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See Me In The "Come With Us" Music Video By Lindsey Stirling!

Just before Vidcon 2012 began, my friend DevinSuperTramp asked if I'd be in a new music video from Lindsey Stirling. Lindsey, for those unfamiliar with her amazing music, is a violinist and composer who was featured as a finalist on the 5th season of America's Got Talent! We had such a fun time shooting the video and I got to meet a lot of new Youtubers while I was there. I've always refused to dance on camera before... but I made an exception this one time. Hope you enjoy my robot-like moves (and my plaid)!  

The 60SR And PMC: Fandom News Gets Its Show

I'm so excited to announce some news that I've had to keep secret for far too long. To summarize: I've signed a deal that partners my 60SR show with the major media company PMC, and I'll now be producing the show full time. The 60SR has been my project for almost two years now. The show is 60 Seconds of Recaps, Reviews and Rants about the latest in fandom news. It's been my most successful series to date: partially because it covers exactly what fans want most, and partially because I absolutely love producing them. Since 2008, covering fandom news has kinda been my thing. You might n[...]

I'm The Guy In The "Princess Charming" Music Video By Megan And Liz A few weeks ago, I went to a filming in Laguna Beach, CA, for a music video shoot with the amazing singing duo Megan And Liz! It was rainy and extremely dreary all day but that actually turned out to be awesome, since I was playing the part of the somewhat-love-interest having a somewhat-terrible-day. This shoot was loads of fun (when is hanging out with a bunch of Youtubers in Orange County NOT fun??). And you have no idea how many takes we did to get that garbage bag to tear right. Also they actually had to let the air out of the director's[...]


I'm so excited to announce that my 60SR show is relaunching today on YouTube (new episode above)! I recently signed a management deal with Big Frame, a company made of genius and awesome people who are just as excited about the show as I am. They are working with me to turn this show into something huge! The 60SR is 60 seconds of Recaps, Reviews and Rants on entertainment, viral and popular world news, hosted by me. Be sure to watch the show every Tuesday and Friday on!

Pop Tart Heart [The Nyan Cat Love Song]

Aside from being a very serious business author of literary fiction intended only for the most prestigious academic circles, I sometimes make music videos and post them on Youtube. My latest, "Pop Tart Heart", is the tragic and true story of a cat searching for love in space: Can't see the video? Click here.   You can get the song on iTunes here. It truly is the perfect music to listen to whilst enjoying a respectable plate of crumpets and cheese. LYRICS What do I do with my heart, When it's flying through space like a cat in a pop t[...]

The Truth About Youtube Videos (On A Budget)

Youtubers are a very resourceful bunch. An actual budget for materials and special effects is rare when I'm making videos. This is because when I put money into a project, the cash is usually being gently siphoned out of what was previously the grocery bills. So in order to avoid eating canned nuts and Ramen for a month, we tend to figure out little tricks to make the video LOOK decently shot while only using ordinary household items. Here's how it works:

60SR: Breaking Dawn Trailer Reaction

Can't see the video? Click here. Listen friend: let me talk to you about attention spans. A) I don't have them B) You don't have them C) ... That's the idea behind my new webshow, The 60SR: Random news, Reviews, Recaps and Rants, cut into a 60 Second video. Your panda videos will barely notice you were gone. If you click that subscribe button you'll be able to see all the new shows as soon as they're up. Also, you'll have a higher chance of being able to shout FIRST!, therefore making you King Of The Internets.

The Emo Buffalo (And Other Montreal Photos)

Last week, I took a vacation to Montreal, Canada (as I oh-so-often do) after finishing the revisions on my Secret Project. While there and desperate for anything to do other than what I'd done for the past 2 months (writing) we went to La Ronde, saw an amusing but intensely depressing movie, saw another movie, interrupted that movie for another movie, and even went on a safari with some Youtubers (RIPfilms and SongPidgeon). The girl in the portraits is the famous Ilana Zackon. Obviously, I love taking photos when I travel. Now, you too can experience the joy of a 50mm f1.8 lens. ([...]

Haters Pay My Bills

If you have ever visited that hallowed space on the internet known as, you're likely accustomed to seeing comments like this: The fact that human beings can actually reach out and connect with one another, from various places all around the world, is genuinely heart-warming. In light of all the negative publicity the human race has received due to wars and corruption and crooked corporate doings, it's such a sweet reminder of the fact that we are all united in this journey of life together. Wait a moment. Oh. My. Mistake. That's more like it. Peop[...]

The 60SR Show [And My Robert Pattinson Video With Over 600,000 Views]

If you're a subscriber of my Youtube channel, then you've likely already noticed that I started a new show! The 60SR is a new webshow featuring top entertainment stories told in 60 seconds or less. The show covers popular news and viral videos, as well as fandom updates for The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, and more. In 2010, the second video in the series (Robert Pattinson In Spiderman 4) virally reached over 600,000+ views (!!!) even though it was much shorter (how could I survive only talking for 40 seconds back then?). The other videos have been some of my most responded to d[...]