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In Defense of Stephenie Meyer | Kaleb Nation Official Website

In Defense of Stephenie Meyer

by Kaleb Nation

As I’m sure most of you have already heard, Midnight Sun, the promised future book from Stephenie Meyer, has been put on hold indefinitely after about 150 pages of it was leaked online.

The leaked file contained direct photographic scans of a spiral-bound notebook with hand-numbered pages, posted online by a website of anti-Twilighters. After the initial buzz across the internet, Stephenie found out and announced that due to the ordeal, she has stopped writing on the book, and gave the chapters away for free on her site. This prompted an uproar of media attention, causing many anti-Twilighters to immediately lash out at Stephenie and proclaim that she is only making it worse by dropping the book, calling her reaction ‘childish’.

These people are gravely misguided. If you are looking for someone who is childish, turn instead to a certain group of so-called Twilighters who have taken what they wanted from Stephenie and then stabbed her in the back on the way out.

In recent months, I have seen a surge of hate directed at Stephenie from people who formerly called themselves her fans, surpassing any resemblance of even remotely constructive criticism and instead trashing her latest book, Breaking Dawn, over its very plot, as if they have any right to dictate what happens in any of Stephenie books. Even worse, Stephenie herself has fallen victim of completely irrelevant attacks. I honestly do not see what being a Mormon or Stephenie’s hairstyle has to do with writing or books. And yet people in recent months have relentlessly attacked Stephenie as if because she is famous, she is some sort of sub-human who deserves whatever she gets: be it a battering of hateful websites or the illegal distribution of her unfinished novel.

Just because Stephenie is a celebrity author does not mean that she writes her books any different than any other writer out there. Stephenie did not write to get famous. In fact, Twilight came out at a time when vampire and romance books were far from ‘in’. She just wrote a story, and became popular so fast she still hasn’t had a chance to come to terms with how famous she really is. It wasn’t until recent months, after being all over MTV, one of TIME’s Most Influential People, and on major news, that she removed her family photo from her website to protect her children from media scrutiny.

People are proclaiming that ‘Stephenie should know better than to give drafts out to her friends’ but they are overlooking the fact that Midnight Sun has been partially written for years. These pages were done long before Stephenie was world famous, and probably given or shown to people before she ever dreamed that her works would even be leak-worthy.

Blaming Stephenie for trusting her friends is absolutely idiotic. At the moment, I have 100 pages of my second book floating amongst my friends, which won’t even be heard of by the world until months after my first book comes out (even my publishers have not seen any of it). These pages are rough, unedited early cuts that I let certain people read just to see what they think about it.

Even though I am a literary flea, if I were ever to become half as popular as Stephenie, and one of my trusted friends were to distribute my unfinished draft publicly, I would not only feel enormously betrayed but I would probably react in exactly the same way and feel like withdrawing from the work entirely. People who are not writers do not understand the large amounts of emotion required to write a book. Things grow as you write them- ideas are used and ideas are tossed out. You are basically putting a piece of your soul into it, and if somehow it is taken while still growing, it is like someone has stolen your secret diary and read the most embarrassing lines to the world.

Other people, again, compare Stephenie to JK Rowling, and say that Harry Potter was leaked plenty of times and was still released. But there is absolutely no comparison. When Harry Potter was leaked, it was always finished, edited copies of the book that was about to go to printers. This is an incomplete, unpolished draft printed by Stephenie herself that was never meant to be seen by anyone besides people she knew. A better comparison would be someone breaking into JK Rowling’s home and stealing her writing notebooks.

I can only imagine how it is for Stephenie right now. The ordeal was all across the newspapers and covered the front of Yahoo.com for two days, more popular even than Britney Spears agreeing to be at the VMA’s. The entire world has gotten a peek at something that was incomplete.

I wrote a few months ago about how Stephenie is like a mother to all of her fans. It seemed that everyone agreed with me. Times have obviously changed. Take a step back, look around at what is happening, and try to imagine how she must feel now: these people she trusted as her fans suddenly turning against her.

I am not against criticism. I am not against people who do not enjoy Twilight, or Breaking Dawn, or even people who do not like Stephenie in general. But the relentless battering of Stephenie from her own former fans has come to such a maddening point, I honestly don’t blame her if she decides never to release Midnight Sun at all– or at least until her real fans show some respect for all she has put up with so far.

If you want to show your support for Stephenie Meyer in the wake of all the negative people trying to bring her down, please consider this petition that was emailed to me by one of her fans. I think now is the time for the real fans to come together.

ADDED: I decided to make some Support Stephenie Meyer buttons for people to post on their Myspace/Xanga pages. Check them out on the TwilightGuy downloads page, and show your support to Stephenie.

303 thoughts on “In Defense of Stephenie Meyer

    1. I have to say I somewhat disagree. I certainly don’t condone bad mouthing Stephenie is any way. And I understand the artistic betrayal involved in someone leaking your private work but she is quite literally punishing ALL of her fans for the action on ONE inconsiderate individual, working on their own behalf without any regard for anyone else.. I think its absurd. Mostly, because her reactions are very contradictory. I read an article that wrote, Stephenie said she wanted to wait years before releasing “Midnight Sun” because she wanted people to forget about it for enough time for her to “be along with the book,” because that is the only way she can work on a project. Well I find 3 things wrong with this statement. Firstly, If being “alone” with the book is how she has to work why share the draft with other people before it was completed? Clearly that isn’t “being alone” with the book. Secondly, The book is in her headspace no one else’s, short of sharing her entire head’s worth of thoughts with someone, it will remain privately in her creative mind. There is no possible way for her to not be alone with the book. And third, it’s a bad career move. Twilight is a phenomenon and now with the popularity of the books and movies rising to astonishing levels, it is precisely the perfect time for this release. While the story is fresh in our minds and we are able to compare Twilight and Midnight Sun accurately. What’s even more contradictory is her supposed “concern” and “gratitude” to her true fans. If that were the case she wouldn’t be punishing us like this. As an artist myself I can’t imagine how angry I would feel if someone did that to me but my reaction, however powerful, would never be spiteful. That’s the only word I can use to describe Stephanie’s blatant disregard for her fan’s feelings. Spiteful. By all means, make it known that you are upset and retaliate accordingly but these actions were done by someone in her own private inner circle not by a devoted fan, yet we are the ones suffering the consequences. As an artist I feel she should use this to fuel her creativity, start fresh and create something new, powerful, with open eyes. It will make it that much more powerful. But I guess that’s just how I would use it. I hope she continues, I really do but I won’t sign petitions, and I cannot and will not beg for its release. I’ll merely remain somewhat hopeful, and if it does get released I will look at the art rather than the artist and see how I feel about it.

    2. ya but why doesnt she just continue the book? its not fair i was really looking forward to it but dont get me wrong i still think that shes a super writer and i love her books

  1. _ just signed petition_

    “Blaming Stephenie for trusting her friends is absolutely idiotic.”

    I agree. Besides, she didn’t know what was going to happen anyway. Stephenie is no Alice.

    “these people she trusted as her fans suddenly turning against her.”
    Yes. When I heard of the leak I was so angry and sad.
    I will wait, though. And I will hope that MS gets published.

    I guess she also needs time for her family, anda break from writing.

  2. This is the first response to the MS leak that I have read that is well written and thought out. I agree with everything you said. But as I have come to realize with all things ‘Twilight’ the fans seem to see what they want to see and not look at the facts. They overlook the fact that MS has been a work in progress for a very long time, and that the copies in question that were leaked could have in fact been handed out long ago. But that doesn’t matter to some fans. Nice post.

  3. Kaleb,
    Very well said! I hope Stephanie is enjoying her family, writing to her hearts delight and ignoring the internet entirely right now. Why is it that naysayers are always heard louder over the supporters? Signed the petition!

  4. Thank you so much for this amazing response to not only the M.S. leak, but also to the bashing of Breaking Dawn and Stephenie personally. This is all that needs to be said.

    People who are continuing to brutally pick apart every tiny aspect of these issues are completely missing the point. It’s not our argument to hash out. It’s not up to us or anyone besides Stephenie Meyer what Stephenie Meyer does with Stephenie Meyer’s work. Opinions are one thing, but demands and threats are completely out of line.

    Thank you Kaleb, for using your platform to spread this message. I hope the fans who look up to you and visit your site on a regular basis will follow your lead.

    And thank you so much for including a link to my petition in this. I hope people will ignore the bad stigma that online petitions have and at least go check out the site. It’s different, I promise.

    It’s time to Respect Stephenie Meyer Now!


  5. I agree 100%. It’s became so bad that I stopped frequently every single twilight website & forum except this one. She’s amazing, she can write whatever she wishes. At the Chicago even she said this was how it was meant to be…Who has the right to tell her how she should end her series? Thank you for this amazing post!

  6. “The leaked file contained direct photographic scans of a spiral-bound notebook with hand-numbered pages, posted online by a website of anti-Twilighters.”

    Do you know which site initially posted the leaked file? I’m just curious because the leaked version I had first come across was definitely not posted on an anti-Twilighter site.

    “I honestly do not see what being a Mormon or Stephenie’s hairstyle has to do with writing or books.” I definitely agree that the Stephenie Meyer-bashing needs to stop. Now, I don’t necessarily feel that people cannot be angry about her decision to take a hiatus from Midnight Sun – their right to argue this is justifiable in my mind – but to be attacking Meyer herself as a person and calling her names that really should not be used just isn’t right. It’s beyond distasteful and disrespectful. But actually, a lot of general bashing within the Twilight fanbase needs to stop. This whole verbal war between Twilight fans is a bit ridiculous. Both sides are at fault – I do think some fans are way too hateful but I think it’s also unfair for the extreme Twihards to be labeling people who aren’t completely in love with anything Meyer-related as non-fans (I would be careful in using conclusions such as “these people she trusted as her fans suddenly turning against her”). It continuously adds fuel to the Midnight Sun fire and I doubt that it makes things easier for Meyer.

    Thanks for your opinions. It’s refreshing to read something that is not plagued with unnecessary expletives or CAPS-LOCK abuse.

  7. I signed the petition. [#403]

    My post:

    I do not feel that I have a right to comment … but I will try my best. It’s hard to explain, but as an aspiring writer myself, I feel, or can empathize, just a smidgen of what Stephanie Meyer is feeling. Imagine someone publishing your private diary online. Some may argue that people write blogs all the time and put them online, but a personal diary is VERY different from blog. And that is what Midnight Sun was to Stephanie, in a way. Her private thoughts, rough sketchings and ideas coming together in a story that wasn’t even halfway completed yet. A bit of herself was in that, and that got stolen from her. I truly love her work and hope that, in time, her heartbreak will heal enough so that she can finish the book. Whether she publishes it is beyond the point right now, just finishing it for herself would be enough for me, ease some of the pain I feel for her. Stephanie, if you are reading this (which I doubt, sadly as SO many people are in support of you XD ) just … put on some amazing music, spend time with your family and know that we all feel for you and your REAL fans just want you to know that. Much love and happiness to you and yours.

  8. I totally agree with you Kaleb! Its terrible how people are treating her! I was shocked yesterday when my mom said that Stephenie shouldn’t have trusted anyone in the first place! So that made me think, “does that mean I shouldn’t trust my own mother with my unfinished novel or not trust m boyfriend? All in the fear that they’ll leak it one day?” no! I trust people with it, of course, I’m not handing out copies. I let people read it off my laptop. But I totally understand why she would trust people. Especially if she had handed those drafts out years ago! I hate that they consider her reaction to the leak as “childish” because its not. Writers pour their hearts into their writing (as you sai) and that’s why I totally agree with her response. Although it saddens me to never get Midnight Sun, I think people should give her a break. Let her live her life for a while. Stop treating her like she’s betrayed everyone. She hasn’t!

    Thanks for a great post Kaleb!

  9. I agree! I hope she takes a well deserved break. And I hope the real fans and Stephenie can move past this terrible incident. Maybe someday when she is in a better place she will be able to continue on writing Midnight Sun; until then I’ll be giving her my support.

  10. i am completely agaisnt the fact that midnight sun was leaked, and i feel that peoples shuold stop harrasing and abusing stephenie meyer over the net.
    and its true, all you true twilighters out there, we need to get together and show stephenie our support, not force her to continue her writing of midnight sun, but to show her there are still true twilighters out there and we totally respect her choice!!
    whoever those idiots are out there, they better be sorry for wat theyve done and for those imbecile’s who are harrasing her and bullying her well just !@#$%^&*()_ and if you really honestly >not jeaulously< strongly feel that way, fine. its your opinion and its a free world but KEEP IT TO YOURSELVES!!!

  11. Hey Kaleb~

    I just wanted to say that your little rant moved me – in just a few minutes, you said everything I wanted to say. I’m a writer as well, and not only do I fully sympathize with Stephenie, but I also feel angry with those that used to be Twilighters.

    On a lighter note, I wanted to wish you happy reading. My husband, after hearing me rave about the book – and reading through all four books a second time – became intrigued and picked up Twilight a little over two weeks ago. He just started Breaking Dawn *snicker*. I hope you wind up enjoying it as much as he has.

    Again, thanks for sticking up for Stephenie; as a true Twilighter and core SM fan, I know that sometimes it takes a more well-known voice to really get people to stop and think about what they’re really saying, and for what reasons.


  12. I agree with everything you say here, except for maybe the part about people commenting on the plot of Breaking Dawn. I think people absolutely have the right to voice their opinions on the plot of the latest novel.
    I know it’s a huge debate in the literary world right now (especially for poets), whether writing is for the writer or the reader. My opinion on the matter would take us into a far too drawn out tangent, but I think no matter which way you swing in your opinion, you have to realize that if your work is out for the world to see then you have to be prepared for any sort of criticism.
    It’s like people who post their stories online then get pissed off when someone leaves a comment saying it sucks. People have the right to their opinion, and if you don’t want to hear that opinion then don’t put your work out there in the first place.
    That does not include things like the midnight sun leak, however. For people to bash an unedited first draft is really ruthless, or else just ignorant of the writing process. I think this leak was completely disrespectful towards Stephenie, and even moreso that it was obviously leaked by someone she trusted.

  13. I forgot to add, in at least a small way I can empathize with Meyer here. Some poems and short stories of mine were recently published in a local literary journal. I was really excited because I was really proud of all the work I’d submitted for publishing, but when I got the book, there were poems in it that I had never submitted. They were part of a portfolio I sent in for a reading series, but it was in no way related to the book. Many of the poems were more writing excercises than finished works, and of the few that were ones I wanted included, one was missing an entire line. I wanted to give the journals to my friends and family, but now I don’t even let anyone read it because it’s not work I really feel good about. So I completely understand why she may not want to ever publish Midnight Sun. The whole experience was just made bad by this leak. If people want to bash the book once it’s officially out — having been proof-read, edited, and ok’d — then fine. But what’s going on right now is completely vicious.

  14. I totally agree. I’m sure Stephenie Meyer has experienced an incredible emotional blow because of this leak. I’m not a writer, just a fan of this series and I’m stung by this betrayal, so I can’t possibly imagine what she’s feeling. Of course she has every right to put the novel on hold. Shame on those pathetic vindictive people who had to sink so low as to attack something so many people truly cared about, just to make themselves feel better.

  15. You talk about how Stephenie’s “real” fans not shown her respect. I believe it is totally the other way around, she has let her real fans down.

    I have a friend who is obsessed with Twilight, even more than I. 2 weeks ago she came down with Bells palsy. She’s had to delay starting college, she cant sleep, she’s in an awful lot of pain and looks like a horror movie freak (her words, not mine). So, knowing how low she was i told her about the leak, offering her the link if she wanted.

    Despite how low she was, she declined, prefering to wait for the finished article.

    Now she feels even worse. She hasnt done anything wrong, and the book she has been so looking forward to is not going to be finished. She wont even read the draft Stephenie released because she knows it’s not going to be finished and she’ll be even more dissapointed once she reached the end.

    Is that any way to treat a “real” fan?

    She needs to remember, her fans did not release this, someone she trusted did.

    We fans have done nothing wrong yet we are being punshed.

    This is why i have lost respect for Stephenie. I still love her work, but as a human being… Well, she needs to grow up and learn some life lessons.

    1. Well, I see what you mean. But consider this: If your friend had her own work leaked, felt as bad she does now, and a fan comes up to her, and calls her a bitch for not finishing the story she loved so much, how would you react? Of course, since it doesn't matter how bad your friend feels, you'd tell her to grow up and learn some life lessons, right?

