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A Translation Of Twilight Hate

This was on the Amazon.com page for THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER: AN ECLIPSE NOVELLA, the new Twilight book by Stephenie Meyer:

As if the first one wasn’t bad enough… This is the most ridiculous “vampire” series ever. The only thing Meyers’ vampires have in common with traditional vampires is the blood drinking and pale skin. She turned them into super heroes and super villains. And come on… they GLITTER in the sunlight! Even Stephen King called her a mediocre writer at best. And how many adjectives are really needed in a single sentence?! She caters to a bunch of teenagers, in essence teaching young girls that it’s okay to be in an abusive relationship with a much older guy… Just what I want my daughter to learn right? I will only allow my children to read them so they have a basis of comparison when it comes to great writing versus sub-par. I feel really bad for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They’re great actors that got roped into garbage roles and will forever be remembered for this nonsensical, overrated, soft-core porn for teens. (source)

Half of you didn’t even read it all the way, because you’ve heard this same review 8,341 times already. Let me translate it for you:

Years ago, there was a general feeling that the ‘cool people’ were required to hate on Twilight. This was especially true for guys. I know this from experience with my friends in college — even I, at the beginning of my TwilightGuy.com writing journey, kept the Twilight books on the furthest end of my shelf so they were least-likely to be seen, and told roommates my trips to Los Angeles were for ‘some film premiere’.

But nowadays, it’s changed somehow. You still have the ultra-purist literary folks who hate on anything not penned by Cormac McCarthy (this is coming from a former English major who’s felt this sentiment from the inside), but mostly, it’s not the ‘in-thing’ to hate on Twilight anymore. Guys who openly put the series down are branded as basement-dwellers, loveless nerds, or old men with no connection to youth culture. Every girl I’ve met or dated for the past two and a half years has read Twilight in some degree or another (ranging from the regular reader to the insane, regularly-kissed-cutouts-of-Edward-Cullen fangirl, who terrified me). Guys: you are stupid not to at least pick this book up, because it’s now the Sparknotes to 85% of young girl’s hearts.

These people who pull up the same old arguments (“vampire’s can’t sparkle!” *falls into fits on the floor*) are starting to sound like an old broken horn. It’s like the bully calling a fat kid fat in the eleventh grade. He’s been told he’s fat for eleven years. Your insults are neither creative nor new. It’s not like he’s going to go away, so you’re just making yourself look like a sad tormentor desperately trying to fill a hole in your life.

I’m a fan, and I poke fun at these books just as much as everyone else. I spent almost two years poking fun at this series, and five million readers later I still do it. But it isn’t a matter of whether or not you LIKE the series, as it is a matter of NOT LOSING YOUR MIND ABOUT IT. Girls who cut their necks hoping Robert Pattinson will drink their blood: psychotic. Girls who buy copies of Twilight just to dance around and burn them on camera: also psychotic. They’re books. Have you nothing better to do?

Literary criticism is so very important to our business, because it makes us better. But the Twilight Saga has been all criticism’d-out. There’s been no stone unturned, so these little rants on Amazon are just the same broken-record babble. It’s like people who still roar Harry Potter was written by Beelzebub. Someone at least find a synonym for ‘Vampiresdontsparkle!!!‘.

I’ve read years worth of Twi-hate sites and emails whining about how Stephenie ruined vampires, and female characters, and stories for girls, and the literary business, and caused the oil spill. But how can someone ruin what was created by imagination anyway? There’s no such thing as vampires (THE SALTS! FETCH THE SALTS!). Vampires were created by legends, myths, pop culture and stories like Twilight. There is no patent on ‘vampire’. So anyone is free to change them into whatever they want, because there isn’t a real mold from which they were formed. I could write a book with vampires who wear pink fedoras and eat dirt, and no matter how loudly someone whined, the book police wouldn’t be able to stop me.

For those many of you (I know who you are) who read my site more because you enjoy my between-the-lines pokes at the Twilight Saga, I understand your pain. It’s the Jane Eyre of our generation, but it’s certainly no Jane Eyre, because it’s not meant to be Jane Eyre, and Stephenie would probably be the first to remind us of that. When Jane Eyre came out, was it the Odyssey of their generation (“The nerve of that Brontë: her heroine’s lover not being named Penelope! Everyone knows love interests must be named Penelope!”). But at some point, the whining has to stop. Your criticism is losing its power. When he keeps yelling the same insults over and over, nobody really listens to the bully anymore.

–Kaleb Nation

but you TL;DR’d before you got this far 😉

THE SHORT SECOND LIFE OF BREE TANNER: AN ECLIPSE NOVELLA” by Stephenie Meyer is in stores today.

113 thoughts on “A Translation Of Twilight Hate

  1. dude, seriously… *high 5*

    very very true – i think the funniest are the people who slate the books when they've barely looked at the front cover, let alone actually picked one up and read some of the words… & every time they (i have a friend who is guilty of said crime) says 'oh i dont know how you can read/watch that crap…' i always ask if they've read/seen it, and when the inevitable response is always '*awkward shifting, eyes darting side to side* erm… no…' i immediately ask how they can possibly judge something they've never experienced… which shuts them up for the next week or so…

    but unfortunately, this chick just can't learn, & repeatedly reoffends!!

    anyway.. thank you, as a fairly huge (but not a scary cut-out licking stalker type) fan, for standing up & pointing out that as much as some of these people don't want to admit it, Twilight and it's whole saga DO have a place in the literary, and film, worlds, and a place that is supported by millions of fans worldwide.

    – Roni xxx

    1. How do you know she never read the books? Many people who don't like Twilight HAVE read them (though there are some who haven't, I'll give you that), and guess what, they just didn't like them.
      And personally, I know I don't deny that Twilight has a place in liturature, or anywhere else in the world. It just happens to be a place that I'd rather not visit. :)

    2. Because she asked her if she had seen/read it.

      Paragraph 2 lines 3-4 state:
      “i always ask if they've read/seen it, and when the inevitable response is always '*awkward shifting, eyes darting side to side* erm… no…' “

      Perhaps the main reason the twi-trolls hate the books is because it is too difficult for them to keep up while rerading?

    3. I talk to the people who have read the books and hated them. In fact, they hate the books with a deeper loathing than the shallow Twi-troll. Perhaps you should think about the entire population of haters before you start insulting.

    4. Actually, you're wrong – most “trolls” or people who don't like Twilight haven't read the books, especially people who trash it on the internet. Of course there is a big fraction of “haters” that have read the books and didn't like them or did read them and liked them but changed their mind. Maybe most people you know that hate them have read it but there is no way that it is the majority, especially on the internet.

  2. kaleb, youre totally right! these are great books but really this obsession is quite sickening. i swear, the craze made little girls go made over nothing. society is failing.

  3. You are so totally right! Couldn't have said it better myself Kaleb! I have been telling people these things for MONTHS and now hopefully some people will listen to you at least!

    Thanks for this!

  4. Hey Kaleb. I read your site, follow you on twitter, watch your videos, etc, because I find you, yourself to be entertaining. I generally avoid Twilight as much as possible and most people would call me a “twihater”. I clicked on this link not because I wanted to spam your site but because I follow you on twitter and the link caught my eye.
    I do concede that said Hater should not have been in the comments section in the first place, but other than that I have to agree with her. Unlike many pro-Twilight comments that have spammed my youtube channel in the past, this person at least seems to have a knowledge of capital letters and periods and is backing her argument up with some facts (Stephen King's argument). I have read all four books multiple times and those arguments are very valid, so, conceivably, the reason they are brought up so much is not that we 'haters' have limited creativity but simply that those are just extremely true. Also, I feel that the Jane Eyre comparison was completely unfitting.

