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New Video On Buzzfeed!

Can't see the video? Click here. My latest video is now on the front page of Buzzfeed.com! And look at all the internet folk displaying their obvious affection for me on this splendid Opposite Day. I'm sure many of you are currently (or soon to be) going through Old Facebook Withdrawals, or at least you're seeing your friends go through them. TELL THEM TO CEASE SUCH FEELINGS. It's like crying every time their pet grows new hair. Facebook changes just as often. And the new Facebook is made of so much awesome, it simply leaks it like octopus ink.[...]

New Stuff

[singlepic=57,320,240,,] Lots going on: Signed up a few new affiliates for the show Got a new site for the show Kaza Kingsley said she will be playing my Erec Rex video at schools coming up this year on her tour. My first Izzy video has gotten over 4,000 views My Man-gibon video has gotten over 1,070 views in 3 days, and I didn't even send it anywhere. My inHumanities test wasn't half bad. Luckily I knew Frankenstein pretty well. Caught up with somebody I haven't talked to in many years Finally heard a Amy Winehouse song other than Rehab. Bought it. Cooked a roast and to[...]