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Kim Harrison and Kaza Kingsley Are BranFans

The first blurbs for BRAN HAMBRIC: THE FARFIELD CURSE have finally arrived! Blurbs, for those not familiar with the book business, are those prized and coveted reviews from Very Important People, especially reviewers and famous authors, that a writer receives about his or her book. These usually appear on the back of the book jacket. Being a writer who has had a seemingly endless supply of good luck and an eternally wonderful agent and publisher, my first blurbs come straight from the bestsellers: KIM HARRISON and KAZA KINGSLEY. Kim Harrison, bestselling author of The Hollows Series (wit[...]

Copyediting! and Stuff

Today I returned from school to find that my publishers have finally completed the copyedits for Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse! In publishing, a copyeditor reads a manuscript even deeper than a normal editor does, checking for everything from consistency mistakes to style errors all the way to the gritty commas and exclamation points (of which I had many). A copyeditor also helps me make sure that everything lines up perfectly, and really adds the final bit of polish to the book before it goes off to the printers: So, as today is Friday, and these edits are due on Monday, I am barric[...]

Erec Rex: The Search For Truth -- Cover

Alright people, I'm pleased to announce that I just received the official cover art for the upcoming Erec Rex: The Search For Truth, straight from my friend Kaza Kingsley herself! Take a look: Right off from the front, I'm picking up on some clues. First off, this book has something to do with bees: Also, if you zoom in on the title, you'll notice something else: Gasp! There's a secret word hidden behind the title! It appears to spell out Trwyth! Barring the possibility of a cover artist with terrible spelling and a bad eraser, I would be led to believe that this is a c[...]

Erec Rex - International Phenomenon

I very rarely put up author news from anybody save for Stephenie Meyer (because obviously most of my readers are fans of her). However, this is something so superly awesome I've got to put up these photos. If you've hung around this blog long enough, chances are you've heard about Erec Rex and his author, Kaza Kingsley, who I was lucky enough to interview a while back. Kaza and I are good friends and I just ran across these photos on her site of the Thailand launch of her series: In this first one, Kaza stayed up around 4 AM to do a live teleconference with the crowd waiting to ge[...]

New Stuff

[singlepic=57,320,240,,] Lots going on: Signed up a few new affiliates for the show Got a new site for the show Kaza Kingsley said she will be playing my Erec Rex video at schools coming up this year on her tour. My first Izzy video has gotten over 4,000 views My Man-gibon video has gotten over 1,070 views in 3 days, and I didn't even send it anywhere. My inHumanities test wasn't half bad. Luckily I knew Frankenstein pretty well. Caught up with somebody I haven't talked to in many years Finally heard a Amy Winehouse song other than Rehab. Bought it. Cooked a roast and to[...]

Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye VIDEO

Inspired by the famous Lemony Snicket's "12 Books in 120 Seconds" and with a touch of near-midnight madness, I made my first video summary of a book. My first pick is naturally Erec Rex: The Dragon's Eye, by my friend Kaza Kingsley. If you were subscribed to my YouTube Page, you had the special privilege of getting to see this 2 days before anyone else. I only spent an evening on this video but I do think it still turned out pretty good. I am trying out a variety of videos so I may be doing something different next...or another book review.

Interview with Kaza Kingsley

  Kaza Kingsley is the author of the Erec Rex series. Already there are two books out in the series, titled The Dragon's Eye and The Monsters of Otherness.     Thanks Kaza for being here. First, for all the writers here, I have always been curious about that very first book signing, your first time out with your published book. How did that go and where were you? What did you do to prepare? My first signing at Borders Books in Cincinnati was fantastic. Of course it helped that everyone I knew and their brother showed up to support me. I was floating on air, truly.[...]

Some News

- Kaza Kingsley will be on here January 20th, and will also show up at times the following week to answer questions in the comment box. I will moderate these as fast as humanly possible. - April Lurie, another popular author, has agreed to answer some questions about writing on this site, which I will be posting soon after Kaza's stop. I will have the full announcement following Kaza's interview. Have a question for her? Put it in at the Ask page and say it's for her. - I bought a Flip video camera. This is very exciting since I've seen it used so many times online and it is great qualit[...]

Announcement: Kaza Kingsley Interview

I will be interviewing author Kaza Kingsley for this site, most likely on the 20th of this month. Kaza is a bestselling author with two books already out in her Erec Rex series and a third on the way- you can walk into a Borders or B&N and see a shelf lined with them. She has been on television and radio across the US and it has just been announced her books will be published in Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Poland and 5 other countries this year. I'm going to tilt my interview more towards topics that will interest writers: her first book signing, tv appearance, where she was when she had[...]

Erec Rex: The Dragon`s Eye

I just finished reading the first book in the Erec Rex series by my good friend and author Kaza Kingsley. Quite imaginative, this book is a fun read that kept me waiting until the end to find out the truth about Erec's past. The best parts of the book are easily the first chapter, which features a woman of remarkable proportions guarding their front door while perched on a plastic chair, and an alarm clock which literally kicks Erec awake. I also quite enjoyed the ending of the book, which especially promised more in the series to come and left me hanging in a way. It struck me as a wonderf[...]