    Sorry to be such a killjoy, I just had to get my two-cents in. I love your (non-Twilight) videos and look forward to more in the future.

    1. I wouldn't call Stephen King's argument a “fact”. There is no rules that make you a “good writer” – as long as you have a basic knowledge of sentence structure and spelling etc. you could be called a good writer as really, quality of a person's writing is a person's opinion. Even if your sentence structure and spelling isn't great, you could still be called a good writer and again, no one would be able to prove that you are not. It's like anyone's job. Like, say, a teacher. One student might think they are good at explaining and teaching whereas another might think they are absolute rubbish.

      So Stephen King's “argument” was just his opinion and so you can't really say that she “backed her argument up with some facts”. If you meant that Stephen King thinks Stephenie Meyer is mediocre, then it is a fact but it sounds like you are saying that the poster's comment about Stephenie Meyer's writing being mediocre which is backed up by Stephen King saying the same thing, then it is an opinion and so your post is incorrect. :)

      And I wouldn't say that the Jane Eyre comparision is “completely unfitting”. Kaleb is just saying that Jane Eyre wasn't appreciated when it was first published but is now considered a classic. He is just saying that there is always the possibility that Twilight might have a similar effect. Jane Eyre was criticised then but it hasn't affected it's popularity now.

    2. Beauty-and good writing-is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you and Stephen King think Twilight is written badly, doesn't mean that is true. It is up to each person who reads the books to decide if the writing is good or bad. You think it's bad, and that is perfectly fine with me. Just don't call it a fact.

    3. I don't think she was calling it a fact (that Twilight is written badly)… I think she was calling it a fact that Stephen King doesn't like Twilight (which is a fact, that we know of anyway)

  5. I personally don't particularly feel a 'draw' to the Twilight series as others do. I mean, I enjoy the movies, and I would NEVER go out of my way to basically tell others that the books that THEY LIKE are wrong to be liked … does that make sense?

  6. I agree with you Kaleb, but at lot of the haters do have lives. Maybe they keep repeating those ccriticism because no one is listening. As a hater myself (a sane, non-obsessive hater, mind you, or else I doubt I'd be writing this), it's difficult to live in a world where it seems like just about everyone is obsessed with a book you don't like. Many haters get attacked by rabid fans just because they have a different opinion, and when we try to explain our opinion, we just keep on getting attacked (of course some of us are just as rabid, the same as not all Twilight fans are insane preteen girls who think Edward is real).
    Quite honestly, I used to like the Twilight series (that's how I found you in the first place). Then… I think I just grew up. I'd pretty much lost interest by the time I was finished with Eclipse, but got Breaking Dawn anyway. After that was over, I realized I just wasn't into the books anymore, I didn't enjoy Stephenie Meyer's writing style or her fantasies. Did I burn all the books and go off on a rampage trashing everything related to Twilight in sight? Well, no. I read something else. I think that's what we all need to do, fans and haters alike. Just go find something else to read, because Twilight love/hate is getting annoying.

    1. Molly I agree W/ u an opinion is one thing but Stephen King made offensive statements when he claimed the books encourage
      peadiphila, and basically parents that allow there kids to read or watch a movie concerning twilight are pretty much in agreement
      with Stephanie that peadiphila is ok. He's way to talented to have took these books out of context after all as long as he's been
      in the business and he feels validated to critic Mrs. Meyers then that would suggest that he has a trained eye and a trained eye would have and should have caught a better interpretation then the conclusions he drew.

    2. I get what you're saying, but here's the thing: Stephen King's interpritation is HIS interpritation. Yes, he's famous. And if he doesn't like Twilight and finds it inappropriate (I don't really know what he thinks for sure – I just know he doesn't like them), shouldn't he be able to state his opinion? Just because he's famous, does that mean he has to lie about what he thinks just to please the masses? I don't think so.
      Did he take the books “out of context”? Well, that's not really for you or I to decide. Were his statements “offensive”? To you, maybe, but it's an opinion. Sometimes, peoples opinions are offensive, but that doesn't make them incorrect (unless we're talking about racism or something, but that's an entirely different subject).
      Anyway… sorry to be such a downer :)

  7. Psh. I didn't tl;dr.

    Also, a lot of people hated it at first because of the whole vampire literature thing and thought that Smeyer wanted to be the next Anne Rice. There's just no comparing, though. One is very sophisticated and has a dark sort of feel to it, while the other focuses more on the romantic aspect of it all (while still not ignoring that there's a whole world of creatures [vampires] out there with their poown socio-political-competitive issues). Meyer will never /be/ Anne Rice because only Anne Rice can be Anne Rice. Everyone's just so different whether it be in regards to story/plot lines, writing style, or execution.

    I read the Twilight Saga more for entertainment's sake than anything. I knew it wouldn't be the best work of literature out there, but boy did I stay up 'til 4am until I finished each book.

    Y'know what does bother me a little (that probably shouldn't)? The fact that I absolutely HATE the fact that I LOVE the movie soundtracks. I've heard of all these girls becoming fans of bands that I love because they heard about them through Twilight. You yourself said in a video you consider Muse “the Twilight Saga band.” I just don't want to be that elitist person that says “but I knew about them /before/ Twilight.” They still produce great music, and I should be glad they're getting more exposure. There's just something about knowing that a lot of their audience is only there because of screaming Twilight fangirls that makes me feel so grrr inside.

    …then again, I only know about /you/ because I was a fangirl for like 2-3 months of my life. *sigh* Silly book.

    1. AH YES! Muse being known as the “Twilight band” drives me CRAZY! They are such amazing artists on their own. I'm thrilled for their exposure and the fact that they can do huge stadium tours in the US now… but as I was walking out of their show in Detroit, some girl who was on the floor said, “All I wanted to hear was that song from the baseball scene. All their other songs were just ok, and i was SO BORED.” Dear Girl Decked out in Edward Sweatshirt. Thank you for taking up a floor seat from a real Muse fan to hear one song.

    2. I don't like the band JUST because of Twilight. For awhile I kept on thinking Muse sucked and wondering why Meyer was so obsessed with them. Then I listened to other songs of theirs from this Twilight fanfic author who named her (actually good) fics after Muse songs and I turned out to actually love them. Not just Twilight related songs their other songs like Eternally Missed and The Small Print but I just hate the people like you just described who only like Twilight Soundtrack songs from them.

      I don't consider them the “Twilight Band” I just learned to love them THROUGH Twilight since I doubt I would've learned of them any other way, because I sort of dislike the songs they do for the Twilight Soundtrack. “Supermassive Black Hole” grated on my nerves at first, “I Belong To You” I mostly liked the electric guitar ? in the background, and “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)” I absolutely hated at first now I tolerate it. They are a really good band on their own and I wish Twilight fans would like them for more than just one song that's related to Twilight.

  8. Hey Kaleb :)
    I completely agree with this. I have had to reason with so many people over the Twilight phenomenon, and it still is very annoying to deal with everything being 'Twilight Gay', but it always appears as if im talking to deaf ears. What people actually do fail to realize is, and what you have already said, that its basically a story about VAMPIRES =/ I mean, its fiction! It can be moulded into anything by ones imagination. Over obsession, yes completely unacceptable though =/
    I think these critics need to chill out. Theres more to Twilight than just the 'vampires being sparkly'. Stephenie's writing style is truly commendable. And that was one of the reasons why I love the books. Its expression, and language. I mean, not cuz i want to cut my throat so that Edward can drink my blood Jeeeesh =p

    Anyways, thanks man. Good to know that some guys are out there who're not vehemently againt Twilight =p

    Mehreen =)

    1. What about Meyer's writing style is commendable? The overly emotional hyperbole, lack of conceivable action or assertion that the overacted and hormone-influenced decisions of teenagers are to be admired?

