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The 60SR And PMC: Fandom News Gets Its Show

I'm so excited to announce some news that I've had to keep secret for far too long. To summarize: I've signed a deal that partners my 60SR show with the major media company PMC, and I'll now be producing the show full time. The 60SR has been my project for almost two years now. The show is 60 Seconds of Recaps, Reviews and Rants about the latest in fandom news. It's been my most successful series to date: partially because it covers exactly what fans want most, and partially because I absolutely love producing them. Since 2008, covering fandom news has kinda been my thing. You might n[...]

The 60SR Show [And My Robert Pattinson Video With Over 600,000 Views]

If you're a subscriber of my Youtube channel, then you've likely already noticed that I started a new show! The 60SR is a new webshow featuring top entertainment stories told in 60 seconds or less. The show covers popular news and viral videos, as well as fandom updates for The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, and more. In 2010, the second video in the series (Robert Pattinson In Spiderman 4) virally reached over 600,000+ views (!!!) even though it was much shorter (how could I survive only talking for 40 seconds back then?). The other videos have been some of my most responded to d[...]