  16. Finally! Kaleb I so completely agree with everything you said here. When I read about her releasing the chapters, I just felt absolutely ill, literally, because I felt so horrible that she had been betrayed by the people who claim to have once loved her. I do not blame her in any way for stopping work and it would serve us right if she never wrote another word, but I hope that eventually, when this furor dies down, she can come back. Like Tracy above, I have removed myself from the Twilight fandom because the idiots are completely ruining what was a wonderful, happy thing for me and I decided I don’t need the stress. Yours is the only site I will come to now because I know I can trust you. Thank you for writing this.

  17. That was exactly what I think!

    The real fans have to stick together now and support Stephenie. After so much disappointment in the last time with the reactions about Breaking Dawn and now the leak she needs to see that her fans still love her.
    I am not going to read Midnight Sun online. I support Stephenie and that wasn’t the way she wanted it to be.
    I hope she is going to finish Midnight Sun someday, but I would understand it if she didn’t.

    Thanks Kaleb for writing this! I hope ppl will read this and think about it. You rock =)

  18. I completely agree. I signed that petition, and hope that Stephenie feels better. I won’t read Midnight Sun because it’s not the way she meant for me to see it. I will wait and hope she will be able to one day pick it up again and finish it.

  19. I have also signed the petition. this is finally something nice..i havent heard anything nice at all about this leak.. and i agree that it is stupid for her to trust her friends..friends are suppose to be trusted…Kaleb, i agree with everything u said. and thanks for voiceing you thoughts…

  20. Kaleb, you are wise beyond your years. Thanks for your thoughts from a writer’s point of view. I greatly appreciate authors, as putting my thoughts into words is torture to me.

    In response to #17 (Cat), or others who feel Stephenie is “punishing” her fans by putting MS on hold – I believe Stephenie is concerned that continuing to write MS in her current state of mind would result in a much different product than had the leak not occurred, and possibly not be as satisfying to herself or to the fans. I’m sure she will continue, if or when it feels right. And if not, oh well, life is full of disappointments, get used to it. My hope is that she will continue to write her stories, and not decide to put down her pen forever, and become a nurse or firefighter or …you know what I mean, stop being a writer.

  21. I really hate this real/true fan stuff. I was one of the ones unhappy with the way BD ended up and had a few criticisms, however i never bashed her or got into how bella looks like her or her mormon values or whatever. I just generally just didnt like the story. So now im not a true fan? i still read the Host and liked that. And i do believe that SM has every right to be upset about the reactions of BD and the MS leak but i am disappointed with how she blames her fans. The way she compared it to robert pattison being cast and that we hyped the book up too much. And now she is scolding us for reading MS. i read it not really knowing it was a real draft but i was still curious. I think she should be upset with those who began the leak and first spread it not every fan who was curious.

  22. Childish is the right word for these so called fans.

    Biggest entitlement complex I’ve ever seen.

    And, let’s face it, most of them ARE children, and showing it.

    …spoiled children no less.

  23. I agree. Some of her fans have reacted poorly to her decision. While it pains me, I support her no matter what she does. I do hope she reconsiders, but I know she is hurt–and it takes time. I have refused to read the leaked chapters, even still on her site. I feel wrong for doing it, and I feel like it’s hurting Steph. She really doesn’t want her fandom to read the unfinished version and I will continue to wait.

  24. I totally understand how Steph feels. Im a writer, too, and I only let a small portion of people on my deviantArt read unfinished drafts. My two best friends on there, and one who was insanely curious. I hate for anyone to read any of my work before it’s remotely edited. I almost literally bit somebody when the tried to grab my writing notebook from me. Those books are horribly rough and contain all sorts of typos and crap. You do get attatched to your work, and in some way it becomes almost like your brain-child, so to speak. No-one would want to have their child mocked or betrayed, would they?

  25. I agree 100 thousand percent!!!!!!!!!!! Even if people do not like the Twilight series (and how could anyone not?) they should not take it out on the author!

  26. SO TRUE!
    I am so glad you posted this, Kaleb. The bashing of Stephenie Meyer needs to stop! She is a wonderful author, and fans don’t have a “right” to dictate what she writes. It is absolutely ridiculous, and very childish. She has a completely valid reason for halting the writing of Midnight Sun, and i think she needs a break! Releasing two books in a year and going on tours all over the place…that is so much! I think it would be good for her to leave this for a while and have time with her family!
    I am still hoping that it gets published, but if it should not, Stephenie Meyer is still the best!

  27. Well, I agreed before that the leak was a terrible betrayal, but this opened my eyes a little bit more.

    I didn’t really realize that Midnight Sun might have been in progress for a while, and I now see that it really wasn’t mistake on Stephenie’s part to trust and share with her friends the unedited manuscript.

    Thanks Kaleb, for opening my eyes a little more. It helps to see this in a writers point of view.

  28. Thank you for saying what needed to be said! I agree with most of what you said but I do disagree with the fact that you called the peaple who didn’t like Breaking Dawn “So called fans” Don’t get me wrong I liked the book (though I didn’t love it like her others). You can still dislike one of a writers books and still be a fan of theirs. I don’t happen to like/love all the books by some of my favorite writers. I do understand though what you ment when you said that you never even heard any constructive criticism on the book. Its hard to find but its out there. When I am talking with my friends about a book (any book) I tell them what I liked in the book AND what I disliked in the book and thay do the same. Poeple need to learn to respect other peoples opinnions. Its can be hard to find good constructive criticism at times but its out there. Now some of the reasons why people didn’t like it was explaned on her site when you go to “Breaking Dawn FAQs”. But I do admit I think its sad that she needs one.

    On a different note. I do like the way she has delt with all this, after all she could have said on her site WHO leaked it and blamed them but she didn’t. Though the person was disrespectful of her she was still respectful to him/her.

    With all that being said I still respect Stephenie as a writer and I will continue to read all of her books. And I hope she is taking a probalbly much needed vacation and is enjoying spending time with her family.

  29. kaleb,
    i agree with a lot of what you said but i think that all the fans regardless
    wheather they are pro stephanie meyers or a hater are all true fans.
    it takes to much energy to create an anti- steph website or to lurk in forums for hours at a time ranting negatively about a book or an author.
    its just that those fans that are lashing out are hurt by either the ending of the saga (breaking dawn) or by the hold on midnight sun.
    you also have to keep in mind that a large portion of her fans are very young. teenagers dont always make the right decisions and when they are over whelmed by strong emotions they may need to lash out. however, anyone that lashes out risks hurting the feeings of others.
    so i agree with you on many levels except on the detail of true fans. haveing fans is not always a positive experiance. it is unfortunate that the leak occurred.
    im 28 years old and i actually cried over it.

  30. Writers unite! It is so important for those of you who have influence and credibility with Twilight fans to speak your minds. You have risen to the occasion by helping to “calm the waters.” I wish more authors would do this. A fanfiction.net writer (a good one!) who calls herself J. Plash also wrote to her readers from a writer’s perspective about this issue, and more should do so. In effect, you and other reasoned voices might assist some of these fans in “distress” (OK, they are shrill, childish whiners) get a grip and realize how badly they are behaving. Thank you again for your comments — I hope they are widely linked.

  31. Amen Kaleb. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The writing process is very personal and depends entirely upon mood and emotion. I hope someday Stephenie’s mood is where it needs to be to continue MS, but if that never happens, I still respect her.

  32. Kaleb, Thank you for your well written response to the leak of Breaking Dawn. I wish I were able to ewxpress my thoughts and feelings so well! I am so utterly dumbfounded by the sense of entitlement that so many so-called fans have expressed, as if Stephenie were bound to bend to their every will! An how people could think that she is intending to “punish” her fans by putting the book on hold is absolutley inconceivable to me! Stepehenie has always treated her fans with love and appreciation. Her decision to stop writing was because she feels she CAN’T write the book anymore, not because she wants to punish her fans. Writing is a very emotionally charged thing for Stephenie, and I totally understand how her current emotional state would change the feel of the rest of the book. She needs to be able to get back to the mental and emotional place she was when she first began writing MS. I just feel so bad for all that Stephenie has suffered! Thank you for the link to the petition. I will check it out.

  33. THANK-YOU, Kaleb, for posting exactly what a lot of us are thinking. The leak itself was horrible, but the blacklash that Stephenie’s getting for postponing MS is far worse. All of these people complaining is not only childish, but absolutely ridiculous.

    I hate the sense of entitlement these people seem to be having. “Oh, I’m a ‘fan’ of Stephenie’s, so she MUST give me what I want in Breaking Dawn, not what she was. I bought her books, so she’d better get to work on MS and forget that she was basically betrayed. I DESERVE better from Stephenie.” Please.

    I feel like, especially after all of this undeserved criticism, Stephenie owes her fans nothing. Heck, I wouldn’t blame the woman if she stopped publishing whatsoever. I would be crushed, personally, but I could understand her motives.

  34. Kaleb, this is great. I’m really impressed by what you said, and it’s good for everyone to finally hear a writer’s perspective because, though I only currently write fanfiction, I understand some of what Stephenie is feeling, and it breaks my heart to hear the way people call her childish or say she betrayed her fans by the events in Breaking Dawn (most of which were written before Twilight was published), or the hold on Midnight Sun. I loved BD and I’m disappointed about the MS cancellation, but I’m angry with those who leaked it and in full support of Stephenie’s decision. I don’t think true fans would be so disrespectful. They can be disappointed, they can hate Breaking Dawn with a passion, but they couldn’t be this cruel.

    I really don’t like it when people bring JK Rowling into anything having to do with Twilight. Jo was my idol before Steph came along, and now they share that spot equally, but they’re nothing alike and I don’t like the comparisons.

  35. Well said Kaleb. Very well said.

    As an aside: I wonder if ‘it was given to trusted individuals for a good purpose’ implies it was one of the movie people who leaked it? I have a hard time thinking that a close friend would have posted it online, but someone from the set who had access to it…hmm. Total gossipy rumor type questioning and not really worth discussing, but I am curious who leaked it.

  36. Thank you so much for your words Kaleb. This is the first long and emotional post about the Midnight Sun leak that I have seen. I completely agree about how terrible it would be to have a draft of a novel posted on the internet without permission like this, and I’m not even into writing. I can’t believe that anyone would criticize someone so horribly. All those people should feel repulsed by themselves. Ack, I feel a rant coming on…
    Anyways, thank you so much Kaleb, I needed to read that.
    By the way, what is your view about reading Midnight Sun now that it is posted on Stephenie’s site?

  37. very well said… at first, I thought there must have been more to the story, and I will admit that I was extremely sad, but I do think that Stephenie’s true fans should ban together and support her through this. She has given us so much of herself in those 4 books… those AMAZINGLY written, unable to put down 4 books… and she has every right in the world to be as upset as she is. I know I would be. But…. this blog says it all perfectly.

  38. Kaleb Said:”Even though I am a literary flea,”…

    My friend IF you were nothing more than a flea, after this blog you are a STAR…

    Thank you for posting this.
    I am one of those people who would love nothing more than for a copy of Midnight Sun to be published. The first 12 chapters are extraordinary, but Steph deserves tons of respect. All the bashing is horrible.

    What is wrong with the human population??? Who are these people who think others “OWE” them.

    She has been like a sister, friend and mother to her fans. She is a truly good person and I thank her for that, not to mention her stories that have done so much for myself and so many others.

  39. Oh, what a mess. I do feel bad for Stephenie and I can only begin to understand how upset and violated and downright sad she feels. However. I absolutely think her reaction was a wrong one. ‘Yeah, well, now you’re not going to have the book at all’. Yes, there are many people who were awful about Breaking Down. I personally didnt like it. There were things in it that I did enjoy, but very few and the general direction was so very wrong – just my opinion. But I continue to be so unbelievably grateful to Meyer for giving us the world of Twilight. And the gift of Edward:} I was so looking forward to his side of the story. Ive told many friends about Twilight, we all bought the books, very few of us liked BD but we continue to be loyal and grateful fans. And now something that was promised and worked on and so anticipated is being taken away. Frankly, Im disappointed in Meyer. Would it be so difficult to say – im taking a year {or however long} off, gonna play with my boys, write other stuff and when im in a happier frame of mine, fear not, true fans :} you will get Midnight Sun. I rather think that would be a grown up way to do things.

  40. Wow…..finally someone that feels the same way I do. Sometimes I am ashamed to say that I am a part of the Twilight fan base just because of how they act so horribly. But I really do think that Stephenie is great and I hate that this has happened. I would understand if she did decide not to publish Midnight Sun, because I would feel the same way. Very well said!!

  41. Oh my goodness, all I have to say is Amen. Everything you said, you hit right on. And I’d like to point out that there seems to be more haters. We all know that thats not true, but we need more of a strong support. My friend and I have a twi-tube channel youtube.com/jaykay1615 and we point out to the public our thoughts on the petition. It was such a fuss that the writer of the petition contacted us.! And sounded really ridiculous! But we proved our point and she left us alone. We got her so heated up that she made her own youtube acct to prove her point as well!
    I’d say thats a big deal. Anyways, if you want to check out our channel its


  42. Kaleb, I totally agree with what you said. It’s awful the way that Stephenie Meyer’s “fans” have turned aginst her and are now bashing her just because they don’t agree with how the Twilight saga turned out or because they don’t think that a Mormon should be writing a book like this.

    I will be honest when I say that I wasn’t a huge fan of Breaking Dawn, but what I won’t go and do is send the woman that worked for years on perfecting the series hate mail because I don’t agree with how she chose to end her series. It’s completely rediculous.

    I don’t blame her one bit for being skeptical about releasing Midnight Sun because of the leak. I am a writer too, and so I know what kind of experience it must have been for something that near and dear to her to be defiled, so to speak.

    Stephenie Meyer is one of the greatest writers teen fiction authors of my time and I will totally support her choices no matter what they are.

  43. Thank-you so much for writing that. I support Stephenie Meyer, though I haven’t even found the time to go to her site to read her version of Midnight Sun. I do hope she doesn’t get too distressed.

  44. That was one hundred percent brilliant and accurate! Even though there seems to be so many “fans” who have turned against everything “Twilight” or Stephenie Meyer, I bet there are a ton more people who still love and support Stephenie and her works.

    When I first found out about the leak, I was so mad, I just wanted to cry. Not because I wouldn’t get “Midnight Sun” but because there are people in the world that would do something as hurtful and spiteful as that to any other human being.

    Well it’s been a few days since Stephenie posted “Midnight Sun” on her website for all, but I have still refused to read it, all in respect for Mrs. Meyer. This does not mean I am against any who did read it nor do I hold any ill feelings toward them.

    So now I have a question. Kaleb, do you plan on reading the tweleve chapters Sthephenie has posted on her website anyway?

  45. I totally agree with everything you said, I myself was recently bashed for standing up for her but I have not taken my post off and I will not because I love Stephenie and I will always admire her! Thank you for posting this!

  46. I don’t usually post comments, but this was such a spot-on post that I had to. It’s awful that some fans, simply because they like the works that Stephenie has written before, feel an entitlement to act like total brats when they don’t like her new book. I loved Breaking Dawn, and I know people who did not who are still capable of being respectful human beings. I do hope Stephenie gets back to Midnight Sun some day, but I understand that she can’t right now. I’ll always love the Twilight books and The Host, and whatever Stephenie writes next, I’ll be sure to check it out.

  47. I haven’t signed anything or whatever, right now I’m dis-involving myself from well, a lot of things internet wise.

    But if no one has yet, someone should make an “I support Stephanie Meyer” button, that would totally rock.

  48. People are criticizing her hair style? Wow.

    I can’t imagine blaming Stephenie for trusting her friends. Isn’t that what friends are FOR? It’s so hard to write without constructive criticism. Giving out drafts of something is absolutely necessary to a writer.

  49. Also, why on earth are the Anti’s so dang vicious?! Seriously, some people act like She meant to bash THEM and THEIR vampire rules, but golly, aren’t vampire’s fictional creatures anyway? Who IS the rulemaker of what vampires will look like or be capable of anyway?

    No offense to anyone, of course.

  50. Thank you, Kaleb, for writing something that actually has heart! I had the same ideas as you, but could not put them into words as I am not a writer feeling betrayed, but you did. I hope Stephenie sees this and knows that fans love her! I’m signing the petition.