  9. You are absolutely right. I have first-hand experience in this. When the first Twilight movie came out on DVD, I forced my brother to watch it, but he was more than willing. He even mentioned that he had read a few of the chapters in Twilight because he was curious as to what this huge craze was about. I was thrilled that he was willing to give it a try even if he didn't enjoy it. Months later, he started proclaiming that Twilight is stupid and of course started spouting the same nonsense that vampires don't sparkle. I believe he fits into the Twilight Hate Group because his friends and his graphic design major declare that he's of a different mind and he can't possibly like what's popular. He's too much of an artistic basement-dweller for Twilight. It's quite frustrating when he has two sisters that clearly love the Twilight books and films. I'm still hoping that one day he'll realize he's being ridiculous and change his mind even if he never gives the books and movies another chance.

    Unfortunately, this is all too true. Even if you are against the books for stupid reasons and think that Stephenie Meyer is the worst writer that ever existed, you should still recognize the Twilight Saga for what it is: a good story that readers obviously enjoy.


    1. First of all, the thing about your brother, I totally get that. But my brother basically hates everything I like just to annoy me :)

      “Even if you are against the books for stupid reasons and think that Stephenie Meyer is the worst writer that ever existed, you should still recognize the Twilight Saga for what it is: a good story that readers obviously enjoy.”

      The “stupid reasons” comment bothers me, because yes some people do just hate it because it's popular, but there are many others who have valid arguments (and by valid I mean they can back it up, not necessarily right or true)/ reasons for why they don't like them.
      And I agree that everyone should at least recognize Twilight as nothing short of a phenomon that many people enjoy, BUT they do not need to recognize it as “a good story”, again where the “opinions” come into play. I doubt you'll ever get a hater to recognize Twilight as being “good” because, well… they're a hater :)

  10. You're amazing. I completely agree. These people have nothing better to do. Sorry, this is probably wrong of me, but I laughed when she wrote “I feel really bad for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. They’re great actors that got roped into garbage roles”. Personally; I feel they're TERRIBLE actors and trashed the characters. This person probably didn't even read the books. Maybe she is just one of the many who has only seen the films. 😉

    But then everybody is entitled to their OWN opinion. Own opinion? She needs to get one. Not take somebody else's.

    1. Waitwaitwait. Not take somebody else's opinion? What the heck do you mean by that? That IS her opinion, you can't “take” somebody else's opinion. xD You might as well look at some random Twilight fan and say they're taking somebody else's opinion because they like Twilight and that they need to get their own opinion.

    2. That person obviously meant that most of the ~haters just jump on bandwagons instead of actually forming their own opinions about it.

  11. Kaleb, you are so totally awesome, and I found you because of my love of Twilight. But I have to say, I agree with that review.

    I am not a complete Twilight hater, but I also do not love Twilight anymore. It DID get me to start reading longer books, just like Harry Potter did. However, after moving on to books that were better written, had better developed characters, and had an overall better plot, I find it difficult to continue liking the Twilight Saga.

    I think that it does show a bad representation of relationships, and I have found that books similar to Twilight have been giving girls that I know relationship standards that guys just can't meet. Stephenie's writing, which I once thought was brilliant, is now just okay to me.


    I greatly admire the series and think that it's fantastic that Stephenie has written another book, which I will most likely read. I don't mind people who read and/or love the series, even those extremely hardcore fans that you mentioned.

    While I prefer more realistic depictions of people/relationships/etc. as opposed to idealistic, I think that there is definitely a place in literature for books that ARE idealistic and create a place where fans can go to escape their every day lives.

    Basically, although I agree that there are many things wrong with the books, I think that everyone (semi Twi-haters like myself, included) is going to have to accept that the Twilight franchise isn't going anywhere for quite a while. The criticism IS getting old, and it's near impossible for anyone to come up with anything original anymore. As a writer, I have learned things from Twilight that will stay with me forever, and I have to thank Steph for that.

    I like your take on this, Kaleb, and I somewhat agree.

  12. It’s in people’s nature to wail at something. It really doesn’t matter about what. They just need this process to feel happy.
    And now S.Meyer’s books are so popular and cool, so what’s the better way to wail!?
    I really don’t understand the point of convincing someone that it is good or it is bad.

    You like Twilight saga – grate, read it and enjoy.
    You don’t like Twilight saga – don’t read it, no one pursue you.

    We each have are one mind and never all will be happy. But at least it’s not boring live.

  13. Nice way to address the subject and well written; and funny on top of it. I also like the reference to the fact that a lot of girls are into it at some point, so guys might wnat to “educate” themselves…it just reminds me of my now 9-year-old godson who realized when he was about 5 that it was a good idea to watch CareBears as girls were digging it!

  14. I feel like the whole “Bella is being led into a decision” argument is overdone. :/ If I remember right, Bella said she was more comfortable in their world than in her own. I think it was a conscious decision on her part and she did it knowing the consequences, regardless of how the decision was taken from her in the end via baby Nessie.

    I am painfully aware that S.Meyer isn't the best writer in the world but she managed to captivate millions of people with the story she told and I think the story is the most important aspect here. To rot with the grammar and overused adjectives!

    I think the only reason anyone is so for/against Twilight is because of it's popularity. It's huge following makes it an easy target. I dimly remember the same thing happen to Star Wars and Star Trek not too long ago.

  15. I admit that some of the most popular shots against Twilight are pretty cheap, but you have to admit that they at least have a point.

    And so what if it was “cool” to hate on Twilight before. THe main reason that most of my friends love Twilight now is because it's “cool” to like it.

    And not everyone who hates Twilight is PO-ed that their book didn't get published. Not a lot of people even take that into consideration.

    Anyways, I've been both a Twilight hater and a Twilight lover ,and I know a lot of people on both sides of the Twilight debate. The Twilight lovers are 1ox more annoying than the Twilight haters.

  16. thank you someone finally said it correctly it the excate way I would have, and how about the Muse fans that get down on Stephenie for launching them more into pop culture, I mean I've told them all “before she even wrote the books she was a fan of them, so that means your putting down your own!” then I would go and say “imagine if you wrote a book had a few scenes in that book inspried by your favorite band, then the books become the next big thing and movies are coming out, and the band says they will make songs for the books, wouldn't you be happy, but once they come out there are people who say you killed the bands look, how would you feel then” I honestly think people need to get over it I mean at most they will have to deal with it for another 2 year's then it will be done…maybe. reading all the hate just makes me laugh sometimes

  17. “…and caused the oil spill.” *snort* Have you been reading Dan Bergstein over at B&N Review? (He also happens to write Twilight criticism on Sparknotes, but as a Twilight lover, I have to appreciate his humor.)

    I'd also like to add that those who criticize Stephenie for “milking the cash cow.” Um…wouldn't YOU?! And those who say they wouldn't are kidding themselves. And I don't truly believe she is or she wouldn't be offering Bree for free on the website.

    I completely agree with you Kaleb. We're all just gonna have to agree to disagree and everyone stop whining about it. She's gonna keep writing. Some of us are gonna support her. Some of them are gonna hate her. That's just the way it is. The. End.

  18. I'm not a Twilight fan but I do agree that the Twi-haters are getting really really old. Like I will make fun of them but I don't take any of it seriously.

    However, all that being said, I don't think it is in any way fair to say Twilight is the Jane Eyre of our time. By saying that, you are implying that in 100 years time, we will consider Twilight “great literature”. Twilight is in NO WAY “great literature”, it is so poorly written – I seriously can't believe Stephanie Meyer studied English in college! I mean I read the books years and years ago, when I was like 12 and I really enjoyed them but when the first movie came out I decided to read them again and I couldn't understand how these books had become so popular!

    But you know, that's just my opinion!

