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How Did You Get Here?

A selection of the odd search terms that have brought people here in the last few hours (with count in parentheses): i am sick of waiting for the bella and+ edward film (1) twilight by stephen meyer, a movie (1) video of christopher paolini (3) 's blue shirt (1) when will christopher paolini come out with the third book of the the inheritance trilogy (1). im mad because the twilight cast sucks (1) twilight movie cast (183) edward (41) by stephenie meyer (13) is thee anyone who hasn't red twilight (sic, and 1) edward cullens socks (what the heck, and 1) I hate all the f[...]

Christopher Paolini: Book 3 is called BRISINGR

Christopher Paolini, author of Eragon and Eldest, has announced that book 3 in the Inheritance series will be called Brisingr. I know most people who read this site are fans of the first two books, so read about it over here.... For the comment box: what do you think of the cover art? And didn't Paolini say it would be a green dragon? Info Due out September 20 First printing of 2.5 million Brisingr is a Norse word for fire Click on the image to see the cover. I actually like the gold on black: it's his best cover yet for the book. I will update this page as m[...]

Teenage Authors

It has become quite interesting discovering how many authors were first published as teenagers. This is certainly an encouragement, as for the longest I thought Paolini was the only teenage writer and author. I discovered that there are quite a few others who were published as teens, some of them below: Kenneth Oppel Christoper Paolini Robyn Schneider S.E. Hinton Catherine Webb Eze Imade Eribo Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Nancy Yi Fan Flavia Bujor Danielle Steel S.E. Hinton's first book was the Outsiders, the second biggest selling book for Young Adults in publishing hist[...]

Christopher Paolini: Will Be 4 Books instead of 3

Christopher Paolini, author of the Inheritance series commonly known for Eragon and Eldest, has just announced that his former trilogy of books will now have 4 novels. He is famous for being 15 when he started on his books and 19 when he was a New York Times Bestselling author, and was quite an inspiration to me for the longest time, even before I read his first book. He's sold 16 million copies of his first two novels alone. The titles of Eragon Book 3 and Eragon Book 4 (what people are calling them for now) haven't been put out yet, though the next book has been set for release in September [...]

My favorite book covers of 2007

Alright, here are my favorite book covers of all time. These all seem to just leap out off the shelf, look great even when they're a small thumbnail on Amazon, and actually draws me in to want to read the book (though I have truthfully not read many of these). Here they are: Wonderful colors! Everything is smooth and crisp, even the font. Extremely creative. And the author happens to live within 45 minutes of my house, in the Big City nearby. This one looks like a movie poster! All the text works perfect and the house just comes straight out of the black. The colors on this one are great[...]