  51. the idea that people are angry at Stephenie for trust her friends is insane. if you can’t trust your friends then who is left for you to trust. Stephenie was simply trying to make Midnight Sun the best that it could possible be and someone went and ruined that for everyone. anyone that can not see needs to really look at what has happened and put themselves in Stephenie position.

  52. Kaleb,
    Thanks for putting your opinion up. Stephenie Meyer has been wronged. First by whoever leaked her work, and second by all the fans who turned against her when things didn’t go thier way. It’s very not OK. Thanks for posting

  53. I feel so…idk. Just. Depressed. Not because Midnight Sun isn’t coming out(although i am sad about that) but im just so shocked that people who claim to be fans of SM and her books could be so incredibly unloyal and rude to her. People who once looked up to her now trashing her. Its not right at all.


  54. Kaleb,

    I agree with you completely. Thanks for posting this.

    Fame is a fickle thing… but I think that personal attacks on her and illegal distribution of her work are absurd.

  55. Thank GOD. Someone who agrees with us. She deserves better than this, I think it is totally and irrevocably unfair to her. Thanks Kaleb, you kind of rock. A lot.

    Added Note: She seriously is like the mother to her fans. I cannot even fathom what it would be like for a mom to have her kids turn on her and say, “Yea, well we are going to trash you now.”

  56. Thank you Kaleb! I am so glad to hear an opinion that is strongly supporting Stephenie. Thank you for pointing out that Stephenie is not being childish but the fans who are saying so are. Thanks again.

  57. I have been so angry at the so called “fans” as well. I am sick of people whining that she added too much of this and not enough of that. Write your own book if you don’t like someones writing. These are her books. You either like them or you don’t. I read an article after it was leaked and was shocked at the cruel things people were saying. I was pissed at the one who leaked it, not Stephenie. People need to get their priorities right, because Stephenie is not the problem. That person needs the wrath of her true fans.

  58. Thank you, Kaleb, for displaying your opinion in a polite, common-sense manner. My main reason for posting this, however, is to rant a little on a common misconception among the public. So many comments on the leak that I’ve read go something like this: “I can’t believe Stephenie is punishing her fans like this!” or “She’s just hurting her true fans.” or “She thinks she’s getting revenge, but she’s just disappointing her supporters.” This is absolutely ridiculus. Why are so many people acting like little kids who’ve been denied candy? Stephenie is not putting the book on hold because she’s trying to “punish her fans” or “get revenge”. Stephenie is stopping because she feels betrayed and needs to heal. Whether or not you agree with this, do not degrade Stephenie with comments like the ones above. Stephenie Meyer is not petty or self-absorbed enough to try and “punish” her fans, so don’t make her out to be.

  59. i totally disagree with this. i mean, she should be grateful that people still want to read her books. if i was a writer, i wouldn’t care if my writing got leaked, and i poured my heart and soul into it. i’ll give the fans what they want. it is childish. it’s like if a child had a toy and another child wanted to play with it, and the first child got mad and stormed off and said “i hate that toy now.” that’s what Stephenie Meyer did with Midnight Sun. once someone got a hold of Midnight Sun, she stormed off and said “i hate that book now” basically.

    that’s my opinion. so don’t sit there and bash my with hatrid comments because i’m allowed to have my opinion and so are you.
    😀 g’day!

  60. I have to completely disagree with you as a writer. To react they way she did when she was ultimately the one to blame for giving the manuscript to people (who in the publishing world does this?) is unprofessional of an author.

    Artist in every genre face this issue. Millions of dollars are lost when musicians have their albums leaked on line AND yet they still push through, finish their album, and release it.

    Stephenie? No. She in turns acts like a bratty little child. I find it hard to believe her refusal to finish the book is entirely related to MS. I think it ties in with the backlash against BD.

    As an author, you never take things out on your fans. She did the one thing you can never do.

    Also please stop comparing her to JLK. There is no comparison there.

  61. okay, when i first heard about Midnight Sun not going to be finished, I kind of freaked. I wanted to read certain sections of the book to understand Edward’s reasoning and reactions towards them. (sadly all of those parts were AFTER chapter 12…which stinks). but then when I read the SM had stopped thinking she wasn’t going to be able to write properly, or happily anymore…I completely understood. I’ve written before and I’ve reacted the same way when my mood changes. The story changes along with it and in some ways…ruins it. I completely and totally support Stephenie Meyer’s decision. I will always wish to see Midnight Sun completed and awesome as I’m sure it would be. This reason for: #1 my own enjoyment and understanding, but #2 the way Stephenie Meyer talked about “always wanting Midnight Sun there on the shelf right next to Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn”…or something along those lines.

    so to all who are angry with Mrs. Stephenie Meyer…I say good day!

  62. To Comment #76 – Your comment is a perfect example of THE PROBLEM. You describe Stephenie’s decision to suspend completion of MS as “childish”. Actually, her decision is a very well thought-out, mature response to the current wave of negativity. The “haters” are like a fast growing cancer. The only way to stop the cancer is the remove its fuel. It’s best for everyone for Stephenie to wait until the haters move on to something else to *itch about. People who view Stephenie’s decision as a punishment, are only showing how immature they are. Such an attitude is very self-centered. Everything is not about you.

  63. Just publish this unique unfinished unpolished manuscript. I would think it would be such a fabulous addition to the twilight collection.
    I love how Stephenie chose to deal with the bad way she was treated. Each of her fans and the anti-twilighter’s gain such an inside look at the publishing world and (hopefully) gain a new respect for copyright laws for all authors etc. & etc.

  64. My reaction is two-sided, and it confuses even me…. Whereas I am disappointed in Stephenie for pretty much telling us that she’s quitting, I also find myself supporting her as a writer. I do feel some malice over the idea of being punished for something that I didn’t read…and yet, I agree that that betrayal must have been tough for her.

    All of this press isn’t helping my situation, reading about first someone who thinks extremely badly of her decision, then someone who supports it, back and forth…it’s making my head spin. :(

  65. Exactly!!!! You just put into great words what I have been thinking of ever since this happened. I know exactly how Stephenie feels, although on a much smaller scale. I too am a writer, and I was about 50 pages or so into my first major novel when a good friend of mine found out I was writing it. I found out later when she admitted it that she had STOLEN my notebook and read the completely unedited and really very rough draft of the work. I had never felt so betrayed or violated in my life!!! In turn, I didn’t continue the work for 3 months, and only recently started working on it again, ironically, right after I read Breaking Dawn. She had every right to discontinue the work, no matter how much we all were looking forward to it, because quite frankly having your personal work, your personal journey, looked at before you are prepared to show it is absolutely horrifying. Stephenie is the best, and deserves all the support we can give her.

  66. I completely agree Kaleb, Stephenie has always been like a ‘mother’ and what you said about “People who are not writers do not understand the large amounts of emotion required to write a book…. You are basically putting a piece of your soul into it, and if somehow it is taken while still growing, it is like someone has stolen your secret diary and read the most embarrassing lines to the world….” is completely true. When I write and/or post a fanfiction or original work online it’s like I’m putting a piece of myself out there for everyone to see. If I were to lose my notebook or laptop and then find my stories posted somewhere on the internet I would be beyond depressed.

    To number 77: He didn’t compare JK to Stephenie, or vice versa. What he said was “…there is absolutely no comparison.” So get your facts straight before you post.

    To number 76: So it’s all about the fans huh? “i wouldn’t care if my writing got leaked, and i poured my heart and soul into it. i’ll give the fans what they want.” None of the books would exist if she hadn’t put Twilight out there. She doesn’t answer to the fans, they are her books. Get over yourself.

  67. I agree wholeheartedly. I cannot believe the way people turned on Stephenie once “Breaking Dawn” came out, a book I truly enjoyed. I refused to read the “Midnight Sun” leak, so I’m very glad that she posted it on her website. I think that all of the things she’s been accused of recently are absolutely ludicrous. Stephenie has been nothing but good to her fans and I don’t blame her for the way she reacted to the leak. I just hope that she continues MS one day soon because what I’ve read so far is fantastic. I also hope the “Twilight” movie is a huge hit and that people will stop being so obnoxious towards Stephenie. I was sick of all the undeserved bashing as soon as it started.

  68. Thank goodness someone understands! People have been so cruel to her recently that I was about to start swinging my fists! Thank you so much Kaleb for writing this for her. You’re amazingly kind!

  69. wow Orietta Rose. why do you have to get so hateful “get over yourself” now that’s childish.
    and yes, Stephenie’s books are for her, i never said they weren’t.

    i simply said “If i was a writer.”

    all writers are different.
    but Stephenie, is just a childish one.

    and when she says “These books were written for herself.” that’s basically being SELFISH. if they were for her, why bother publishing them.

    anyway, she needs to be grateful and stop being such a baby.


  70. I COMPLETELY agree with you and feel that this betrayal by her own fans is despicable. Also, the draft is 264 pages long… >.< I read each and every page filled with love and longing once she posted it. I didn’t even know it had been linked until she made the post stating how she pry wouldn’t release it now. I wish she’d release the name and home address of her Judas…

  71. @Someone you’ll… : Another example of someone who passes judgment onto Stephenie without knowing her, with only pieces of the facts, and with no care at all for how Stephenie might feel. Grow up and stop saying mean things about people you do not know. Or at least try reading my post and realizing that Stephenie is a human being, not a machine that simply pens books on demand.

  72. Kaleb, please stop getting defensive. i’m not going to argue about someone who i don’t even know. i’m just saying her actions have disappointed me.

  73. In response to #77:

    “She in turns acts like a bratty little child. I find it hard to believe her refusal to finish the book is entirely related to MS. I think it ties in with the backlash against BD.”

    Maybe you’re right, maybe it is. BD was ridiculous; people bashing Stephenie for the way she wrapped the books up, even attacking her herself. Now the same thing has happened around MS, A BOOK THAT WASN’T EVEN READY FOR THE WORLD TO SEE. This isn’t like some artist having their songs leaked online; this is like an artist having the rough draft to a song he’s kicking around his head leaked online. If I was a songwriter and I saw pictures of lyrics photocopied straight out of my notebook leaked online, especially knowing that the only way it go there was through the (completely illegal) betrayal of a friend … I can’t say that I would keep going and finish that song. And I do not blame Stephenie for stopping her writing of this book, even if it is temporary. Writing is an emotional process, and if you’re heart’s not in it, what comes out is pure crap. She needs to move on, find another project (maybe her mermaids) and start over. Then, after she gets her head in a better place, maybe she can return to MS. That’s not being bratty — if anything, it’s more devotion to the fans, refusing to put out something that’s going to be substandard.

  74. I agree with you. =] The way people have been treating her is complete BS. I’m happy to see people are stepping up and supporting Steph. She didn’t deserve any of this. The Breaking Dawn reaction or the Midnight Sun leak. I have to say though, Midnight Sun is FABOULOUS. I’ll wait forever for that book to come out.

  75. I just signed. thanks for the link.

    And even though I’m not a writer (except for some fanfic) and I might not totally get the attachment to the characters and books in that sense- I AM a fan and a book lover. And as a fan I feel kind of betrayed by this.

    I don’t care if you do hate Twilight or if you hate Breaking Dawn, or think SMeyer is a terrible writer or that she’s overreacting and selfish or whatever.
    She is a PERSON. She doesn’t deserve to be criticized and betrayed like this. No one should have their work that they gave out to trusted people posted online.

    Not only is posting such a huge part of the rough draft of her book online illegal and a betrayal to SMeyer, it’s also a betrayal to the fans of the series who might never get to read Midnight Sun the way it’s meant to be read because somebody acted stupid and did the wrong thing.

    And it is not okay to bash her just because you don’t agree with her views or her writing.

    I’m going to stop here because I’m in a bad mood now.

  76. I had to say something here.
    @ Someone you’ll probably hate after this, #76:

    “it is childish. it’s like if a child had a toy and another child wanted to play with it, and the first child got mad and stormed off and said ‘i hate that toy now.'”

    This is like if that said child invented a new toy, had the rough blueprints of it’s design stolen by the second child, and then they got posted online for everyone to see. THEN, the first child’s friends laughed and called him stupid for crying about it. This is like that.

    So please don’t critize her for being angry and not wanting to write anymore. She is a human being.

  77. She has a right to feel the way she does and withdraw from her work entirely, as you put it.

    However, this isn’t something “all writers” would do. I wouldn’t associate this reaction of hers with the fact that she’s a writer. I am one too and I wouldn’t have dealt with a situation like this in the same way Meyer did. It’s down to her personality more likely.

    Secondly, she didn’t trust “friends” with the manuscript, she gave copies out to people involved with the production of the Twilight movie. Maybe she considers them to be “friends” too, I don’t know. Nevertheless, it’s a common rule for most authors NOT to show their work to ANYONE (unless it’s the editor) while it’s in progress. It’s just -I’m sorry- extremely naive and borderline silly to do so (This is aimed at you too Kaleb, 100 pages of an unpublished book “floating around” = bad news) It’s a mistake a rookie would’ve made, and Meyer is no novice to the publishing industry.

    All in all though, why everyone’s taking this whole thing so seriously is just beyond me. Music bands have their work leaked online EVERY DAY. Unfinished too. I’m not saying it’s legal or it’s right, but life goes on. In a digital era, this is a risk artists should be prepared to face.

    Personally I think her decision to let everyone know MS is “on hold indefinitely” reeks of unprofessionalism. She’s entitled to drop it BUT I would’ve worded it differently, especially considering she’s dealing with a young audience for the most part, who are prone to feel very passionate about things like these. Her making a huge deal out of it (even if it did affect her greatly, which I completely understand) was not, in my opinion, the right move; it can even be construed as nothing more than a marketing strategy to drive the attention away from the lackluster “Breaking Dawn” and garner more “fan support” than ever (All these petitions and “PLEASE FINISH MIDNIGHT SUN, STEPH” campaigns going on are proof enough) Though if it was INDEED intended as a P.R. maneuver, then it was, on the contrary, a brilliant move.

    One last thought – no author should be like a “mother” to any of her fans. Obviously an emotional bond will be developed between the devoted reader and their favourite writer, but this doesn’t mean fans should be considered “trustworthy” entities who will -and must- always support you. They have every right to withdraw their support when they feel you have failed them. Of course, malicious attacks are always out of order, but if a fan decides that Meyer’s reaction to the leak is disappointing, they’re perfectly entitled to do so, and no one, least of all Meyer herself, should feel any worse for it. It’s only natural; you shouldn’t aim to please everyone all the time because you most certainly won’t achieve it, and it’s ridiculous to feel hurt if certain “fans” don’t agree with your decision to drop the book. They love this story, and their emotional response is gonna be necessarily varied.

    In the (paraphrased) words of Thomas More, everyone should be true to their conscience.

  78. Kaleb :)

    If I were not a happily married woman… who is a little too old… I would have to say WILL YOU MARRY ME?!?!?! Just because it was my favorite question in the chat we did :)

    I agree completely with everything you wrote.


  79. wah wah wah.
    cry babies.

    it’s just a book anyway.
    it’s not your life.


    nice talking to ya’ll!!

  80. i agree with numbers 19,26,76,& 77.

    I personally loved BD and I could understand this part::
    “You are basically putting a piece of your soul into it, and if somehow it is taken while still growing, it is like someone has stolen your secret diary and read the most embarrassing lines to the world.”
    but the thing is, everybody LOVES Midnight Sun (or what was leaked of it) ….i mean, after all that hate from BD, wouldn’t she want to continue with something that everyone is loving?

    i’m probably going to get yelled at or bashed for saying this but i don’t like SM…love the books, just don’t really like her. I appreciate her for writing the books (and for giving us Edward obviously) but there’s something about her personality that just irks me. And obviously I don’t KNOW her so I could be completely wrong about her but she comes off smug/arrogant in some of her interviews. I also didn’t get how she replied to some questions after BD. The whole “my characters haven’t told me information” was a bit odd. I read her FAQ on her site and that cleared it up a little but it still seems weird.

    I also want to say that although I may not like her, i do NOT thing that criticizing her religion or physical appearance..etc is acceptable at all. I think it’s horrible that people would stoop that low..not to mention, rude.

  81. Oh, gag me with a spoon.
    I’m starting to hate the phrase “real fans” now. Every time someone says that, a whale dies. Save the whales, people!

    Anyways, Nate is totally right.