  19. What I hate are the people who keep comparing Twilight to Harry Potter. You can't really compare the two. Other than the few facts they share, like being the same genre and being world-wide best sellers, they really have nothing in common. At all. One is about vampires, the other about wizards. One is basically action/ adventure, the other is basically a love story. One has a male protagonist, the other a female. One is written in first person, the other is third person. Stephenie's and JK's writing styles are completely different. JK had the plot lines of all seven books planned out, before she even dreamed they would get published. Stephenie only decided to write more books later. In my opinion, both series are excellent, but you can't compare the two, it's like comparing apples to oranges.

  20. I don't really like Twilight that much, but I agree with the hating thing. I don't go around and post complaints everywhere! One thing I disagree with-Twilight *did* kinda “ruin” vampires. I like the original ones. When I say the word vampire, people automatically think I'm talking about twilight. It wasn't ruined, but it kinda set a description in everyones mind-sparkly and vegetarian. But I love this post and wish that people would stop posting hate messages!

  21. Excellent point. I read the Twilight books the March before the first one came out. I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was that it was going to be a movie, it took place in a area that I live near, it was about Vampires (which I adore), and the covers were really cool.

    As a girl who loves vampires I find that I've read about many different types (not the pink fedora kind yet). There was the brooding must-eat-rats-not-humans Anne Rice vampires, the brooding I-killed-this-girl-i-loved Smith vampires, there were the vampires-go-to-school-and-have-these-weird-marks-on-their-faces-like-when-the-jews-had-to-wear-stars-of-david-during-the-holocaust P.C cast vampires, and then there was Buffy.

    I looked at this book and read it understand that it may not be as wonderful as the plot of The House of Night was, and it may not be as in depth as Interview With a Vampire was, but it would have a SMeyer flair to it. I liked how she gave them super human powers like a super hero. She even said that she did that because she loved them when she was a kid. Its obvious that with her detailed explanation of the cool cars, the violence, the girls, and the boys she made an attempt to appeal to all audiences.

    Who really has the right to tell someone if they are a bad writer? Except people who can type out good sentences compared to troll language. Each writer has their own special flair they add to their own book series. Some would argue and say that Tolkin wasn't a good author. He would take around two pages to describe something that would have taken any other writer two paragraphs to describe. He liked imagery.

    (And I didn't TL;DR)

  22. I totally agree.

    One of my pet peeves is even though I'm a girl, I still get crap about being a fan. I usually get “Oh, YOU like twilight.” Ok, so what? I like a book that genuinely good. And I hate hate hate people who say Twilight gives girls a false sense of hope about finding true love, so then we're all doomed to marry someone we hate then, sorry for having a dream then. I also feel some of the spawns from people trying to compare Harry Potter and Twilight. They are two completely different things, written by two exceptional authors, and I really wish people would stop trying to say one is better then they other, I love both of them equally.

  23. I love you Kaleb ! I agree with you and I'm saving this to my favorites because you speak the truth and I hope others actually read this.
    I LOVE THIS SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA and I'm glad I can always count on you. And you'll always be our favorite Twilight guy !

  24. If only I could grasp the words in my mind to spit all this out, I would… but you just made it a WHOLE lot easier. You speak for the gazillion of fans out there.. so THANKS. 😀 What you said is what I can barely attempt to explain to people who hate on Twilight. I'm so sick of hearing the same 'ol sh!t about why the novels suck and why Stephanie Meyers can't write. If she can't write, then why is Twilight such a phenomenon? Obviously she ISN'T one of the best authors we have, but she certainly knows something enough to pull readers in and KEEP them. *sigh* If bullies AREN'T jealous, then what's their gripe? Again, Kaleb… this. was. AWESOME. 😉

  25. What bugs me is that people hate it just because they want to be different. But you don't see them hating Harry Potter. Now people think that hating something popular just because its popular. I don't see why…

  26. Sorry, I meant people think its cool to hate it just because its popular. My second sentence on the first post didn't make much sense.

  27. the best one i've heard is “real vampires don't sparkle”, lmao. i always tell them “there's no such thing as real vampires, duuh!!” they just walk away.

  28. i didn't know people hated the TWILIGHT SAGA until i started reading it. My MOM hates it and so do most of my friends. I am NOT obsessed, but i do know people who are and people who are obsessed with the ''vampires arent supossed to sparkle'' complaint. I grew fed up with people who hate it. i know that secretly i wish vampires like the Cullens existed because Stephenie Meyer really has an imagination a twelve-year-old like me enjoys reading over and over and over and over. In fact, thanks to Stephenie Meyer, i've written stories with many details i wouldn't use if it wasn't because Stephenie opened my eyes more in the reading world. I love the Twilight saga, and if you hate it, RESPECT IT, cuz i respect your justin bieber. I think the books are great and that they have a lot of imagination and that the books should be respected to the maximun.

  29. Thanks for speanding the time to write this out…

    Although I am obsessed with collecting everything twilight, I agree with everthing you've said in this blog.
    Spot on.

    1. I agree with you. I'm the same way, obsessed with collecting everything Twilight, but all that Kaleb said is completely true.

  30. Thank you so much for saying these things. Its so irritating for all the haters out there to keep going on and on about how bad Twilight is. If you hate it so much, why do you bother? To all the haters, let it go and let us enjoy what we like.

  31. I completely agree. Whenever I hang around with my brother or my friend Sean or my cousin Justin they, in some way, shape or form, find some way to bring Twilight into the conversation to poke fun at me about it. It got old REALLY fast. So when I told my cousin Justin that I didn't want to see Get Him To The Greek because (no offense to those who want to see it/liked it) I thought it looked so dumb it would actually drop my IQ a few points and he turned to me and said, “You mean like Twilight?” I looked him straight in the eye, smiled, and said, “Yeah. Like Twilight.” That shut him up REAL fast. It just ticks me off when people who have never even TRIED to read it bash on it. I do not except your oppinion unless you have a basis of fact. I was the same way with Harry Potter. I judged it because of a series of unfortunate events that happened when I saw the first movie and I didn't want to read the books, nor did I care. Then my best friend (who, incidently, also introduced me to Twilight) made me read them and they became my favorite book series until I read Twilight. Basically, I just wish haters would do their homework before they throw down the gauntlet. They might end up being wrong.

  32. Hey, Kaleb,

    We just want to let you know that we respect your opinion on ‘Twilight’ haters, but we completely disagree with you. You have your opinion about ‘Twilight’ and this is ours:

    These books should never have gotten this popular. It's a series of harlequin romances, with a disturbing message that being in an abusive relationship is better than being in a loving one. Bella is suddenly in love with Edward, who she's had, what, six conversations? ‘Romeo and Juliet’, much? (As Meyer herself points out in ‘New Moon’). But, you'd probably get better dating tips from Romeo himself than Edward.

    “Guys: you are stupid not to at least pick this book up, because it’s now the Sparknotes to 85% of young girl’s hearts.”

    Kaleb, are guys actually taking advice from these books? Really? Because that is a scary, scary thought to us. If a guy ever decided that it was okay to cut our car wires or whatever the hell Edward did to Bella's truck just so that he could see her and then stalks her obsessively, we'd probably run. Doesn't that sound like a guy you'd run from, not date? If a girl did that to you, you'd be out of there as fast as possible.

    It doesn't matter that it's about vampires. That wasn't why we picked up the book, just an added flavour to the story. The story was advertised as a romance, but that's not how we saw it. It's about an abusive relationship, on both parts. Edward is physically and emotionally abusive towards Bella and Bella, as the 'fragile' human, is mentally abusive towards him. Edward blames Bella for everything – when James decides to track her, it's because her blood smells so good, not because James is a crazy psychopath. Bella doesn't care that Edward doesn't want her to be a vampire. She practically forces him to agree to change her and only once he's had his own 'condition'- marriage. Yes, let's trade around immortality and marriage.

