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The Truth About Youtube Videos (On A Budget) | Kaleb Nation Official Website

The Truth About Youtube Videos (On A Budget)

by Kaleb Nation

Youtubers are a very resourceful bunch. An actual budget for materials and special effects is rare when I’m making videos. This is because when I put money into a project, the cash is usually being gently siphoned out of what was previously the grocery bills.

So in order to avoid eating canned nuts and Ramen for a month, we tend to figure out little tricks to make the video LOOK decently shot while only using ordinary household items. Here’s how it works:

6 thoughts on “The Truth About Youtube Videos (On A Budget)

  1. But yours music video are really good even it that cheap believe me I do video on youtube with my Ipod camera and cheap webcam  that how  made my video and BTW you cost the same price as me :) LOL :) 

  2. I love seeing the inexpensive lighting set ups people have.  I seriously have a floor lamp, a table lamp without a shade, and a ceiling light that has lamps that I can move around.  It's so easy to have good lighting for the cheaps.  Even if it means blinding yourself sometimes 😛

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