    If I were in Stephenie’s position, I’d feel sad too. I guess. But it’s not the end of the world. She’s making it seem like it’s the end of the world. It’s not Steph! Life goes on. Build a bridge and get over it. She could make the lemons into lemon drops, not just let them sit there and rot. If I were her, I’d give back to my fans, not punish them. After all, they have paid upwards of 100 dollars on my series. They are the reason I have money in the bank, food on the table, a roof over my head, a college fund for my kids, and an opportunity to party with my favorite bands, like Muse or Jack’s Mannequin. I’d finish the book, post it on the internet, but also get my publishers to publish it and give the proceeds to charity. Durr, doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Everyone wins.

    I’d actually be flattered if I were Steph too– I’m actually important enough to have my work leaked on to the internet. This stuff happens to EVERYONE… Vanessa Hudgens had those pictures of her nude *That’s as personal as it gets* on the internet. Did she drop her career and spend the rest of her life moaning about how life sucks? NO. Her fans supported her, like what this fandom seems to be doing. And what about Paris Hilton? Her stuff was leaked. She harnessed that and turned it into profit. MS is way better than the fail that is BD. Steph was on the right track. And she swerved right off it.

    Steph IS acting childish. She needs to set an example at least… in the form of finishing MS. She’s letting the “haterz” bring her down. And since I guess I’m considered one of those haterz, she’s letting me win, I guess. STOP IT STEPH. Gosh.

    Oh and as Stephenie said herself through Jacob, Hate is a passionate emotion. We are just as crazy / mentally screwed up by the trilogy as you are, we just have different ways of showing it.

    Oh. And about that petition: I think that is absolutely stupid. Respect has to be earned, not signed in blood or whatever. What happens if you sign the petition and you stop respecting Smeyer? Will you die, or will fangirls attack you? That’s so… weird. I do agree with points that you shouldn’t go on about her weight, or her hair, or religion, or clothes. But other than that? Yeah… For me, my respect for Stephenie went out the window after the whole idea of the Rob Effect. If she can’t respect me, why should I respect her? The contents of Breaking Dawn and not finishing Midnight Sun didn’t help either.

    And I just got to say, this is horrible. It’s saying something when there is more drama outside of the book (Fan girls vs. Dark Siders) than inside of the book (boring courtroom drama on Judge Judy). Oh well. Gossip Girl isn’t on for another 2 days or so, I need to yell at people. It’s fun.

    tl;dr version:
    You suffered through like 756 pages of Breaking Dawn. Least you could do is read this. TYVM.

    1. “She's making it seem like it's the end of the world.”

      Oh, how so?

      “Did she drop her career and spend the rest of her life moaning about how life sucks?”

      No, of course not. Do you see her announcing that she's quitting her career as writer? I certainly have not.

      “Steph IS acting childish. She needs to set an example at least… in the form of finishing MS. She's letting the “haterz” bring her down. And since I guess I'm considered one of those haterz, she's letting me win, I guess. STOP IT STEPH. Gosh.”

      Yeah, gosh, like, gosh. This is irony right here. You know, if you're going to criticize someone's character, it might be good to remember not to act like the very character you're criticizing.

  82. You took the words right out of my mouth. and made me cry while reading them. A month ago these people would be willing to do anything for her, and now, for no REAL reason, they hate her. It’s stupid and like their incorrect accusation, “childish”.

  83. I completely agree with your reaction, Kaleb. That’s exactly how I feel– only you can put it into words better than I can. I have signed the petition! ^__^

  84. I had say even though I disagree with this blog that Kaleab still wrote it well … until he came back and was like grow up! Childish! EH!

    Wow. Because someone doesn’t agree with you they are childish and need to grow up.

    Hmm. Seems like someone needs to take their own advise. Please.

    On a personal note, I think its downright shameful that people are pleading and begging for a book to be written when the author obviously doesn’t want to do so and doesn’t care that her fans are having seizures over it.

  85. Kaleb,

    I want to thank you for sticking up for Stephenie. I am a recent fan and too was excited about Midnight Sun being written. However, i completely understand Stephenie’s point of view. I am not a writer, but as someone who has had my trust betrayed by family i can feel something of what she is feeling. Trusting close friends with things like this should not be a worry, but unfortunately people go after their own gain. I completely agree that fans should be fans through and through and not just when Stephenie does things they like.


  86. This is very well written. You don’t flex your writing talents enough! I don’t agree with everything you argue, but my respect for you has grown a thousand fold.

  87. Kaleb, u said EXACLY wat i wanted to say…
    I hate those people that r making Steph feel bad!
    can’t they just give her a break??
    she is the best author i EVER known…
    i want to read midnight sun like every other twilight obssesed fan, BUT AFTER its done… i understand wat steph is doing, wats the point 2 publish a book when EVERYBODY knows wats gonna happen??
    SO PEOPLE HAVE SOME RESPECT… if u really love twilight y r those people doing that they should b soooooooooooooo ashamed for even thinking such thing this makes me SO MAD!!

  88. wow it’s that big of a deal..well i just want to say it’s all the anti-twilighters fault we’re never going to read the whole of midnight sun…i so wanted to read that. And i definitely understand S.M. for not finishing the book…i just hope they’d stop lashing on her.

    I like Breaking Dawn (which I bet you’ve never read yet!)

  89. Well said and well written, Kaleb.

    I am in the process of writing my first book, which began as nothing more than a crazy story in my head. Three years, and many, many sleepless nights later, I decided to write it down. It seemed crazy not too! But until very recently, no one (other than my husband and teenage son) knew. I finally told my Mother, who thought I was ignoring her during a visit, and long story short, everyone in my family now knows. My mother was not being malicious, just a proud mom, excited for her daughter. Since then, I have contracted a severe case of stage fright, as people ask me about it, want to read what I’ve written, etc…
    And this stage fright paralyzed me for several long weeks, because my “hobby” suddenly seemed very exposed and vulernable, even though only TWO people have read any of it!!! I am terrified by the IDEA of others reading the rough written work, much less others actually reading and offering an opinion about it. I will be happy to share it once it’s completed, but I can only imagine how crippling this is for a known author, like Stephenie Meyer. It is very much like allowing your fantasy life to be displayed for the entire world to ridicule and debase.
    If you read this comment, Kaleb, I’d love to know what YOU do to overcome any “stage fright” you might have.

    And thanks for the post. No one gets it. I also hope Stephenie is avoiding the web like the plague. Now if I could do the same…I have a book I want to finish!! 😉

  90. to Erin & Jamie,

    I don’t understand why you think Stephenie has any obligation to finish MS. She doesn’t. She doesn’t owe her fans anything. MS was not intended to be published originally……she just decided to a few months ago. If she wants to rethink…..and take a break….she is absolutely entitled to do so WITHOUT being bashed by all of the self-absorbed, spoiled brats that seem to think that their right to express their opinion on a public forum excludes them from showing any common courtesy or respect for their fellow human!

  91. There is an epidemic in this country of young people having such a warped sense of entitlement to anything they want, whether they earned it or deserve or not. Just because you don’t get what you want, doesn’t mean that someone let you down. Perhaps you simply AREN’T entitled to make such a demand. Is your favorite clothing designer obligated to bring you a whole new line every season just because you liked her work last season? Is your favorite painter obligated to whip out another original just because you purchased a $20 print of his last one? The mature answer is “NO”.

    Reality check, people.

  92. I’m not an Anti-Twilighter, i’m a Twilighter and i think she’s acting childish.

    Not the fact that she’s stopped writing it, but the fact that she said she knows who wrote it, doesnt blame them, but it’s the fan’s curiousity and because it spread so far that it’s not going ahead. She’s got to have a bit of business in mind when she makes these decisions, and this is a stupid move that will lose her fans.

  93. The people who point fingers at Meyer’s decision, say this because she made a poor choice to distribute said incomplete drafts, not that she is a fool for trusting them.

    When she blamed her fans for this, that’s when shit hit the fan. Her fans were NOT responsible for the leak, and it was very immature of her to point fingers and dangle Midnight Sun as a carrot.

    However, I do understand she is not indebted to write Midnight Sun for her fans because it was a mere side-projects, and I do understand she has the right to feel the way she does. But! Again, she made the poor choice to DISTRIBUTE the incomplete MS manuscripts, which she should’ve kept for her eyes (and editor’s) only until publication.

  94. Kaleb, I gotta say, after reading this, I love you even more! As a writer myself, I completely agree with everything you said. Writing is always a changing process… you decide if you’re going to pick up an idea, or if it doesn’t work for you, and you write and erase as your muse calls for. And for someone to see something that was just in that rough process, it makes you feel naked and vulnerable to the world.

    The MS leak was a complete disrespect towards Stephenie and I definitely do not blame her for trying to distance herself from MS. Her reaction makes sense to me.

    Thanks for doing this, I really need to believe in this fandom again after what some ‘fans’ have done and said. Thanks for this :)

  95. Also, definitions between anti-Twilighters, “true fans”, etc. are very immature. It makes blog posts like this seem biased.

  96. Bravo. Truly. This is exactly what I have been wanting to say about this issue… You took the words right out of my mouth. I love the petition and its wording – I have posted it on my blog and myspace. It’s reached the 1000 mark, I’m happy to see!

  97. I’m with you all the way here!! The leak and all the bashing is totally out of line… We’re meant to be some of the most LOYAL fans out there… Has everyone forgotten that Stephenie created the world that we love?? Even if you didn’t like Breaking Dawn (I actually did, and I’m not ashamed of that. It was the ending I had always hoped for)then please leave the comments to yourself…Think about the other books… everyone obviously loves them otherwise people wouldn’t be making such a big deal about Breaking Dawn… and as for Midnight Sun I was devastated when it came out… I havent read the unedited copy out of respect for Stephenie and won’t until I know for certain that she will not be publishing it the way that she intended to… But i hope she does… she deserves to make her wonderful writing public.. So please, keep the nasty comments to yourself and start thinking of others before you relentlessy bash their work, which they are obviously proud of, as am I… Maddy (a proud AUSTRALIAN fan) Xo.

  98. Thank you for writing this Kaleb. I’ve been very disturbed by all the negativity since the release of Breaking Dawn. And then the Midnight Sun leak. It must be unbelievably difficult for Stephenie to weather such a firestorm, especially since she’s been so incredibly generous with the fans. Yet she’s been the soul of reason, comporting herself with grace through it all.
    I admire her more than ever for maintaining her integrity.
    I can’t help but wonder how those criticising her for putting Midnight Sun on hold would feel if it were their own unfinished creation that was shared with the world without their permission.
    Keep up the good work, Kaleb!

  99. I just wanted to say that I agree 100% with everything you said in your post. I am appalled at the so called “fans” of Stephenie’s that have turned on her since the release of Breaking Dawn. What was done was absolutely horrific. I too don’t blame Stephenie if she never finishes Midnight Sun and it’s a shame because I and many others were looking forward to it’s release very much. I wish her the best and offer my continued support. For the record…I absolutely LOVED Breaking Dawn and can’t even begin to imagine why so many people hated it. I think it ended the series perfectly. Stephenie Meyer can do no wrong in my book. Thanks again for your very eloquent and insightful post in reaction to this misfortunate event.

  100. I am the one who Started the Great Book Burning Tour of 2008 Burning Dawn on Amazon, it was a place to vent out of anger at the way Meyer’s ended a good story.
    But Baby Strange came up with the Don’t Burn It Return It, That was a much better Idea.
    But some people still do not understand why a large portion of the fans reacted the way we did.

    I was a fan of the first three books, I was happy with the way she portrayed values. But breaking Dawn was just so very Bad

    Meyer’s is an the worse type of role model for our kids, at first I was happy, she had Bella and Edward wait for marriage before having sex. Mother and a Mormon who believed in the values of the church. And what did we get , Adulatory, pedophilia, and abortion, wife swamping.

    I did not like the Imprinting subject when it was first introduced, Meyer’s never approached the subject after that.

    But when it came the so called soul mate to Bella with Jacob Black Imprinting on Bella’s baby it just pushed a few of us over the edge. You just had Bella and Jacob declare their love for one another, and now what is your message on this,?

    Her message on this was, Hay Jacob I cant give you what you want so here is my baby girl go have fun. Yes I know it I fiction, but you crossed the line with this one.

    You had Edward beg for Jake to help kill his own daughter! And then impregnate her so she could have more normal babies! What were you thinking!

    We had Bella torn apart giving birth, no sex in the book but the extreme violence is ok.

    I was Happy with the first Three Mrs. Meyer’s, all of us would have waited three more years for the book if you had just said

    To all my Fan’s I need more time to make sure I give you a Better Book

    this is what we have created in this world we no longer have kids lose at games they don’t fail in class they just get moved ahead. It is a sad sad world

    The woman is a HACK and will never compare to J.K.R never close and never will be, she needs to ride into the sunset and never write again she is a horrable woman who portrays rotten values

  101. Kudos to you for taking a stand on Stephenie’s behalf! I totally agree with you; somewhere along the line, people just happened to forget that she’s a human being, too. She’s not any different from you or I, not at the heart.

    I wonder if anybody ever considered the fact that the draft wasn’t intentionally leaked? In this day and age, it’s difficult to keep anything completely secret on the internet.

    The bottom line is that she doesn’t deserve any of the slack that she’s getting, at all. Everybody’s calling her childish, but look at who’s propagating attacks someone they don’t even *know*.

  102. I completely and totally agree with everything you said in this…I signed the petition. Stephenie Meyer deserves our respect and support right now…I am completely disgusted with these so called “fans” It completely pisses me off all the hate that has been going around. I ,for one, never read ANY of Midnight Sun and I shall not read any…reading stuff that was leaked onto the internet goes against everything I believe in. As a writer myself, I have to say that if I was in Stephenie’s shoes whether seriously famous or not, I would have done the same thing she did with Midnight Sun. Thank You for your amazingly insightful opinion on this subject and I completely and totally support Stephenie Meyer. I also wish you the best of luck on your books, Kaleb. Again thanks so much!


  103. if she can’t take the heat of writing a bad book she needs to stop! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH TELLING SOMEONE THAT THIRE WORK NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!

  104. I’m so glad you wrote this and I agree 100%. I also signed the petition. Thanks a lot Kaleb, this was a really awesome thing of you to do.

  105. in response to charie post 124
    i have been reading your hate filled posts all over the amazon boards and i even watched the youtube video you made.

    i admit i look at all the boards because i like to read other people reviews and opinions.

    i can even understand alot of the upheval about breaking dawn and the new midnight sun issue but seriously quite a few posters on the hater amazon board is a little extreme.

    i find your taunting post on Kalebs site immature. “chagrinades”
    there was no reason for you to waste your time comming here and spreading ugliness.
    i was searching the amazon board and stumbled over the twilight guy posts and i thought that the name calling was rotten. kalebs entitled to his opinion as you are. but that doesnt mean you have to come here and taunt him into a meaningless debate. if you are part of the darkside stay there dont bring rain and clouds here.
    its one thing if you came here to state your opinion on kalebs blog its another to taunt him as if you are an immature child looking to throw darts.

  106. MommaMia….Nowhere in my response did i say that she had an obligation to write Midnight Sun. I’m just wondering why she’s putting it on hold indefinitely when it’s obviously getting such positive reviews.

  107. While I completely agree with you about the ridiculous surge of hate that has risen for Stephenie Meyer, I can’t agree with all of what you said. The way her fans are treating her decision is outrageous, but I think it stemmed from her unjust treatment to her fans first. I’m extremely sad about the pain that Stephenie is going through right now, but I think that through her grief, she is looking at her fans with anger-tinted glasses. I saw the leaked copy, and chalked it up to very well-written fanfiction. I didn’t think there was any way that a leak could have happened, with it being so far from being published. I think that most of the fans probably felt the same way. So the hurt that Stephenie is feeling, while reasonable, should really not be directed at her fans, because their actions were uninformed and unintentional. There was absolutely no way for anyone to know for sure that it was the original Midnight Sun, and that it was stolen and released illegally and against her wishes. If there was any way for everyone to have known that, I highly doubt that anyone would have read it, out of respect for the person who brought us Twilight in the first place. By holding Midnight Sun “indefinitely”, I think she is lashing out, and punishing the wrong people. If she truly feels to sad to continue it, then that would be one thing, but I for one felt a tone of bitterness, almost malice, in her statement. Is it really fair to not complete something that was promised and was highly anticipated, just because of this bump in the road? I feel like she is blaming her fans, when there is really only ONE person deserves to be blamed. On another note, I can’t agree with you about it being different from the Harry Potter leaks. Sure, Midnight Sun was not in any way near publishing like Harry Potter was, but the story itself is already known – it IS finished in terms of plot. It’s not some brand new story that was robbed of it’s debut – it’s a retelling of a story that is already known by millions! I don’t believe anything was ruined. I really do feel for her in terms of the pain she is feeling – the injustice of the whole ordeal is truly sad to me, and my sympathies go out to her. I just believe she is blaming the wrong people, and I really hope that she will be able to pick herself up after this and finish Midnight Sun sometime in the future. I have read it now – and it was fantastic.