    There are good points to the story. The dialogue is hilarious at parts, Jacob's characterization in ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’, Rosalie's back-story, Charlie and his inability to cook, and the side characters.

    Oh, and the fact that the vampires sparkle. That's not why we dislike the series. Stephenie Meyer had every right to make vampires sparkle, it's her story, fine, move on. It's not that.

    ‘Twilight’ was a cute book, if you weren't looking for sustenance. ‘New Moon’ was worse. Depression and attempted suicide shouldn't be written by an author that cannot write tragedy. Stephenie Meyer is, unfortunately for her, not a writer of tragedy and she accepts this when she gives everyone their 'happy ending' in ‘Breaking Dawn’.

    “Literary criticism is so very important to our business, because it makes us better.” You’re right, authors do grow from criticism and yes, there is a lot of stupid ‘Twilight’ haters with nothing better to do than make fun of the books without reading them, but the real criticism that Stephenie needs never seems to reach her, always buried beneath the mountains of uneducated hate mail. She has potential to be a really good author, and in this instance, it is appropriate to compare to Shakespeare. His earlier plays were lacking in characterization and deep plot, but his later ones were amazing in both those aspects. This is her first series ever to be completed, and as such, it does lack deep characters and a thorough plot. But, if she continues writing, her later books will probably be far better.

    There are worse books out there than ‘Twilight’, there are lots of them. It’s because it is so popular that it gets so much hate, but it’s not because it’s popular that people hate it. Of course, there will be people who hate it just for the sake of hating it, but if popularity was the only source, how come you don’t see this kind of hate towards ‘Lord of The Rings’? ‘Harry Potter’? Or ‘Dracula’?

    We respect your opinion that ‘Twilight’ is really good and please respect ours as well. Don’t go around assuming that all ‘Twilight’ haters hate this book because “Edward is sparkly vampire OMG!” Some of us actually have legitimate reasons: to us, ‘Twilight’ shouldn’t belong in the romance section, but the horror.

    But you probably TL;DR'd before you got this far. Thanks.

    1. Not looking to start an argument here (mostly I just love discussions about books), but I wanted to comment that it always puzzles me when people use the “abusive relationship” line when arguing against Twilight. I looked up a definition to be sure of my thoughts, and this is what I found:

      “extremely offensive and insulting” – Edward is so annoyingly sensitive to Bella’s well-being that I can’t imagine associating these words with his behavior.
      “engaging in or characterized by habitual violence and cruelty” – He tries so hard *not* to hurt her, so…
      “involving injustice or illegality” – this might be the closest to how you meant it (I think), in that Edward abuses his superhuman abilities (and Bella’s human weakness) to get his way in arguments. However, I still don’t see his behavior as abusive, because the word to me suggests something malicious. For the disconnecting the car battery point, I don’t want to just say “It’s OK because it’s Edward”, but… well, that’s kind of what I mean. He’s not just some high school boyfriend trying to control his girlfriend’s life, he’s a vampire who thinks he’s keeping his soulmate from unnecessarily endangering herself by associating with his mortal enemies, i.e. a character so thoroughly entrenched in fantastical melodrama that his actions, taken out of context, would be “abusive” in an ordinary, all-mortal situation.

    2. I'm not looking to start an argument either, but if you're wondering about why people think that they're in an abusive relationship, here's an article explaining some of the signs of one: http://www.authorsden.com/categories/article_to

      I admit, not all of apply to Edward, but I believe that numbers 1 – 6 apply to Edward and Bella's relationship.

    3. An interesting list of signs, and all valid I think, except that the universe in which B&E's relationship exists seems so… different, removed from the context of that list. I suppose I would compare Edward to a child rather than an abusive partner (I actually thought of this just after babysitting my cousins, ages 6 and 3): Age 6 is possessive of his things and covets Age 3's toys, and neither is yet very good at sharing all the time; they try to control what I do and with whom by begging/whining/yelling; both want to be in charge of everything; manipulate adults into getting them what they want; temper tantrums; saying one thing and screaming that they really meant something else. Those were (kind of) those first 6 on the list.

      Edward can hear every human thought, down to the most petty, most selfish, jealous, perverted, crude, insecure, etc., and after a century of experience he thinks he's heard it all. Until, obviously, Bella. She's like a first pet (perhaps a poor choice of concept, since I don't mean to say that he “owns” her, but I hope I can get my point across anyway), and he doesn't know properly how to care for her, what her wants and needs are. He's blind around her, and so keeps messing up at every turn, i.e. possessive of Bella; insists on controlling every situation (he trusts only himself to take care of everything [I know I’ve felt this way before], rather than danger-magnet Bella or that unstable werewolf kid); superiority complex because of his ability (know-it-all); don’t think he intentionally manipulates Bella, he kind of just does by existing; mood swings (SM's vampires seem to do everything fast, so moving from happy to furious and back again doesn’t seem to be any different).

      This is fun – I don’t often take the chance to really think about this stuff.

  33. I've said this on other forums but… what bugs me is that the things the 'haters' complain about make no sense. Here's a great example. WTF are the “super-heroes and super-villains” in Twilight? There are good and bad vampires, and yes the bad ones are particularly evil soulless creatures, but can someone name a vampire story where that's not true?! Maybe, Dead and Loving It or Once Bitten, but this isn't comedy folks. I just don't her analogy in the slightest. In the history of literature and film, vampires have almost always and superhuman strength, speed and other special abilities. This is not new folks. Then there's the “abusive relationship w/a much older guy.” Whoa, what? First of all, I still contend that Edward in love with a 17 year old Bella is no more or less creepy than Dracula in love with a Mina in her younger 20s (the most common age she's played). Once there's more than 100 years difference, is age really relevant at all? And abusive? Is she talking about the state of the bedroom after they got married, because that's about as much abuse as I remember Bella taking from Edward, and she wasn't exactly complaining.

    And then there's the glittering. Ironically, describing vampire skin like marble actually traces back to Anne Rice herself. From the Vampire Chronicles Wiki… “As they age they become more powerful and slowly their skin becomes whiter, smoother, and more reflective, resembling marble as seen with Akasha and Enkil, Maharet, Mekare, and Khayman.” Meyer just took it a bit farther and made it highly reflective, hence allowing her to explain the myth of vampires being unable to go in the sunlight while allowing hers to venture out in the day. Like every other vampire series before it, Meyer took the mythology that exists and tweaked it to her story. Anne Rice even did the whole 'vamps develop special abilities differently' thing. If you don't like the books/movies that's your prerogative, but don't pretend it's because she's strayed too far from her sources, like Stoker and Rice. She really didn't.

  34. Couldn't agree more Kaleb!! So true!! In fact one of the reasons I even considered picking up Twilight was because I was told that it was NOT like your “normal” idea of vampires. I am a huge fan of these books (obsessed might be a better word) but I agree that some of these crazy fangirls give the rest of us a bad name. I enjoy these books for the story & the characters that were created. I love the world & the new take on vampires that SM created. She wasn't starting out or trying to become the next Jane Austen. She just had a dream & wrote down a story & (thanks to her sister) tried to get it published. I find it funny/weird that people who are haters would take the time to search out things like youtube videos & the books on websites to just bash them. Do they not have anything better to do with their life? Get a life people!! Twilight has become a huge success/pop culutre phenomenon & whether you like it or not it's here to stay. If you don't like it you don't have to watch the movies/read the books.

    1. We're valid in our obsessive hating just like you are in your obsessive loving. Having a passion for hating something does not mean that it's not valid or useless. If you think we need a life for going out of our way to research things, maybe you need a life too?

      And about the whole “huge success/pop culture phenomenon” thing, who ever said that whatever is popular is right?
      Killing Jews was popular.
      Discriminating against African Americans was popular.

