you can download it for free at this link: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD or alternate .ZIP download Hope you enjoy! HOW TO DOWNLOAD (You do NOT need Quicktime Pro) 1. Right-click the download link. 2. In your browser, click FILE then SAVE TARGET AS... (or SAVE FILE AS...). 3. Save the file to your desktop.

New Features And Songs And Stuff

There are some new features to point on on my site, and a bunch of little updates that I've been meaning to post, but just didn't seem to merit an entire blog to themselves! So without further ado: - I added an entirely new Fans page, where I'll be posting some of the awesome stuff that BranFans are making. Creative people are always sending in photos or pictures they drew, so I'll be collecting and putting them on that page, along with all their cool fansites and videos and music, - I now have an Official Facebook page, aptly located at www.Facebook.com/KalebNation. It is fan-run, but I[...]

More Great Stuff From BranFans!

Now that I've finally slithered out of bed (after recuperating from jetlag thanks to hitting both US coasts in the same week!) I've been delightfully surprised to discover a whole wave of great new stuff from the BranFans! It has been a thrill seeing all the wonderful people already involved in the Bran Hambric fandom -- with still just under 100 days left before the full book is even out! For starters, check out this song from the wonderfully talented Adrienne Frailey, who wrote it as a tribute to Bran Hambric and recently recorded it between studio sessions for her upcoming album: [...]

A Bran Hambric Soundtrack?

Yesterday, I was cleaning up my computer and found an old song concept from months ago that I never finished. I had been having loads of trouble with a piano line in the song and had finally just given up. When I found it again, I realized the problem with the piano was that the piano just didn't belong -- I took it out, and suddenly the song came together. A few hours of not-studying-psychology later, I might actually have another song to add to the Bran Hambric soundtrack (I promise I'll release Astara soon, I'm almost done mastering it). If I decide it's worth finishing, I'm thinking[...]

Colors [MUSIC]

[You can download this song for free. Click here to visit the download page.] The idea for this song came to me suddenly while I was writing, and I had the entire thing arranged and recorded in about an hour. I left it on my computer for a month, then came back to it today, and didn't change a single thing. Can't see it? Click here. However, despite spending so little time on the song, the video took me nearly half a day to complete: mostly because I started out with a lame idea of showing my hands at the keyboard, doing each note and fadi[...]

The Filing Cabinets Of Doom

This morning, I awoke to my horror to find this: My dear, dear friend. Dearest filing cabinet. The one that stuck with me through years of writing, and hundreds of pages stuffed in its drawers. The one with at least a dozen nails holding together its frame left weak from my years of abuse. The one who finally collapsed due to being overstuffed with writing. One might ask: how could you be such a monster, Kaleb? How, when this dear cabinet has done nothing but serve you through three homes, from Austin to Dallas, traversing the distance to be at your service. How could you just let it s[...]