  108. to many stupid people in the world, it is ok to be less then good and be praised as a great writer

    she will never be a great writer, she is ok at beast and what could have been a great story was turned to trash and she should be ashamed of what message she is putting out for the kids to read, we are not the one screaming obscenities and telling people to kill themselves for because you liked the book. Please we on the Dark Side have been the logical and peaceful ones in all of this.

    The woman blames us for a leak that her brother put out to stop the backlash of breaking Dawn, it was her fault and she is punishing you the so called True Fan from the last book, people wake up and smell the coffee and she this is just a stupid ploy to make more money and for everyone to feel bad because she failed and she cant handle frailer.

    Well sorry people we learn from our mistakes and SM should learn from this.

    When leaks came out on BD why did she not say something and why wait a week to say something on the MS leak?

    Ask yourself questions or are you to frightened of what you will really see id this pathetic woman who cant handle being criticized

    1. Just a note people: a comment box is not a very reliable source for information, especially when someone makes very obvious (and unfounded) claims on who leaked the chapters. So it is best to take what is said here with a grain of salt, as I have been informed of a group of trolls soon-to-be-descending on here.

  109. This war is rather funny, in my opinion, since Midnight Sun is on hiatus, not abandoned, but on pause.

    Stephenie Meyer has a tendency to follow fan response. I’m not acting like I know her, but I’m saying this from what I’ve seen happen in the past. She treats her fans like children, like Kaleb has stated, and I honestly don’t think she’ll stop writing the story. She was mad, with all right, at the moment this occurred, but she’ll be won over by the fans begging for her to continue. I mean, who wouldn’t?

    On the matter of handing out copies of the manuscript, hasn’t something like this happened to her before? Meyer may have known better, but she did allow it out of her grasp, leaving herself open to something like this. Human nature isn’t something to trust, no matter how much you love or know a person. I blame the person who leaked it, not her. But, in the future, if something like this happens and the same reaction occurs, my opinion may differ.

    I’ve seen various reactions to Breaking Dawn, and I don’t think this is the place to respond to that here, but remember Stephenie Meyer is not some literary guru like George Orwell or Ernest Hemmingway. She’s a mother of three who wrote these books for fun, not to make a profit. We all have our own opinions, but for heaven’s sake, calm down.

  110. Also MommaMia, I am so sick of people thinking that the Twilight fanbase is made up of nothing but spoiled teeny-bopper brats. I’ve yet to bash SM for wanting to take a break. She can do whatever she wants. The only thing I’m mad about was her basically blaming the fans for the whole MS situation. When I was reading her statement, I felt like I was being scolded by a parent for something that wasn’t my fault. I came across something on the internet that said “Midnight Sun.” I read it thinking it was a well-written fanfiction, only to find out later that it was actually the real thing. It’s not like I was the one who leaked it or distributed copies so I don’t see why I should be blamed for anything. She should have used better judgement when deciding who she would give copies to. It all comes down to that. And I know that Kaleb said in this post that Midnight Sun had been partially written for years and her not thinking it would be leak-worthy and all of that..but that doesn’t seem like any kind of excuse. I’m obviously not famous myself but I know that if I had a draft for any kind of book, I wouldn’t hand out copies lightly even if I was never planning on publishing it.

  111. Sorry, but if you know the Dark Side you know we have are ways, I had someone special track the original post to an email address… we have ways

  112. SM treats her fans like crap, unless your a member of the Twit-mom forum or one of the Crazed FanGuRlz. For crying out Loud Rob was attached!! what more needs to happen

  113. I feel many ways about this issue.

    I feel very badly for what’s happened to Meyer and I really sympathize with how agonizing this must be for her. I very much do–my heart hurts for her. Wish I could give her a hug!

    However, I also feel like she’s punishing the fans for it. The fans still want Midnight Sun (whether they read the spoilers or not)–and putting it on hold indefinitely just doesn’t sit well with me.

  114. Sorry, but if you know me, I have my ways as well. And I don’t understand what you mean by ‘Rob was attached’.

    I honestly don’t get where the ‘SM treats her fans like crap’ is coming from. Have you ever met her? Do you know what she is like at all?
    Do you honestly think I would have started my website if Stephenie was a jerk? I was a Stephenie fan long before I read any of the Twilight books, because how she treated her fans and readers mimicked what I would like to be to mine. Just because she is not aware of how famous she is, and how sought-after her books are, does not make her childish. In fact, it makes her closer to being a human.
    Go on Youtube, and take a look at any number of Stephenie Meyer book signings and videos. I do not see someone who treats her fans like crap.

  115. Oh, I see, thanks for the clarification. Because we’re fans of some of Steph’s work, we’re supposed to like all of her work? Gotcha.


  116. *****J.Aultman

    i just want to point out that there are 2 jamie’s i changed my name to jamie b so that there is a way to distinguish between us i wrote post 40, 113, and number 130.

    i am outraged by the haters. its gotten so bad i dont even want to voice my opinion on the amazon boards. if anyone has anything positive to post about stephanie meyer or her books you get attacked instantly.

    most of the people lurking on those boards are frightening and i think they should seek medical help. especially those that talk of making videos of taking chain saw to thier books. and wishing death on people because they differ in opinion.

    its outragous. teenagers are easily influenced and these haters are litterally encourageing them to burn their books.
    J.Aultman you seem to take the credit for that one
    September 6th, 2008 at 10:17 pm
    I am the one who Started the Great Book Burning Tour of 2008 Burning Dawn on Amazon,”

    tell me j how would you feel if some teenager decided that you gave good advice and accidentally burned their house down? or what if somebody got hurt listening to your stupid advice? what if someone died? how would you feel then? would you pat yourself on the back?

    i’m disgusted and seriously the more hate you and a lot of the dak siders spew just makes you all look insane

    i understand that people didnt like breaking dawn. i understand people are upset about midnight sun fine voice your opinion say you dont like it but dont encourage people especially young people to so something potentially dangerous, like burning a book.

    what is wrong with you??????

  117. I absolutely agree with you and I can’t believe someone would betray Stephanie’s trust this way. It is so upsetting and I feel so bad for her.

    I really hope she can leave the negative comments and harrasment behind her though and finish Midnight Sun, I was always wondering how Edward was reacting and what he was thinking throughout the books, especially Twilight!

    Good Luck Stephanie and just know — this is just a stumbling block in the Lord’s plan for you! He will bless you with the strength to overcome and forgive!

    Love you, Rylinn

  118. she is punishing the people who want her to do more and that is just childish

    she is punishing the people who want her to do more and that is just childish. She is just like the little brat who takes her game and goes home because she cant win so then no one can play..

    . Grow up, learn and don’t make the same mistake.

    Did you not learn the Stove gets Hot do not touch it

  119. I did start the Great Book Burning tour but it was changed by Baby Strange to the Don’t Burn it Return it, as for people burning their books, I have seen only one kid on youtube burn a book and that was last week, my post was up for a day then switched.

    You people can dish out all the hate you want, we know the truth about SM and it is because of they way Her brother and she came back at us.

    She is a good story teller but not a good writer, she has done nothing but contradict everything she has ever said

  120. I fully support Stephenie Meyers’ decision. I would love for her to be able to come back and finish Midnight Sun and release it but if that never happens I cannot find fault with how she has handled things. I think she has been more than fair to her fans in every respect despite the attacks she has faced before and after this whole ordeal.

  121. we are the insane one.. Please we are not the ones who have to use every foul word known to man to make our point.
    We have more talent on the dark side then Sm has in her pinky. As for Sm being the next J.K.R, Never in a million years will she be that, she is not even a pimple on J.K.R’s A@@

  122. I response to comment number 125:

    How dare you? Insult someone you hardly know for something that was largely a part of their life. ‘The woman is a HACK.’ I think you have it all wrong. Please, don’t leave that message here. We all want to support Stephenie, not take her down. Obviously, you illiterate, dumb, AND blind. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way, but I couldn’t read half of what you said, due to some of the poorist grammar I’ve ever encountered anywhere. You need to go find some other place to post your comments.

    Way to go, Kaleb! Amazing. I loved it. It was passionate and I believed you… I want you to know that you made many people feel better about helping Stephenie.

    To Stephenie: I’m so sorry. Please take some much needed rest with your husband and your children. We, all of your true fans, love you to pieces.

  123. I dislike Steph’s treatment of fans either.
    There is a whole thread about it over on TwilightSucks. <3

    But one of the main things I disliked about it, was how she won’t answer questions. I mean, Stephenie? Babe? The series is OVER. Yes, yes, I know you want more money and want us to buy the Twilight Guide, but come on. Just look at J.K. Rowling. As soon as HP was over, she answered any questions fans had. As soon as the Twilight Trilogy is over, Stephenie says “Oh. To answer that question, you need to buy my guide! Give me money! Nom nom nom.”

    1. You are so right, no one should trash talk her. She does have a reason to be mad. Someone she trusted her went behind her back and plotted against her. I would feel like crap if that was happening to me. She likes to know that people are on her side. All she wants is to have someone on her side, ready to help her when she needs the help. There is a saying that you learn in kinder garden. You don’t have anything nice to say, SHUT THE HELL UP! Everyone should fallow those exact words to the CORE! I believe that you’re right KALEB NATION and we should all fallow your example. Stephine Meyer is one of the best writers of all time and if you give into her words you find yourself floating in the book watching the life of Isabella Cullen before your very eyes and sooner or later wanting to understand how Edward must be feeling during this retched time in theirs lives, well only Bela’s because Edward is really alive. I hope that Stephine finishes the world loving novel with the insight of Edward Cullen.

  124. Ok people I would really and seriously appreciate it if you heard me out.

    For all the people who have kept reading, thankyou. Thank you very, very much.

    I’m pleading to all the people who have said “If I was Stephenie and had my rough draft leaked I wouldn’t have chucked a hissy fit/skiz/childish tantrum and decided to stop writing it. I’d just keep going and not give a damn.”
    As much as you might wish you were, You aren’t Stephenie so please respect her decisions as an individual. At least try and empathize. She isn’t you, so she has a different and unique personality, her decisions are based on solid reasons, although, many people aren’t understanding these reasons because they are in a different order of importance to them. I’m begging you to listen to my reasoning. Here’s another “If Stephenie were…” or “If I were Stephenie…” situation for those who still can’t empathize yet.
    Imagine that Stephenie is your best friend, the greatest friend you’ve had even, and suddenly she shows up at your place looking heartbroken and torn-up (for a more dramatic scene, it can be raining outside and she has no umbrella so is looking bedraggled from the soaking rain). You help her inside and ask her what’s wrong (because naturally, you’re really worried about your best friend’s well-being). You listen as she tells you about her predicament. She finishes by saying that she feels like she can’t write the story without it ending to fit the plotline, because of the way her emotions affect her writing. You SHOULD be in pain to see your best friend hurting like this. You SHOULD be trying to make your best friend feel better by supporting her. You SHOULD be respecting her rights and decisions.
    But that’s the thing isn’t it? All the “Should’s” are being ignored. And now here’s the more important question > Why?
    Now seriously ask yourself that and dig deep into your thoughts here people. You might say “’Cos she’s NOT my best friend, Dufus!” Sure, you might be right, but the scenario says “Imagine”. It’s obviously what you did to enjoy the books so PLEASE “imagine” a little for a moment. And if you come up with a different answer than that, look inside the reason for that answer.
    When you come up with the real legitimate reason for your thoughts/actions I honestly hope you will feel a bit more for Stephenie. :)
    Ok now that that (Hopefully) enlightening Psychological exercise is over, here is my personal opinion.

    I hate to see any one be upset and hurt, especially the way that Stephenie is now, I really want her to know that even though there are some people that will stab her in the back, there are people who care for her and want to help heal the wounds and wrongs. But I’m not doing this because I want Midnight Sun out in book stores, like some others. I am doing this for her and her rights as an author.
    I love Stephenie Meyer, almost in a motherly way, and I want her to know that I respect her decisions, her rights and her as a whole, and an individual who has feelings and emotions just like us.
    I Support Stephenie Meyer!!!

    Ellen xoxo

  125. Oh Kaleb, i really thought you were a free thinker. To see that you fall victim to the fangurl (or i guess fanguy) mentality mush really saddens me. Supporting an author is one thing, falling victim to the scam of said author crying out for attention because her ego is wounded, that’s just sad.

  126. Kaleb,
    All I really have to say is thank you for supporting Stephenie Meyers decision! All I’ve seen and heard about are the negative reactions to what she’s decided. (Though I’m sure there are positive ones out there, just by number of positive comments on this blog!) Being a writer coming from a family of writers, I can fully understand where she’s coming from. Maybe not all writers would react the same way, but each person is built emotionally different and each person has a right to react differently.

  127. Wow I honestly didn’t know it was this bad. People can be so hypocritical it just makes me sad. thank you for the enlightenment.

  128. signed petition (#1120)
    my response:
    I wholly support Stephenie Meyer and her fabulous talent. I truly hope that she knows that there are fans of her writing that appreciate her hard work and sacrafice. There are fans who love that she has offered to share a part of herself in her published writing and will not disrespect that by downloading illegally obtained manuscripts. What a disgrace those people are who do not have the respect to make the choice to do what is right. Thank you Stephenie for all that you do and give. I pray that you find peace of mind and heart, if you have not done so already. Thanks, again.

    Also, thank you Kaleb for your thoughts and opinions. I hope that some people will read this and perhaps have a better understanding of the situation and find some compassion. Thanks for the support buttons that you’ve provided too!

  129. J.Aultman

    it is obvious to me that you feel very strong emotions about stephanie meyer and her work. i can understand that but dont you think that you and quite a few others are going a little to far.

    i know you posted that you only did the book burning thing for a day and then changed it but your message still reached alot of people. especially young people. you cant justify to me or anyone else that it wasnt so terriable because only one kid burned their book on youtube.

    do you then try not to take any responsiablity for planting that seed in the first place?

    strong emotions provoke wide ranges of dangerous behavior. just try to think oh who you might be unintentioanlly harming the next time.

    if you think that what people post here is hateful against you then maybe you could understand where im comming from about the amazon boards. there should be enough hate there to satiate your inner thirst.

  130. To J. Aultman,

    I know you have very strong feelings on this topic, as we all can see from your numerous posts, but why you feel the need to sit here and keep replying to all this astonishes me. If someone, such as yourself, is so firm in their ideals, why must you keep responding to everyone’s opinions of what you say? Why not just sit back and laugh, or even rise above all of this?

    That makes me wonder, are you just an attention seeker, trying to grasp what little attention you can on this topic, or do you have that little to do with your life outside of the computer?

  131. Thank you so much for writing that. I completely agree with everything you said. I find myself defending Stephenie daily, especially about Midnight Sun.

    I support Stephenie 100%.

  132. omg, i just found out!
    i cannot believe this, and yes, i agree wit every word you said as well.
    i was really looking forward for this novel and i am unbelievably saddened by this news

    but is it true that stephanie meyer will never be releasing midnight sun??? or just until she feels ready that she can?

  133. I am such a great fan, and I wish the best for you. I have heard great stories about you before you became this great writer. My husband went to school with you at BYU and I have seen fun pictures of all you guys. I think sometimes it’s good for a person to go back to a time when life was a little bit less complex. Maybe those good o’BYU days. As a mormon myself, I can lonely say “stay close to your Heavenly Father .” He will never give us more than we can bare. I believe in time, you will feel better. I’m fan, and when I hear about you and the good times at BYU. maybe a friend. Good Luck with all you do!

  134. To commenter #150

    Stephenie DID answer the question on HER WEBSITE!!!!!