  35. Kaleb, thank you so very very very much for writing this article. I agree with it so much. People who don't like Twilight: Ok, cool. Not you're thing? Thats fine. People who obsessively hate Twilight: What is the reason? You don't gain anything. It isn't productive use of you're time. And it's getting kind of old.

    Personally, I love Twilight. It is my favorite book, I have read it multiple times, and I consider the writing fairly good and the twist on vamps interesting. I know, though, that not everyone agrees with this. I usually keep my opinion to myself. Despite this, I have been put down by twihater after twihater countless times – some of them are 3 of my closest friends! It is getting really tired, and I would like nothing better than to be able to have a favorite book without endless criticism about my “awful taste” and “obvious stupidity”.

  36. I find this offensive. Not everyone who doesn't like Twilight is jumping on the bandwagon. A lot of them have legitimate reasons why they don't think Twilight is a very good book. When they try to discuss those reasons, people who like Twilight tend to take it as whining and immature. You are whining about the people who don't like Twilight, which makes this post no better than the posts by people who don't like Twilight.

  37. Couldn't agree with you more, Kaleb! An excellent use of metaphor about the fat kid, btw :)
    I think though, that while criticism is important for writers to hear, there's a point at which they've just heard it all, as you said. It doesn't help them better their works when a thousand people criticise them on the SAME THING. The trolls should start criticising Stephenie Meyer when they HAVE SOMETHING NEW TO SAY. Stephenie gets it! Traditional vampires don't sparkle, burn in the sun, and sleep in coffins all day. But you can only explore that version of a vampire so much. I read lots of vampire books, all different authors so all different interpretations of vampires. Do I care? NO. I like them for the quality of the writing and the imagination behind them, not how 'historically accurate' they are.

    I do also agree that some Twihards are pretty psychotic, though. They give the rest of us, who read Twilight just because we love it, a bad name!!

    Oh and P.S. I went out and bought TSSLOBT the day it came out, and read it in 2 hours. I LOVED it and couldn't put it down! :)

  38. I am male and am proud to say I enjoyed the series very much. Stephenie Meyer has written and excellent story with characters we know and understand better than some people in our real lives, and I think that she deserves every success that comes her way.
    People can Twilight-hate all they want, but in the end, there series will be there and now amount of screaming will make it go away.

  39. I agree, Kalip. I'm pretty fed up about getting beaten down about liking Twilight. I used to be like, Terrified of hanging twilight posters on my wall because I thought my friends would come in and be like, “OHMYGOSH YOUR SO STUPID. TWILIGHT IS FOR LOSERS.” But you know what? The more we ignore them… the faster they stop. The #1 thing that irritates me: Criticizing the BOOKS by the MOVIE. I know the movie was amazing (to me, and probably a couple million more people…) But people can't just walk in and be like, “Oh, he sparkled. This is gay.” Seriously. Because yeah, they do sparkle. That's like laughing at Dracula for having a cape. Well, now I'm babbling on. Anyway. The book is almost always better than the movie. I strongly encourage people to read the books before they see them, it will spoil some of the fun to the movie… But if you read the book, It gives you a chance to look at the movie and say “Hey, they left that out.” or “They made that seem a LOT stupider than it was in the book.” So… I wish the twilight haters would stop making fun of me, and all the other Twilighters for loving something.
    There's my two cents thrown in… hahahaha. It's just a bunch of babbling. -___-

  40. I find it odd, Kaleb Nation, that you say the Twi-hater's comments are skipping like a record. Just by saying that, you proved that people who enjoy Twilight are also stuck on repeat. I've been hearing comments like your's for as long as there has been comments against Twilight.

    Your argument that vampires can be “whatever” you want is completely invalid. If it was valid, vampires can be anything from St. Bernard puppies to the sweat stains on a pillow. Vampires do have a very real mold, whether you or Meyer want them to or not. Also, by your logic, I would be able to write a book filled with completely random words and make it impervious to criticism. How? Well, each word would've been changed to fit my needs.

    I do have a problem with why Meyer made them sparkle. I'm not against the physical act of sparkling. I think that vampires sparkling in sunlight could be a good plot mechanic. Why isn't it? Well, it isn't used as a plot mechanic. It's used as a mere glaze to make the vampires superficially alluring. Instead of writing out why they are mysterious, they just look mysterious. You should, as a writer, know that is a horrible way to make characters. You should understand why people hate teh sparklez.

    Also, calling people a who openly dislike Twilight “basement-dwellers, loveless nerds, or old men” and guys who are interested in relationships “stupid not to at least pick this book up”, is extremely ignorant, arrogant, and mean-spirited of you. I, as an open hater of Twilight, expect an apology from you.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Actually, you are incorrect. Vampires can be anything I want them to be. There's no such thing as a vampire. If I change everything about vampires, no vampire will sue me, nor anyone who owns a copyright or patent on the idea, because there are none. So, if people want to read about my dirt-eating, pointy eared, two-foot-tall vampires, I've simply made up a new form of something that never existed in the first place except in the minds of these very readers who want my dirt-eating vampires.

      Also, I did not call men who openly dislike Twilight “basement-dwellers, loveless nerds, or old men”. I said they are branded as such. I can't control what 85% of females in the world label those men. Life isn't fair sometimes. I simply report what I see.

    2. Vampire (noun) – the reanimated body of a dead person believed to come from the grave at night and suck the blood of persons asleep.

      That's from Merrian-Webster. Are you saying that they're wrong?

      You are not a female. Since you can't just state out what women around the world are thinking without sources or facts, it's fairly likely you are stating your own opinions, just revising them to make yourself look more professional.

      Thank you for your time.

    3. Find me one real vampire who will protest my dirt-eating vampires. I will also settle for you finding the person who owns the patent on vampires and will sue me. As I said, as these definitions are created by readers, no matter how many centuries ago these first readers might have been, if they read it, it can be anything I want it to be.

      Also, there is a difference between what you say is 'likely' and what is accurate. I speak from my observation of both men and women surrounding this series. I can only speak from what I have observed.

    4. So, Merrian-Webster's Dictionary is completely useless? By your logic, the term 'air' can mean 'worm' in my dialogue and no one would be able to criticize me for the misuse of the term. lolwut

      Also, there is a difference between what you observe and what is actual. Since you likely hang out with other Twilight readers and other people who have at least slight appreciation of the book (your rant proves you don't actively hang around haters), your observations are likely skewed. And since you can't say anything as a woman (because you aren't), you are automatically wrong in stating your comments as fact.

      And you have yet to argue against my other complaints of the sparkling and the anti-hater record-skipping.

    5. Really? A Twilight fan that hates the haters hangs out with other fans of Twilight? You're just proving my point.

  41. I really feel these comments of yours are unfair. Twi-lovers are coming up with the same arguments to prove how amazing Twilight is – why should Twi-haters have to create different ones, when they still remain valid? If Meyer had sorted out the bad plot in The Second Short Life… then we could still complain about the old books but not the new one. But this is fresh fodder; we can reiterate the same arguments if we want because they are still true! I don't see why there should be a timelimit on how long you're allowed to say a book is something. Meyer has shown no obvious decision to improve her work or dress the underlying issues of abuse in her novels, so I don't see why critics of the series should have to stop criticising what is still relevant.

    Also, I take great offence, as a teenage girl, to being told that these books are now “the Sparknotes to 85% of young girl’s hearts”. Speaking from the experience of myself and many girls in my year (about half of whom love Twilight) none of us see it as a dating manual! Even die-hard fans of the books agree that Edward's behaviour is creepy in the extreme (watching her sleep?) and if a regular guy were to do that we'd probably call the police. I really feel you can't invent statistics that don't exist to further your argument.

