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Twicon 2009

Last night at a live press conference, it was announced that I will be appearing at Twicon 2009 in Dallas, Texas. I am extremely excited about this opportunity to meet many of the readers of my TwilightGuy website as well as other fans of Stephenie Meyer and her writing.

This event looks like it is going to be enormous, and could quite possibly sell out (there are only a few thousand tickets available). It will be one of very few Twilight-related events I will be attending before I have to start focusing on my book. So if you are a Twilighter and looking for an event in Texas, this one is a great choice!

I have all the info on my appearance on this post. I will also be posting sometime in the future about one or two other Twilight events I will be at in 2009, as well as any events related to my book release that come along.

You can find registration info and other stuff on Twicon at their official website. Please note that I am not involved in the administration, planning or ticket sales of this event, and can’t answer questions about it by email unless it is regarding my appearance. Hope to see you there!

I will be broadcasting tonight (Friday) to talk about Twicon and Other Stuffs

I will be on at 9 PM CST on my page.

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