    She gave a very detailed, informative answer under the BREAKING DAWN section on the FAQ page. If you had any clue what went into the book signings you would understand the pressure of answering questions that are complicated or require longer answers than the one or two sentences she is expected to use for EACH question. The book signings started out as just that…Author signs the book, answers a few fan questions while in the queue and moves to the next person. The Q and A’s were added for the benefit of the fans!!!! (You know, those people who admire and respect the world she has created for HER OWN amusement, that we were then allowed in on.)

    I wish people were better informed before slinging mud. Even the great JKR (and she is amazing) has NEVER been able to answer ALL the questions!!!! Thus the future publication of the HP encyclopedia—which she has already agreed proceeds will go to charity. The TWILIGHT guide is FOR THE FANS!!!! It was a bonus, from Stephenie, for those who love the series. If you don’t want to spend your money, no one is putting a gun to your head to purchase it. In fact, they have these AMAZING institutions called LIBRARIES that LOAN books to members!!! FOR FREE!!! Incredible, I know.

    (And now, my Harry Potter-esque, CAPLOCKS rant is over)

    Kaleb, you’re a strong guy to put up with the lack of intelligence…

  135. I totally agree with you about the whole breaking dawn backlash. It was illogical. People were mad that SM didn’t read their minds and write the book exactly how they imagined it. I really get frustrated with most Twilight haters because they attack the story and all twilighters as unintelligent and childish. It is ignorant of them and a huge waste of their time and energy.

    I’m also very mad that Midnight Sun was leaked. Whoever did that is very selfish and cruel. However, I don’t like how Stephenie handled it. Yes, there was a leak, which would be discouraging and angering, and yes her fans had been turning on her. But the rest of her fans, the true ones, shouldn’t have to be punished.

    I feel like we’re the good kids in class that have to stay after because one bad kid misbehaved. Only it’s worse than that because something that we hoped for and dreamed of is being taken away from us. I’m sure SM is hurt and I’m so sorry that she is, but she knows the story from Edward’s point of view and I am hurt that she would decide not to share it with us, the loyal fans who truly care about her and her characters. I’m really disappointed that parts of my life can be controlled by ill-willed people I’ve never met. I hope Stephenie changes her mind, for people like me who would buy the book three times over regardless of a leak. But I still support her, love her, and can’t wait to read her next stories. Just wanted to get that off my chest.

  136. “She is! I have meet her, she is condescending, I listened to her talk to her fans and she talked down to them”

    To J.Aultman:

    I have also had the chance to meet her, several times at signings, and once I was lucky enough to spend an entire evening with her. At no time did she say anything about her fans that was disrespectful or rude, quite the opposite actually. She spoke of how wonderful her fans were, and on more than one occasion she has mentioned that she has “the best fans in the world”. When I met her, I felt welcome, and completely comfortable, I was struck by just how genuine and kind she really is.

    I do support Stephenie in all this, I can’t say that “curiosity” is justification for what has happened with this leak.

    So many people on the dark side go on about values and such… But only the ones that you deem convenient.

    None of you had a problem when the leaked manuscript was available for download on your site, No. Instead you advertised in the Amazon boards that you had it, and tried to get as many people as you could to read it. That is one of many things that scream hypocrisy to me. You complain about the messages the books may teach the younger readers, and yet you encourage them at the same time to steal someone’s work. And it IS stealing. I am sorry… I call BS. Just because something is there for the taking does not mean you should take it.

  137. @ 164.

    Ow. =(
    I knew a lot of by brain cells died when I finished Breaking Dawn, but I didn’t know my brain its self bit the dust. Thank you, Twilight Trilogy!

    You should be glad, though, that light travels faster than sound.

    Why didn’t she just say, “I don’t know the answer yet, but I’ll think of it and post a more detailed answer on my website soon,” not “I DON’T KNOW. BUY MY DAMN BOOK GOSH.” So, if we look at this logically, at the time she was thinking that you would just need to buy her book. But, since there was so much controversy, she decided to release it sooner. Durr.

    Twilight Guide is for the money. If it was for the fans, she would have given the donations to charity. All I know, is I’m glad Disney didn’t pick up the movies. Everywhere we’d look, there would be Twilight toothpaste, Twilight napkins, Twilight perfume, ect. Eek. I shudder at the thought.

    @ 165- I hate BD because it is written very badly. No plot, characterization was off, fan fiction on the internet was better. Most of the people I’ve talked to have said the same thing. There was no logic at all, all the rules erased. Yes, I know. “It’s just fiction!” you scream from the Lexicon (where they banish you if you have different thoughts than them.) But as Tom Clancy once said, “The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction is supposed to make sense.”
    I’m afraid of most BD lovers because of how they have acted. Exhibit 1: Nuttymadam. Exhibit 2: Bad grammar and spelling. Exhibit 3: Keying someone’s car or slapping someone in the face because they hate BD.
    I get really frustrated with most Twilight lovers because they don’t back up what they say. That’s really annoying. Srsly.

  138. steph is the mother of twilight, there should be more respect towards her.

    After all if she didnt go through with twilight there would be NO twilight at all..

    I cant believe people actually went against her because of the breaking dawn..

    It ended how it was supposed to end, since the first book its fair to say that all bella wanted was to be with edward and thats what she got.

    Anyway, i just hope steph doesnt beat herself up to much over this and will be able to pull herself together and hopefully remember that she does have some loyal fans who support her decisions 100%

    but umm.. well said kaleb (:
    cant wait till YOUR book comes out.

  139. It’s funny how most of the “true fans” (and I use the term lightly because I think such names are just so very “omg*high school cliques*lolz”) go on and on about how the “haterz” dislike Breaking Dawn because “it’s not what they expected”. I don’t think anyone was expecting more than a decently written book which didn’t contradict the previous installments of the series and featured less than 3 typos per page. That’s all. I have yet to read any of the “haters” say “This isn’t the ending I wanted! I wanted Edward to be turned human!! I wanted Bella to end with Jacob!!” or something of the sort. The problem is not with what happened, but with the way it was written. BD’s plot-line is faulty; there’s some good ideas there but their execution is overall mediocre. IN MY OPINION, of course.

    If you managed to look past these things (or if you didn’t even see them at all – I can understand being so caught up in the story that you’re just willing to dismiss any sort of incoherence), then I’m happy for you. I just wish people would stop brandishing the “They’re mad cuz they didn’t get what they want!!” excuse. It’s pathetic, it does a disservice to those who have well thought-out, reasonable arguments against the book, and it makes those who use it look stupid.

    I strongly disagree with comments against Stephenie’s family, religion, weight, etc. I’m completely okay, however (and everyone should be) with complaints about the quality of her work. YES, even if those complaints come from people who love the other books. This cult-like mentality of just HAVING to like and support everything an author spews out is sickening. I like my critical mind the way it is, thank you very much.

    I realize this^^^is aimed more at some of the comments here in this boz than at Kaleb’s actual post, I’m sorry about that. ‘S far as the original article is concerned I agree on some counts and disagree on others, but overall it’s well written and I see your point.

  140. Man, there are so many idiots in the world…

    Can people calm down a little? It’s really hard to think when you’re getting yourselves worked up like this. It’s like listening to children squabbling over their favorite toy. Just take a break and chill.

    I wanted to say that I agree with both sides. I know, impossible, isn’t it? Not so much.

    Yes, it was terrible that this was leaked. Yes, SM should feel betrayed and wounded, and I can’t imagine her feeling otherwise. But at the same time, she’s learned that she needs to guard her work more carefully in the future. That is a very good thing to learn.

    Secondly, I don’t think she should have addressed the issue so soon. She operates highly on emotion, from what I can gather, and emotions are likely to change. She will get over this, and then probably feel a little embarrassed over the whole thing.

    Third, about the matter of “fans”… A fan is technically anyone who follows the series with interest. This includes people who didn’t like BD. There were definitely parts of BD that I found disappointing. I still love the series, I still write fanfiction, and I still spend hours discussing certain characters. Those “nonfans” are only the ones who are being needlessly vicious and cruel. We all are entitled to our opinions, and we all, being different people with different views, will have differing opinions. The least we can do is respect each other. I am not going to label people as “true fans” or “nonfans” on the basis of whether or not they liked BD. Frankly, Kaleb, and this bit is for you, I am a little insulted by the insinuation that the plot is off limits to the readers. I am a critical reader, and an analytical one. I have every right to say, “I don’t think it worked.” Does this give me a right to bash the book on this basis? Well, there are many different answers, but I believe that as long as there is substantiation and respect for the work, it is alright. Does this mean that I have the right to say, “SM had no right in making BD turn out that way”? No. That would be stupid and childish. This is /her/ work, and she ultimately makes the decisions. I can only say, from my vantage point, how I perceived her to carry that out.

    Lastly, I think that all the stupidity has gone to civil war. What does a writer’s hairstyle or religion have to do with anything? I mean, I know religious values shape how you see the world, and therefore the writing is reflective of it, but otherwise it is unimportant. People should stop attacking each other, and SM, because they didn’t get their way. I remember a time when fandom was fun. It’s not so much fun when it’s WW3. I am ashamed to call myself a fan, because of all of those that I put myself alongside in doing so. BD is just a book. SM is just an author. Yes, she is a person, yes, her work has enthralled us for months and perhaps years of our lives, but sometimes you have to step back and realize that there are more important things in life than fighting. Please, /please/ remember the happy times, and let the idiocy of picking fights and throwing petty insults pass you by.

  141. I guess I’m way out of the loop. I knew that Stephenie’s pages had been leaked and that she had suspended indefinitely her writing on midnight sun and so on but I had no idea people were lashing out like that. I figured people would be lashing out because they were out ragged that the book had been suspended but not for other reason. That disgusts me, how immature to criticize someone like that with no reason or ring of true to any of it. People always focus on the bad as well which is why I think she suspended her novel. I am hoping she will wake up from this emotion conflict though and realize that people are also craving the rest of the book. Her true fans are. I would read anything she wrote, this whole thing breaks my heart for multiple reasons-for her and for me. I’m selfish and I admit that. I couldn’t help reading the chapters she posted but I’ve never read anything that “moving” for lack of a better word. I actually had to stop just because I was dealing with emotions too strong and couldn’t go on right away. Thats insane and has never happened to me during any book, not even hers. However her writing has made more of an impact sort of speak in my life than any book, or movie for that matter has. I would be heartbroken if that book is never finished. So I hope that she can move on and back to her book after this passes. and I hope she somehow reads this as well as the many comments I’m sure are identical to this. I understand how the writing process goes and how this effects a writer, I’m a writer myself(no like you or Stephine’s of course). I’m still hopeful that I will get to see inside Edward’s head again. I love her as much as one can love a stranger and I’m begging her to finish. I support Stephenie Meyer though. 100 Percent.

  142. I’d be mortified if anything I write got leaked on the internet when it wasn’t finished, even if it was.
    However nothing I have ever writen has come out like midnight suns pages have. They are amazing to me anyway, as well as to thousands of others. It would be tragic if she doesn’t finish this book.

  143. I completely agree, Stephenie Meyer is not obligated to write anything. Just like we are not obligated to read anything. She deserves the support of her fans, not rude remarks.

  144. Thank you Kaleb!

    Great to read a supportive and rational post about all of the wild things that have been happening in the twilight fandom.

    I agree 100% with what you were saying, I was repulsed at what some of the fans were saying about Stephanie (especially on a certain internet movie site- which has turned into the absolute worst twilight board I have ever seen, btw)

    Anyway, I hope very much that Stephanie can continue writing Midnight Sun,as it is excellent so far and it would be a shame to give up on such an interesting book based on what a few nutty ‘anti-twilighters’ say through anonymous internet boards.

    *Phew* Anyway, that’s what I think.

  145. Hi Kaleb, Your response is well written and a very mature reaction to the Midnight Sun leak and the Stephenie Bashing. I wholeheartingly agree with you. I didnt like Breaking Dawn, but NEVER did i think about burning my copy, or saying horrible things about Stephenie. I love the first three books, and the Host, and my personal opinion is that its her story and she can do what she wants with it, and yes ot everyone is going to like it. Does that make her a bitch…NO. And I definatly understand her putting MS on hold. I would be upset too if that had happened to me. And as a True Twilight Fan, I feel that the best thing to do is respect Stephenies decision, Thank her for the wonderful mystical world that she created for us, and hope tht one day she will be able to continue with Midnight Sun. And of course keep counting down to th movie, because the excitement isnt over yet.
    I love Stephenie and I will Always support her 100%. Thankyou for your response Kaleb!

  146. I think it’s amazing how defensive individuals become when arguing their point.
    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion(and let’s be honest here, most of these comments are from women/girls and they are catty to say the least) but I think most are missing the SAME POINT argued from BOTH sides.
    I don’t believe anyone is denying an individual’s right to express their opinions, just the manner and viciousness that many are resorting to.
    The problem with the MS leak is that the work under copyright to the author and is also entirely personal until it is released by a publisher, and even then as a writer, the characters,plot, setting, etc…remain very personal. The issues are that this was
    a. ILLEGAL
    b. Personally devastating from a creative/narrative point.

    That is the point of this particular blog, which many have lost sight of. Whether you agree with Stephenie Meyer’s rationale or not, the fact that it was an illegally posted transcript is at the heart of the matter. Her decision to shelve the project is her personal choice.

    In regard to BD,
    I respect anyone who did not feel BD was well-written, plotted well, etc… and those who just didn’t like the way the book finished the series. (I did like it, but that’s my opinion) What I think those so called “haters” ( and I don’t refer to any book lover that way) are not hearing,or reading, is the way in which the criticsm is being expressed. Personal attacks on a persons character, family, etc…ARE childish, unwarranted and cruel. If you have an articulate argument, it can be voiced without the venom and bile.
    Okay, this is my last post, then I am done with viewing and reading comments sections. It only taints an otherwise wonderful fandom and book series that whether you loved or hated, brought people together.

  147. Thank you Kaleb for a well written post. I’m shocked at the number of darksiders who felt it necessary to come over and continue their rant. I quit looking at the posts on Amazon because they had become so vicious. As I said in another post, they are acting like Lauren towards Bella in NM. I have watched many SM interviews and videos and I have never gotten the impression that she is condescending, in fact, her website is very fanfriendly. I loved her posting outtakes of Twilight and extras on there. SM is a great storyteller, and she herself admits that she doesn’t see herself as a great author. She tends to be repetitive in the use of some of her phrases (rolls eyes in chagrin), but that is overshadowed by the story itself. The stories are compelling. Her writing is improving with each book. I wasn’t sure about BD, but I have reread it several times now, and I like it better. I have to say to all the negative people, the vampires and the werewolves are fictional and their mating habits, etc are not subject to human conventions. As for the Twilight Guide, I’m looking forward to it. SM has answered a lot of questions on her site (for free) about various things, like extra info about Aro and Leah, so I don’t think she’s doing this for money, but to clarify things for her fans. If she was in it for the money, she would hack out any old version of MS and be done with it. As a writer, I can tell you, stories always flow smoother when your characters speak to you, or you can visualize things. Writers absolutely have control over their own personal universes, so back off on Stephenie.

  148. To J. Aultman

    Wow. Your posts are just mind-numbing. You’re clearly illiterate, yet think you have the right to criticize a published author’s work because you didn’t like it.

    Obviously, for you to take your hate to such levels, you have serious emotional problems. Seek help. It’s obvious to us all that you have never met Stephenie. Showing up at a signing is NOT the same as “knowing” someone.

  149. Well, Kaleb, I agree with your post for the most part, but you portraying Anti-Twilighters as horrible people really bugged me. Most Anti’s are intelligent, sane people with legitimate criticism about the books. Sure, there are some that are just out there to bash Stephenie Meyer and her fans, but on the other side, there are fans who curse at and attack Anti’s too. You can’t judge an entire group by the actions of a few.
    Anyway, I assume you haven’t read Breaking Dawn. If you had, then you would realize that the dark-siders aren’t JUST upset about the plot (although, it was a very ridiculous, deus ex machina plot), but the poor writing in general. It seemed like Stephenie barely edited the book. It hardly even seemed like it was part of the same series as the first three. And even then, the first three weren’t that great in writing quality, not to mention the fact that they glorify things like abusive relationships (in the name of “true love”), pedophilia, suicide, etc.
    As an ex-fan, I respect your opinion, but it seems like you made it without knowing both sides of the story.