    “Guys who openly put the series down are branded as basement-dwellers, loveless nerds, or old men with no connection to youth culture” By who? Not me, not my friends. I have friends obsessed with Twilight and while they might not complain if their boyfriends read it they certainly wouldn't insult them if they didn't. I'm not sure who you think is branding your own gender like this but it's not any of the women I know. I have never once heard a guy put-down for not reading that book.

    I think if you're going to make a post like this you should work on making it less inflammatory. I'm not even going to get into all the other reasons why your post is so wrong because other commenters have covered it well enough, but I think maybe you should apologise for making such a sweeping statement without any facts to back you up.

    Thank you.

    1. You are a part of the 15% of girls I left out of this article. There are a percentage of you who just don't like the book and don't fit the demographic: while at the same time, not being immature and burning the books on camera, or other related stuff. I have no information from your demographic, and thus I only write what I have observed. I am a blogger. I write my opinion.

      I do, however, stand by the fact that any guy who doesn't at least pick one of these books up or even sees one of the movies is stupid, whether he likes it or not. It's basically stating to 85% of girls that he does not care to know about something she likes. It is stupid simply by statistics. It is similar to a guy loudly proclaiming he hates talking on the phone in all ways, shapes and forms, and will never talk on the phone for anyone, not even a girl. Yes, there is a large amount women who also hate talking on the phone. But, I'd say 85% would be really put off if he proclaims he simply hates phones, and won't even touch a phone to see if he'd ever like it, even for her. If he cares so little about her that he'll put down something she likes, he's inconsiderate and an idiot. Similarly, if a guy cares so little about 85% of girls in the world that he'll put down something they like, all of these women think him inconsiderate, and an idiot. Luckily, girls like you, in the 15%, exist.

    2. I understand now. You think the Twilight series is an important social construct, as important as the telephone. And as such, anyone denying Twilight's importance is an idiot.

      The telephone is absolutely needed to communicate and prosper in the modern world. You can't expect to excel in a career without a phone on hand. Twilight is a piece of entertainment. Its exsistence is meant to inspire one's taste and CRITICISM. If you agree with the fangirls that everyone who puts down Twilight is an idiot, then you don't understand that entertainment can be criticized. If you don't think entertainment can be criticized at any time, then why do you even value opinions? You seriously think that if somebody doesn't like what everyone else likes that they're idiots?

  42. One thing about this article annoys me.
    Are you really an author? If the answer is yes, then how can you state that “they're just books”? Think of the real authors, who puts years of dedication and pollishing on their works, should we tell a man who has worked his whole life writing that it's “just books”? If you feel that it's “just books”, then you disgust me.

  43. I think hating Twilight has become more of a fad than liking Twilight. I've strolled around some Twilight fansites, and I always end up reading anti-Twilight rants that make me feel like I should be ashamed for enjoying the books. That's just not right. I think I'm going to have a discussion with other people who enjoyed flipping through the books before bed, and I end up clicking the little red X to get away from all of the people questioning my intelligence and prodding about whether or not I've read any REAL vampire books. I don't know about you, but I don't particularly enjoy being called an idiot because I have a copy of Twilight on my shelf.

  44. Kaleb, let me start off by saying that I am a huge fan of yours. I actually found you through Twilight Guy, back when I liked Twilight. However, I didn't like this post.

    First thing, I don't understand why you're criticizing this review. This person didn't like Twilight, and they're entitled to write a review of it. If people who like Twilight are allowed to write about how much they love the books, then why can't I write a review saying that I don't like it? You don't see people getting criticized for writing a negative review of other books, so why should this person? If I were to write a negative review of the book Uglies for example, I doubt I would get flamed because of it, although there would be people who do disagree. The point of reviews are to give out critique (positive or negative), which every artist, director, and writer should crave(even myself, an amateur writer at 15 wants criticism). If Mrs. Meyer paid more attention to these reviews, then she could improve her writing so much.

    Second, most of us twi-haters have read Twilight. I think that those people who hate Twilight just for the sake of hating it and have not read the books are stupid. I think that anyone who hates anything before they have read it, seen it, or tried it don't really know if they hate. When I read the series and analyzed it while reading (this is probably after the seventh time through the whole series) I found that the little problems I had the series were much larger than I thought, and that there were many things that I disliked that I hadn't thought about before.

    Third, there's a reason why I don't like the sparkling, and it isn't because *vampiresdon'tsparkleblahhhhh*. It adds nothing to the story or the characters. If the vampires sparkled because the sparkles allowed them to fly or something crazy like that, then whatever. But all that the sparkling does is needlessly add to the vampires already drop dead gorgeous appearance. Also, your point about the dirt-eating vampires still being vampires, if I were to write a story about a centaur, except the centaur had eagle wings, a horse head, a human body, a unicorn horn and no legs, would you still call it a centaur?

    Fourth, why are you criticizing the twi-haters for using the same arguments? Twi-hards use the same arguments when they defend the series. The number of times that you use an argument doesn't change the validity of it.

    Fifth and finally, I'd like to respond specifically to one paragraph.

    “It’s like the bully calling a fat kid fat in the eleventh grade. He’s been told he’s fat for eleven years. Your insults are neither creative nor new. It’s not like he’s going to go away, so you’re just making yourself look like a sad tormentor desperately trying to fill a hole in your life.”

    The bully calling the kid fat for 11 years does not change the fact that the kid is fat (I'm not saying that making fun of a kid at school is justified though)

    If someone says to me that my hair is short a thousand times, it doesn't change the fact that my hair is short, and the same thing goes for the criticism of Twilight.

    Maybe you should look a little more critically at Twilight (I'm surprised you haven't, especially as an author, when I could find many of the mistakes in it), try to see where the negative reviews are coming from. You'd be surprised just how much truth is in these 8,341 negative reviews.

    ~the 15 year old girl apparently in the 15% minority of twilight.

    1. You're fifteen, you like to write, and your name is Cara – I'm fifteen, I like to write, and my name is Cara.

      I think we should be friends.

      : D

      -Other Cara

  45. Loving this article Kaleb, it's great having a male author like you on our side.. this nonsense will stop at some point.. some day haters'll just get tired of saying all those things over n over again n only fans will remain… yeaah hopefully LOL

  46. Loving this article Kaleb, it's great having a male author like you on our side.. this nonsense will stop at some point.. some day haters'll just get tired of saying all those things over n over again n only fans will remain… yeaah hopefully LOL

  47. Well said!

    I'm 31, a wife, and a mother. I don't do much outside of the house besides go to work. I can honestly say that I truly never enjoyed reading until I read the Twilight Saga books. I just finished reading the Bree Tanner book and I enjoyed it. My thoughts to the people out there that have nothing nice to say about anything… keep your mouth shut or whine with people who want to whine with you. Those of us who enjoy this don't want to hear your opinion. Everyone likes, enjoys, or obsesses over something – and we all also don't like other things. Instead of writing hateful thoughts somewhere, go find a website you enjoy and write something nice. There is too much negativity in the world today!

  48. You go Kaleb! You're right on the money with this blog post! What I can't figure out is if Twihaters think that Twilight is terrible, then why do they waste their time on rammbling about how much they hate it, unless they're just doing it for attention? Damn losers… >.< It's like how a lot of people loved Night Mare Before Christmas, but it hurt my brain, and yet I'm not loser enough to go on and on about it. 😕 Oh well. Thanks for writing this Kaleb! I put a link to this on my Twi saga page, hope you don't mind. :)

  49. It amazes me how many people commenting here about Stephenie's ability to write cannot complete a sentence properly; as in, spelling is atrocious, punctuation and capitalization are all wrong, and sentences are just incoherent. And as a reply to one of the commenters below (can't remember which one)…there actually ARE rules to writing the English language. And there ARE people who have jobs correcting others' writing…they are called copy editors. Stephenie (or at least her editors) did not fail at this. She might use too many adjectives for your taste. She might use words that seem out of place for the situation. She might overuse words. However, she does use them appropriately.

