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Cute Chinchilla Escape! [VIDEO]

My cute chinchilla tried to escape... in my CAR! As you've probably noticed from my recent videos, I'm a Ford Fiesta Movement agent! That basically means that Ford gave me a free 2014 Fiesta to drive around and film missions every month. This month's Fiesta Movement mission was to make a video using a pet and add voice overs... who better to star than my cute pet chinchilla, Chilla? Here's a playlist of more Chilla videos (you can never have too much chinchilla!)...[...]

How I Became A Billionaire (With My Billionaire Hogwarts Letter)

It's been three months since I posted a video update on my life! So much has happened over the past quarter-of-a-year that it's impossible to fit it all into one vlog. It's been very exciting and it's all about to become even more of an adventure. I can't wait to share all the big things that are happening in secret behind-the-scenes! Meanwhile, if you want many-times-a-day updates on my life, you should follow me at I post there a LOT more than I post here. And for more of my videos be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. And for those who couldn't catch[...]

Secret Meeting!?

Yesterday I had a meeting with Kami Garcia (co-author of Beautiful Creatures), Brett Hudson (of The Hudson Brothers) and Mark Morgan, producer of The Twilight Saga films! We have a huge secret project on the way (NOT my secret book project!). I'll post more about it soon ;) Here's some stuff that happened while I was there: View "Meeting Mark Morgan" on Storify

How Pets Talk

Can't see the video? Click here. I recently let a team of researchers into my house to study my chinchilla and the sounds she makes. We were in for a big surprise. Visit my Youtube channel for more videos!

Google Kills Chinchillas [video]

I'm linking to my latest video instead of embedding, since the thumbnail is kinda gross. As I say in the video, I'm not one of the crazies, but killing animals just for showy furs is an abuse. I have a lot of kids who watch my videos. I'm not advocating censorship since (supposedly) these companies have legal right to sell these jackets, as atrociously gaudy-looking as they may be. I can't tell other people what not to advertise just like they can't tell me what not to advertise. But Youtube is owned by Google, and is thus a private company which can refuse to allow these ads through th[...]