  150. Kudos to you Kaleb! I sincerely hope things just brighten up for Stephenie. I think about her feeling on top of the world with her best selling novels, and the concert series, and then a group of Twilighters, maybe even some of her most die-hard fans, get ahold of her work, that weren’t for their eyes, post it on the internet with out any consent or anything, then half the fandom is hating you. All of you guys saying shes being a baby, she just had the rug ripped out from under her, and if this ever happened to one of my books i know very well i wouldn’t publish it, or at the very least i would change the whole story around just to rub it in the haters faces haha. But thats besides the point. I am probably mimicking most of the posts up there, but we need to respect Stephenie for what she is. She is the writer of books that we all loved at one point. She signed our books probably until she couldn’t feel her hand or had blisters. She even takes time away from her family life, which i know is very precious to her seeing as she has to keep them off the internet away from her. Its just sad you guys, and i think we all need to “Support Stephenie” and all you guys getting mad about Kalebs post, you didn’t have to read it and you should respect him for writing this. So you guys saying Steph needs to grow up, i think its the other way around.

  151. Okay. So, I can say that I agree with some, and that I can see other’s points. But I’m just going to state my opinion here, as I can’t stand these stupid people who will write something back to someone because they don’t agree with what they have to say. (though, here I’m kinda a hipocrite because I am sorely tempted to say something about a J. Aultman, as I can not see sense of what he is trying to say.)
    So, I do get tired of all this “real” fan stuff. Some people will just generally not aprove of what someone else has written, or they will not like it as much as something else, or whatever. That is THEIR opinion. I don’t care what you think about it. But preach to someone who agrees with you if all you’re going to say is terrible awful things about the author. You can have opinion, and say that you did not like the book, but don’t bash someone about it just because you thought it sucked.
    Read, think, move on. Seriously people, who old are we?!
    Then, to those of you – again – who say that Stephenie is being childish, please take into account that this was her own imagining, and to those of you who wanted to read it were being PRIVLEGED to get to read it and own it, because, quite frankly, it’s hers! She didn’t HAVE to write it, she didn’t HAVE to publish it, and she sure as heck didn’t HAVE to do anything with it! To those idiots who have never written anything, you can not possibly try to understand! God – I’m TWELVE, in the SEVENTH GRADE – I can make more sense of this then some people. She has free will. She does not NEED to do anything, and as much as one may hope, she STILL won’t EVER need to. She was going to do this FOR her fans, so that we could get a look inside Edward’s head. But now, as she feels throughly crushed – as she should, I mean, who wouldn’t? – she doesn’t have to put this out.
    And I do agree with what the petition says, but you will never find my name on it, as I personally LOVE her writting. And I read it before I found out about the petition. But I can say that I do sincerely hope that one day she will get over her heartbreak and start up again on Midnight Sun, because I do think that it is better than Bella’s perspective. Sorry, but I do honestly think that, though I am grateful that we have Bella’s side, as we can see into what may never come of Edward’s. Joy.
    But, to those of you who think I can’t really make up my mind, great, because I truly see so many sides to this story.
    And to round it up in a nutshell, I must say that you are entitled to your own thoughts, just don’t publicly bash someone about it. That we were being privliged to see Midnight Sun, and she is acting as most would act on the senario if it were you. That I do agree with the petition, but I can see that those who have read her work already, can still try to be of more sincerity as you understand -hopefully – the work that comes to make that, and she should do as she pleases, be that how she is now.
    And then, I would like to say that I will be optimistic about this and pray she gets through this, that this is just a preview of what is to come, and that one day, I will be in line at Borders or Barnes and Nobles, so that I can buy the finished and sure to be wonderful copy of Midnight Sun.

  152. Different Nicole from the #181 Nicole…
    First, thank you Kaleb! I do agree with you and I do support Stephenie!!! Thank you for letting a side of this be heard.

    While I happen to agree with the opinion on this blog, I am not silly enough to think it is the only opinion out there. We all have choice; the choice to like or dislike things. I won’t deny that of anyone. We all have our opinions and are allowed those opinions. I won’t take that away from anyone.

    With that being said…
    I do believe there is, however, a responsibility that comes with our opinions, a line that must never be crossed. That line is crossed when one is close minded enough to think that their opinion is the only one that matters. When one thinks they are so righteous that they spew hate and hope to enlist others to do the same.

    I am not talking about those on both sides of this who can have intelligent discussions, debates and blogs… no, I am talking about the haters and there are haters out there. Ridiculously mean people that think they are so correct that they have the right to tear down someone else. And what disgusts me more than this…I know, how could it get worse than that, but it does and what disgusts me more than this is they don’t even think for a second of what message they are sending out to those who are impressionable; they don’t hold themselves accountable or responsible.

    We are all accountable and responsible for the things that come out of our mouths, thoughts and hearts. Our words do influence others, regardless of if we think so or not. They influence in many ways. They may sway someone to your side, they may invoke feelings of hurt, they may cause damage to someone, and they may invoke feelings of antagonism. And when is all said and done, it is you at the end who is the only one that can be held responsible for your words and actions.

    Go ahead, have differences of opinion. I say feel free to discuss and debate. Just please, have some self-respect and respect for others…don’t cross that line.

  153. I don’t think that I ever said my opinion is the only one that matters. This is what I said:

    ‘I am not against criticism. I am not against people who do not enjoy Twilight, or Breaking Dawn, or even people who do not like Stephenie in general.’

  154. Kaleb, I wasn’t talking about you! Thats why I included “Blogs” when I said the intelligent ones who I wasn’t talking about!
    “I am not talking about those on both sides of this who can have intelligent discussions, debates and blogs…”

    Sorry if you thought that rant was about you!

  155. ha ha that’s okay Nicole, I was just clarifying it to some of the people above me who obviously did not read the entire post and claimed I was speaking for ‘all authors’ (an inaccurate accusation from the Amazon boards as well)

  156. Well you @$$ out there who put this book out on the net, I hope you’re happy!
    Kaleb is more supportive then you, and I don’t think he’s ever met Stephnie face to face!
    Kaleb, you’re absolutely right, she needs a break.
    I, as a fellow writer, write in a style similar to Steph’s. Whenever I let someone read my work before it’s done, I just can’t get back and do it again.
    It’s like someone is looking over my shoulder, reading all I do. They expect what they think is going to happen, and it’s not my story anymore.
    I feel to confused to start writing it again.
    Call me crazy, but emotions and moods do greatly affect your writing.
    I’m sure she’s really upset now, and after all the smack she was getting I’m surprised she didn’t stop sooner.
    Steph, if you ever read this, I support you 100%, and always will.
    Us writers have to stick togeter, you too Kaleb!
    Thank you Kaleb, you’re an awsome guy!

  157. Thank you, Kaleb for posting that… I can’t believe that people that were fans have turned their backs on her… She is an amazing author and it makes me sad that people can be so rude about her desisions and what she wants to do… They make rude comments about Stephenie Meyer but how would they feel if we sat here and bashed their favorite authors?Not happy I’m sure… I will continue to stand by Stephenie Meyers’ side no matter what! Thanks again Kaleb!

  158. Kaleb – I agree completely. The hate that Meyer has had to endure over the past month is comparable to watching a fickle crowd in Rome cheering for the death of Caesar. It is completly uncalled for. I have never been so disappointed to be part of a fandom than I am right now. I wasn’t a huge fan of Breaking Dawn, but there is something wrong when people who claim to be adoring fans to use such vile and venomous words about someone they once admired. There have been a number of artists who have produced works that I love but also managed to produce a few less than stellar projects. Although I didn’t like these works, I could never use the word hate to describe them and it hurts me to read how some of her fans have responded. I read the abbreviated version of MS and thought it was brilliant. I couldn’t stop reading it so of course I was looking forward to reading the remainder of the story. But I cannot blame Meyer for feeling disenchanted about finishing the story. My heart would be broken if someone I trusted betrayed me. It would be close to impossible to find the courage to continue writing with the same passion. While critics have compared Meyer to Rowling and whether you agree or not, the Twilight fandom lacks the comraderie and loyalty that the Potter fandom contains and has let me down in a way that the Potter fandom never could.

  159. I must say, I am a little agitated with her, and I feel a little betrayed, but I still understand how she feels completely. She didn’t do this to herself to have the spotlight back on her, she’s not punishing us fans for not liking Breaking Dawn, and she’s not just so sick of Twilight she’s using this as an excuse to stop writing. I did not like Breaking Dawn, but she doesn’t deserve ANY of the personal attacks she’s getting that has nothing to do with the book. If people felt to need to return or even burn Breaking Dawn, then they aren’t true fans, as they seemed to forget about all the other books she’s already given us that we love. I think Twilight should have been a trilogy, but I respect Breaking Dawn for what it is, and Stephenie Meyer is still a great author and writer. I haven’t read the Midnight Sun draft, and I don’t plan to unless she cancels the project completely. I want it the way it’s supposed to be; finished, bound, and in my hands.

  160. I would not blame SM if she NEVER writes another book agin.Those people took something personal and spread it all over. The whole world of Twilight is HERS. We were just lucky enough to get to look at it.

    And by writing she told us about a part of her that you can only find in her writing.if you don’t like her THAT’S ok, we’re all human. But she should have earned some respect by now. And your treating her like dirt.

    Steph we all love you and will all suport you no matter what you decide.

  161. I do also fully support Stephenie Meyer.
    I do not see why people have to be so critical. She is a wonderful writer, and she wrote it for herself.
    I truly hope that she does continue writing Midnight sun, because i did read it…. and have felt horrible for it…. but wow, the perspective makes so many things clearer…. the unfinished draft is just amazing, and i’m sure that she could probably publish what she has done, and it would still be amazing. i did read the version she posted on her website, and i also read what she wrote. i truly hope that everything works out for her! so i just hope the everything turns out right for her in the end. i don’t really know what else to say…

  162. Kaleb I would just like to say that I fully agree with everything that you said. Thank you for writing this for Stephenie – she really does deserve so much more from her fans then all of this. Honestly I just wish that not so many people knew about the books now, I miss the small community. I miss the real fans, not the critics that call themselves fans.

  163. It’s funny to me how these so-called “Dark Siders” complain about Stephenie needing a thesaurus when a lot of them very obviously need a dictionary. I know they are not professional writers (which I’m sure is a defense they cowardly hide behind on a regular basis). However, if they are going to stand on their soap boxes and voice a public opinion, they need to have a solid platform from which to speak.
    Incorrect grammar, punctuation and spelling instantly weakens their arguments and makes it impossible for anyone with half a brain to take any opinion they might have seriously. Add to this that those opinions happen to be criticisms of a published author, and all I can do is laugh at the audacity of these people who think they know something more than the professional involved in the writing, editing and publishing of best-selling novels.
    And speaking of looking things up in a thesaurus or dictionary, try looking up some of these words in a thesaurus or dictionary:
    -Artistic Liberty
    -Rough Draft

    Find out what they mean and what their synonyms and antonyms are. And try to remember that next time you’re stating your opinions concerning these things as they pertain to Stephenie Meyer and her work.

  164. Kaleb, you are my life saver! I thought I was about to drown in all of the stuff that was going on, and you saved me from going under and into complete shock from it all!
    I really enjoyed this line that you said and how you put it: “You are basically putting a piece of your soul into it, and if somehow it is taken while still growing, it is like someone has stolen your secret diary and read the most embarrassing lines to the world.”
    I agree with you so much, for I am trying to write a story for myself, and I can relate to that line in so many ways. If parts of my story happened to be posted online without my permission, I too would be completely devastated and wouldn’t know how to continue on what I had wrote or shared.
    Thank-you so much for tossing me that life-saver, Kaleb! You don’t know how much you’re right!

  165. By the way, as far as the whole “chagrin” issue is concerned, just remember that this was a ROUGH DRAFT people. Maybe she was in a groove, doing her thing, and kept coming to points where people were, uh, I don’t know, CHAGRINNED and she didn’t want to stop to look up another word at the moment; or, perhaps she wanted to just get the gist onto the page so when she went back later to EDIT this ROUGH DRAFT she could have a word there that was a place marker for a common theme of a feeling that kept occurring in her characters at different points throughout the story. Then she could just jump right back into that feeling and expand on it and change the wording at a later point.

    This is exactly why this leak is such a terrible thing. It wasn’t ready to read as a novel, which is what people are expecting it to be. YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE IT! Stephenie never had the chance to make it into a finish product that she could present to the public the way it was intended. She knows that when she does that, then she is opening it up to criticism, as obviously seen with Breaking Dawn. But with Midnight Sun, she never even got the chance to make it what she intended for the public, fans and critics alike. So to tear it apart and point out its flaws is asinine. That’s the essence of a rough draft…its flawed and messy and chaotic. It’s not meant to be read for any other reason than as a guide to the finished copy.

    The thing I really don’t understand is why these “Dark Siders” are so adamant about the books and whether or not Stephenie will finish Midnight Sun if they feel the way they do towards it all. When I read something I don’t like or see a movie sequel that doesn’t live up to the original or anything else similar, I just move on. What’s the problem? I don’t like every book I ever buy. I read all of Dan Brown’s books and absolutely loved them until I got to Deception Point, which I didn’t get into as much as his others. But I finished it and it’s sitting on my bookshelf proudly, right next to The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons and Digital Fortress. I never fell under the delusion that Dan Brown personally let me down or violated my love and support for his writing.

    The way people are acting doesn’t make sense. It’s like everyone’s been invaded by Hosts and no one thinks like a human anymore!

  166. Meagen Hollandsworth:
    I love your last sentence! And Kaleb, everything you said,
    MAGNIFICENT. I don’t know how anyone else’s comment could be more precise and perfect as yours was. “Savior Kaleb!” :-)

  167. I agree with everything you said, Kaleb.

    I also think all the fighting going on about this matter is dumb because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  168. RE: Midnight Sun

    To quote an earlier post:

    “Stephenie is not putting the book on hold because she’s trying to “punish her fans” or “get revenge”. Stephenie is stopping because she feels betrayed and needs to heal.”

    This is so spot on, and completely to the core of the issue. Thanks for sharing that truth! I’m an author myself, and completely undrestand Stephenie’s point of view regarding Midnight Sun because I’ve been there myself.

    Believe me when I say that the inspirations that go along with authoring a book, the moods and emotions you feel during its creation are very powerful, very deep, and can come back to haunt you in the wrong situation because they can also be tenuous and fragile.

    By virtue of hungry (rabid??) fans (quasi-fans??) wanting to know ‘what happens next’ and the power of the Internet, a very sad set of circumstances were set into motion. My hope is that Stephenie will experience a breather, a healing and show of support from all of us that will enable her to re-appraoch the project after some time has passed.

    Until then, I’m not reading the
    partial she posted at her website…tempting as it is!!! (Because Stephenie in DRAFT form is 1000% better than 99.9% of anyone else writing out there!)

    Why do I take this position? Easy. Becuase the partial she has released does not, by her own admission, feature the polish, heart and full force of her talent. Edward and Bella’s story deserves that degree of impact, don’t you agree?

    Until she feels inspired to complete Midnight Sun to her satisfaction, I’ll wait, or imagine things my own way. She deserves that degree of respect, and support, from her fans after the hours of enjoyment she’s given.


    As an aside…I simply have to ask the fanbase…

    What is eveyrone’s issue with Breaking Dawn??? I felt it was a tremendous, stirring and completely awesome conclusion to the series…and it even leaves room open to explore future stories with Jake, Nessie, and the entire Cullen clan…what’s not to love??????

    Go, STEPH!!!!!!!!!

  169. This leak made me so incredibly angry. Not only did it ruin it for the rest of us fans, who were patiently waiting for Midnight Sun, it made Stephenie Meyer feel betrayed and hurt. I don’t even want to imagine how upset she is. I hope she knows that she has so many supporters out there, and that she shouldn’t give up on us.

    And any fan that is willing to give up on the series just because they didn’t agree with Breaking Dawn is sadly misguided. They should be ashamed to call themselves Twilight fans.

    And the whole mistrusting her friends thing? If you were a famous author and the entire universe was pinpointing you and analyzing everything you wrote, wouldn’t you be glad that you could have some people who you knew you could trust? Why shouldn’t she give out her manuscripts to her friends? That’s completely bogus that people would try and blame her for that.

    I agree with every word you wrote, Kaleb. I just reread the article on Stephenie being like a mother to her fans. It seems that some of them just turned into angry teenagers who blame their parents for everything. Hopefully they’ll grow up and realize they were wrong.