    By the way, Kaleb–I too am tired of the drama. I am tired of the pro-drama as well as the anti-drama. I like the books (even today) because they are fantasy. They allow me to live in a world that does not exist. I like to escape from reality and these books do it for me. They don't do it for others, and I can completely respect that. If I don't like a song on the radio, typically I change the station rather than finding articles about the band and trashing them. People just need to get over it all and either enjoy, or not, the books and/or movies.

    1. As for imprinting…you realize that she made up these wearwolves' traits, right? They are fictional. Therefore, the whole choosing a mate via imprinting does not HAVE to be right. Imprinting is how duckling know to follow their mother around. It's an attachment in the animal world. I think that Stephenie Meyer was trying to impress a similar trait into her wolves.

      And she did use glower correctly. Albeit far too much, but correctly.

    2. Fine fine. What about chagrin? Or scintilating and incandescent as she describes Edward, using it as a synonym for shiny? Or the word unfrustrated?

    3. I'm pretty damn sure chagrin and scintillating were used correctly. Incandescent may have a different scientific meaning, but you get the drift. And I don't remember unfrustrated ever being used, you're probably making that up, douchebag!

  50. i will admit that a fell into the whole “BLAGRBIHKSJBDIUYVSABNVAMPIRESDONTSPARKLEFUTWILIGHTHKBEIUFBIWNOUBEIBEIKFNKL.” but after siting down and reading its not really as bad as people make it seem. and if we all just followed the “don't knock it till you try it” theory at least we would have people who don't like twilight because they didn't enjoy reading it (or something along those lines). we do have people like that but i think it should be more than 5% of the haters of twilight while the rest are just (go back to first sentence now).

  51. i do not hate the books for being popular. i hate the books because i see my sister's relationship being sold as true love. my sister was beaten to death because of an abusive boyfriend, and he exibited many of edward's traits in the relaionship. this just makes me so mad and sad that people love this kind of fictional person, and would marry them if they could.

    1. And you blame Edward Cullen for that? The guy may have similarities with Edward Cullen, but that doesn't make him Edward. You people forget how selfless and noble the Cullens are, and how they would never hurt anyone if they could help it. Even after sleeping with Bella, Edward was ashamed of bruising her even though she didn't feel a thing. Sounds abusive to you, does it? Stop blaming your personal tragedies on works of fiction and get a life!

  52. I think that Twilight is just another YA fantasy book. There are hundreds of novels out there with the same premise. They don't require a lot of forethought, etcetera, like Harry Potter or Bran Hambric or The Mortal Instruments, but they entertain people all the same.

    The thing that people hate about Twilight isn't the books themselves, at least not anymore. It's the hype that they've created. There was a time when not liking Twilight was just not liking another book. Now it's a trend and people hate it just so they can say they hate it.

    Honestly, I think the whole Anti and Twilight Luvvar thing has gotten worn out and it's all very boring, and this is coming from a person who only watches the movies to see what ridiculous thing they'll do with Jackson Rathbone's hair next. Like seriously, have you seen that thing? It's like they dipped a mop in starch, let it sit for a while, and say it down on his head. I swear that the only purpose of the Twilight Saga on screen is to parade him around in a series of horendously ridiculous wigs. Ugh.

    1. Frankly, it's better for people to simply say “I don't like it” than say “I HATE it! What, you like it??!!! Are you out of you mind? I mean, let's look at this logically….(entire argument later)….See, it sucks! Get a life, losers!” This is precisely the kind of criticism The Twilight Saga is facing. Not only are people expressing their hatred in the most vicious manner possible, they're also attacking those who love the franchise. This is the difference between a critic, and a bully. Frankly, I don't think you can hide behind your “freedom of expression” and offend everyone around you just to “prove your point”. Say, “I don't like it” and be gone! And frankly, you can't criticize the “sparkling feature” just because it has “no place in the story” (it does, actually- why do you think vampires can't wander in open sunlight? Definitely makes the Volturi's job a lot easier) if it adds to the beauty of vampires, there's nothing wrong wid that. And frankly, your comparison wid vampires and centaurs falls flat, because in Twilight, vampires still drink blood, not chocolate milk! Also, the Twi-haters' arguments are basically mounted on distortion of the vampire legend and spreading anti-female messages, both of which are plain wrong. And please don't tell Kaleb to “find the truth” in those 8,000 odd reviews, he's been reading stuff like this for years! So yes, such crappy, hateful arguments deserve to fall flat, and I'm disappointed that you support them.
      P.S- If Jackson Rathbone's hairstyle makes you sick, how do you tolerate the popstars who parade even weirder stuff all the time?

  53. Well, why can't we hate Twilight? Honestly, I'm a girl, and I hate Twilight myself. No, it was even before I discovered all these 'I Hate Twilight' fenomena. I dislike the plot, I think the Bella and Edward Mary and Gary Sue, I dislike her style of writing. I've read people saying that Stephenie's style is just like that of a fanfiction's. I disagree. I have read better fanfictions. Far, far better ones. And believe me or not, some of the writers' first languages are not even English (So am I. So I have to beg your pardon for any grammatical mistakes.) But well, yes I have to admit that these cases are very special ones, where their works exceeds even the professional written.
    I used to be a fan too, until I read the continuation, and got even more turned off by the plot. Slowly, I realized what an annoying girl Bella is, along with Edward, of course. I pre-ordered the books and movie tickets. An act which I quickly regret even more as I found the English version of the book.
    It was horrible.
    I don't know what kind of magic the translators at my country (Indonesia) has cast upon that book. The important thing is that: The translation version was actually far better than the original one.
    So when I read it, I was horrified. Really, really, horrified. I suddenly felt ashamed for shipping the book, even if it was only once.
    I don't even need to tell you what the movie did to me.

    And don't make me start on how the Twitards bashed Stephen King when he was telling the truth. C'mon, Harry Potter IS far better than Twilight! Even when I was still a Twi-hard, I admitted that fact! And suddenly the fans flipped just because he was telling the truth? They can ship that novel if they want to, but please don't bash a far better writer! Stephen King and JK Rowling are amazing. So no, it's really stupid that the Twi-tards are actually bashing them for a far inferior work such as Twilight.

  54. The sheer offensive tone of Twilight-bashing articles (including comments on this particular post) shocks me. What really worries me is the arrogance of their articles, as if every fan is a moron falling into some anti-feminist diabolical trap. When I read such comments, I can actually feel the hate they have against the franchise and its characters. While you've said that being a Twi-hater was cool when the book-series began, I'm beginning to see the magnitude of hatred only now, after having finished reading the books. Frankly, I can't really understand why people hate Bella or the Cullens so much, as there is nothing truly wrong with them. It just shows that people have a habit of taking out small faults wherever they can find and put them together in order to launch a massive offensive against the series. I've gotten so shaken by this hate-mail that I'm afraid I might end up doing the same thing. The arrogant, imposing tone of such articles is what truly offends and horrifies me, and makes me doubt my own opinions. It's about time people stopped trying to spread so much hatred around us. I'm not speaking for the fans, who I know don't give a damn about such things, I'm speaking for myself, a relatively new fan, who feels that everyone's trying to make him change his mind.

  55. Honestly I don't see why fans can express their love for Twilight and haters can't express their hatred for it, but whatever. 😛

  56. Lol wow, this post is such so much FAIL. I find it funny that all the Twilight haters commenting on here all seem insightful, mature people. And most of the Twi-hards commenting are silly, naive fangirls. Including Faileb, he’s the silliest, naive fangirl here.

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