    Keep writing, Steph. Were all rooting for you.

  170. Thank you Kaleb. Thank you so very much. Sometimes it feels like all we ever hear from are haters. And that is probably only because they scream things at the top of their lungs (figuratively speaking.) It’s nice to hear positive things said loudly.

    I have such troubles believing that people can turn against the series so easily with out a second thought, even though I’ve read the comments for myself. I just can’t understand the lack of loyalty. Makes me sick. I’ll admit that Breaking Dawn wasn’t my favorite by far, but that is absolutly no reason for all this extreme hate! People need to be much more compassionate, understanding, and empethatic.

    And as for Midnight Sun, I’ll admit I didn’t quite like her reaction, but she has every right to do as she wishes. To have her book leaked like that must be absolutly horrible. How can anyone be so immoral??

    I wish her luck. Know that it may sound like there’s a ton of hate out there, but that’s just because the happy people don’t scream things. 😛

  171. I would like to recommend not responding to the so-called “Dark Siders.” There is absolutely nothing you can say to get them to change their minds, so don’t even try. I’ve spent a lot of time on the Amazon chat boards trying to understand what makes them “tick” and have even made a few respectful comments of my own only to be shot down with personal insults, name-calling, etc., etc. They don’t know me, they don’t know you, they don’t know Stephenie Meyer, but if someone disagrees with them, many are rude and disrespectful. I still call them the “vocal minority” (they don’t like that one bit), because they are being the loudest and most shrill with their feelings. It certainly doesn’t mean that the rest of us, the MAJORITY, feel the same way. It’s too bad we can’t be as convincing as to our feelings, but if it means resorting to the dissenters way of communicating, then I’ll stay my reasonable, quiet self. By the way, Breaking Dawn was not my favorite in the series, but I so appreciate Stephenie Meyer for allowing me to visit the world she created. It was my choice to purchase and read the books. No one forced me to do so.

  172. I agree completely with you. I only read Midnight Sun because it was at yours and Stephenie’s site. If it was at somebody else’s site, I wouldn’t have read it, I would have only read it if she published it. I feel so sorry for Stephenie. Hopefully, she calms down and finishes and publishes it, but if she doesn’t thats her choice, not the fans.

    ~ KN fan and SM fan

  173. The thing is, her fans have grown up over the past few years. They are no longer satisfied with subpar writing when they can get the same thing for free out of fan fiction. Her storytelling has improved over time, but not enough to keep up with the growing fanbase and they are disappointed.
    But you do raise good points. Harrassment isn’t nice and it should be stopped on both ends.
    The ‘dark siders’ in reality, don’t attack fans in an unreasonable way. They talk back when provoked, or they’ll make fun of someone who has no idea what they’re talking about. Now, I don’t follow absolutly everything that goes on in the amazon forums so please don’t take this opportunity to send me examples. My impression is that they are a bunch of former fans, young and old, who just want to discuss the book they didn’t like and amuse themselves by pokeing fun at it. I can’t seem to find any nasty comments on their actual site or forum.
    But hate goes both ways and can be just as vicious from a little fangirl who thinks Meyer’s work is the end all. Those who dislike the book and voice their opinions are recieving death threats. There is a video on youtube telling these nonfans kill themselves.
    What I’m actually to get at is this. Will you take the same stand to stop them as well? Or will you ignore these comments and continue to defend Meyer?
    You can’t stop the criticism and I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.
    Your popularity rides along with hers so I have a hard time believing that you really care what people think or say.

  174. Kaleb-

    I’ve been reading your site for a while now and really enjoy it. I’ve been looking for a way to express my support for Stephenie other than commenting to her on her myspace. Thanks for thoroughly covering the issues around Midnight Sun as well as Breaking Dawn. I’ve been very surprised by all of the backlash since Breaking Dawn came out. I love the Twilight Saga and love Stephenie. I’m really disappointed in the immaturity of the fanbase of late. Anyway, thanks!

  175. I would like to say that I agree with everything that was said by Kaleb! I would also like to add this point of view:
    You can still be a fan and not like a piece of work that has been done. Case in point; I love SM and almost everything that she has done, and I am still a fan. It is not an all or nothing choice that has to be made. If people do not like something, no matter what the reason, it is a right that they have. They do have the right to talk about why they didn’t like it, however I think that there is a gray area when people come one spouting hate and hide behind “I can say what I want”. Why? If you really feel that strongly find a tactful way to say it. People should listen and respect it if done in this manner. They do not have to agree with it and they should not attack you for it. Everyone should be sure enough of their own feelings to not try to change other’s feelings. I just feel like everyone is being so fickle, and needs to count to ten. I truly believe that SM needs to get to a happy place to continue to write when and if that happens I hope by then we will have all learned to play nice!

  176. Meyer is undoubtably a fantastic and gifted writer and i am really ashamed of general human nature and their love hate obsession with ‘celebrities’. Im sad to hear about Midnight Sun but i completely understand, i have not read the unfinished draft and do not intend to until it is published and i pay 30 australian dollars for it. Thanks for you great response.

  177. Amen! People have every right not to like her latest book or any other book she’s written for that matter – but it doesn’t have to be taken out on the author or the people that did like her books.
    I really hope she gets back to Midnight Sun someday – I was really looking forward to it and have no intention of reading the leaked manuscript – I don’t care if SM posted it or not.

  178. I just wish I could give Stephenie a cookie and a big hug and tell her that everything will be alright. I’m trying to be optimistic and say that Midnight Sun could possibly be published in a few years, but if not well…then I can’t really say I blame her. But at least Steph gave us a few chapters of MS to read. Oh well, one can always hope. The whole situation is just so sad, I can’t wait for it all to die down so we can finally have a little time to breathe. We Love You Stephenie, No Matter What!

  179. I agree with everything that you have said about that whole thing! Stephenie Meyer in so many ways is my hero. She has also, unknowningly, helped me to begin writing things myself. I was SO looking forward to Midnight Sun, but because of recent events I completely understand the hold on the writing. I don’t know how people can be with way to other people, the hatered in this world sickens me. I know that, as well as many other Twilight Saga/Stephenie Meyer fans, she will someday resume writing. I wont read anything she isn’t ready for the public to read

  180. Well said.

    I think that what Stephenie Meyer did was reasonable, given the circumstances. I don’t think you can comment if you’ve never written something before, like “someone you’ll prolly hate after this (I don’t hate you, just don’t agree with you)”. Writing anything requires something of you, it’s your idea, your imagination, your personality. You can’t relate to what’s happened on her level if you’ve never written. That’s not good or bad, it just is.

    In response to people saying she’s acting childish, what exactly is childish about not wanting to work on something that’s so emotionally charged right now? Every time she looks back on it, everything that happened comes flooding right back. That’s not the best state to write in. And for the whole make lemonade brigade, your main point is, from the way I see it, it’s not that bad because people will buy it anyway, she’s rich anyway, she committed to the YA genre and she must show those what a writer would do in the situations given her. Those would be good points, for an author whose main goal is money and fame. The thing is, from what I gather, Ms. Meyer writes for her own enjoyment. The first book was a dream/plot bunny that snowballed. She wrote it for her own benefit. (seriously, have you ever had a plot bunny? They don’t go away until you write them down. It doesn’t matter if you never show it to anyone, just that you write it, express it, whatever.) Just because she published doesn’t change her reasons for writing. If she was truly in it for money, then she’d be furiously writing away, greedy for when the people who call themselves fans flock to bookstores etc. BTW, Twilight came before the fans…

    The model writer thing: I think this ties in with why she writes. She never set out to be a celebrity author, she set out to express a particularly poignant dream. Just because people eat them up like the good books they are doesn’t mean she has an obligation to behave in a set manner that’s deemed acceptable by the (biased) populace. I think she’s doing the right thing by saying no, I’m not going to work on this until i can separate the work from the drama surrounding it. ( she never said (yet) whether she will or won’t finish it, she’s just set it aside.) Otherwise, bashing out a sub-par piece just because people demand it is betraying her original motivations for writing, and is the real punishment to her fans, I believe. I’d rather wait years for a really beautiful piece like the part she has up on her site than a few more months for a sub-par piece of forced crap.

    Regarding fans: Fans will be fans. There are a myriad of kinds of fans, I’m sure anyone who bothers to read this knows the kinds. No one is saying fans are required to slaver over everything that she’s written. There are things I -Love- about the series, and some things I don’t like, but I love the series as a whole. I call myself a fan of Stephenie Meyer’s writings because I enjoy it. Fans grow and change. Just because they absolutely adore it one year, that love for it can fade or become bitter. They aren’t required to stay fans of something forever.

    I never heard about the negative response to Breaking Dawn and the leak of MS until I read it on her site and here. I think that those who trash her personally because of the story are classless, childish individuals who need a wake-up call. I think those who have problems with the storyline are entitled to their opinions, and indeed, both sides are needed.

    I suppose, to sum this up, I support Stephenie Meyer in whatever she does. I would love to see MS right next to the others on my bookshelf, to paraphrase Ms. Meyer, but if she feels that it is impossible to continue, (I am hopeful that she will continue it for the love of writing, not because people are forcing her to) then I’m willing to accept the portion that she has written so wonderfully. I think that “anti’s” need to chill, after all it’s just a really good series, there’s no need to bash an author for how she wanted her story to end or how she deals with a gross violation of her rights as an author.

  181. i was sad to hear what had happen i didn’t even know until i was told at work (wal-Mart)in clinton, utah. we were very upset about the whole thing. i have only been to her offical website. and have not heard about the leak until it was at work it was lunch time about 3 in morning. but i hope she hold her head and finish the book anyway. what i have so far it looks to be good book that will finish the saga. men have brains that are wired different than women do. we think with our heart and most men don’t think. to let you know i have all 4 books and have read them 2 times now and the host.my job is very boring at 3 in morning and i’m last one to go lunch and your books have me to stay awake. i’m a people greeter at work graveyard shift. i’ sorry for what to you.

  182. Amen.

    While she may be a brilliant writer, Stephenie Meyer is a person first. She should do whatever she feels she needs to do–and we, as readers, should support her in whatever that may be.

    As a writer myself, I understand how awful it is to have someone read a beginning draft of a story. As a rule, first drafts of anything are horrible; it is the revision that refines voice and syntax, shapes characters, and truly brings out the story. To even put pen to paper in the first place, a writer has to make him/herself vulnerable. It is a terrifying, even painful experience to have an unfinished piece of writing exposed in such a disrespectful manner, even for published writers such as Ms. Meyer. That said, the criticism she has received at the hands of her “fans” is despicable. I applaud her for the way she has handled it.

    Instead of criticizing her judgment or her writing, perhaps we should all be grateful for the five and a half wonderful books she has already given us. As is clear from the recent reactions, it is more than we deserve.

  183. I wrote a response to the leak on my blog, but Kaleb, you said it better than I could. About the leak, I agree with everything you said. Stephenie has every right to feel hurt and betrayed because her work was stolen. I haven’t published anything (aside from a few stories on Fanfiction) but I do enjoy writing. At the same time, I am very hesitant to let other people read my work. And this wasn’t even a finished draft, that she was proud of and ready to publish. This was an early copy that was not meant to be seen by the whole world.

    I’d like to blame the people who read the leaked draft, especially those who knew that it was a leak. After she posted it on her website, I read all 200-plus pages, and it convinced me that if she ever decides to finish MS, it will be a huge success. I was hooked. I will be disappointed if she decides to abandon it entirely, but she certainly has that right and I won’t blame her for it.

    About Breaking Dawn: Honestly, you can’t respond to the criticism until you’ve read the book. That sounds condescending, but Breaking Dawn is so different that you need to forget all of your assumptions about the series and Stephenie’s world. Everyone has their own opinions about BD, but the fact is that it is a very strong departure from the first three. Some fans hated it, and others loved it, and some grew to like it. Personally, I was shocked in the beginning, expected to hate it through the middle, and loved it in the end.

    The criticisms that attack Stephenie personally are completely unwarranted. At the same time, once you read BD, you’ll understand why some people hate the plot. The main conflict revolves around an event that we all thought was impossible in her world. I can’t say anything more without spoiling it, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  184. Stephenie was caught between a rock and hard place.

    If she didn’t post her incomplete draft of MS, then the only way to look at it would be through an illegal, immoral posting. Every person interested in the story would then have to make their own honesty choice of whether to look or not.

    If she decided to share the partial draft, then, as she put it, “my readers don’t have to feel they have to make a sacrifice to stay honest”.

    Her hand was forced and all of the joy of finishing and distributing the story the way she wanted to was long gone.

    (Just a thought: Maybe all of these events will inspire future character studies for Stephenie. Oh, I can only hope!)

  185. I remember being completely shocked at the reaction from Breaking Dawn. I am a Twilight Fan, I love Stephenie’s books..and I was so elated just by the fact there was going to be a forth book to the series!

    I don’t blame her at all for not wanting to finish the book..I would do the exact same thing. I only feel sad that I couldn’t read the end. =P

  186. I totally beleive that Stephanie deserves a break after what happened with Midnight sun. It kills me to see the way some of her so called fans are treating her it’s ridiculous. I hope she can get through this because she is an amazing person that deserves the best. It’s sad that Midnight sun is going to be a while but she has every right to do so and I support her completley. Go Stephanie!

  187. I cannot believe some of these people. Who cares about what’s Stephenie’s friggin hair looks like, anti-Twilighters?!? *virtual punch*
    And the thing about her being a Mormon is SO prejudiced. Our religion (I’m a Mormon too, Mormon-haters) is always ridiculed by people who don’t just REALIZE that the Americas were founded for religious freedom. *snort*
    Those people who leaked it are kinda disgusting.
    We need some true fans.

  188. I completely agree with everything you have written and I only wish the best for Stephenie and her family. I don’t think that we as fans or people in general have any right to judge her or her work but only embrace her decisions as the artist, because that is what she is. I can only hope that she will see the amount of support there is from her real fans and that it will give her a little more strength in these ugly times.

  189. I generally agree with whoever said she was being childish. As someone who’s in the public eye so much, she needs to be able to just do her job. If she was only ‘writing for herself’ like she says she is, then she wouldn’t care that people saw it. And so it wasn’t perfect? Guess what hun, neither was Breaking Dawn, and that was actually published!

    And you mentioned that when Harry Potter leaked, it was always finished. Well, yeah. Because JKR wasn’t dumb enough to give the manuscript to people before she was finished with it. Common sense, people.

    Overall, I support Stephenie. She seems like a genuinely good person, but I don’t think she should put herself out in the world so much if she can’t take people hating her. She’s being too sensitive. Guess what? Sometimes people just suck. Overall. For no reason.


  190. Well, Stephenie Meyer has one thing in common with Bella anyways, she seems to inspire passionate responses from many people who encounter her. Just look at the black and white nature of the comments people are making here, from declarations of absolute loyalty, to vitriol laden ridicule. And the lables! You are either a ‘True Fan’ or a ‘Dark Sider’. It’s an online war, with people taking sides, declaring you’re either with us or against us, and to hell with human decency and classiness.

    NO ONE IS BLACK AND WHITE FOLKS. Stephenie Meyer is a human being, not an angel or a demon. Glorifying her or demonizing her simply does her, and yourselves, a diservice. You will be wrong either way, and look like a Jerry Springer contestant in the meantime. I mean it’s entertaining for observers, but kind of sad.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Kaleb’s and Nate’s discussions on Stephenie’s announcement and the ensuing uproar. There were a very few other responses I enjoyed reading also, that were thoughtful, well articulated opinions of the situation. Most of the others were ad hominem ridden attacks on ‘the other side’ coupled by extreme glorification of ‘their side’.

    Stephenie has the artistic license to write and publish however she pleases. We have the right to judge her actions as we please. BUT with these rights, comes responsibilities. So far, we have turned the stage into a verbal war with Stephenie in the metaphorical no-mans land in the middle. We do not have an exchange of ideas here in the slightest, no thoughtful discourse, no engaging dialogue. We have vitriol, back and forth, and it’s not going to change a thing. Stephenie seems to me like a person who does things in her own time, in her own way, and will not be bullied. Make her the centre of emotional warfare, and you will see her retreat into her familial safe zone, where she is perfectly happy to be, ignoring all the angry people and the effusive people and the desparate people fighting around the perimeter on her behalf. Whether or not you think this is appropriate behavior, this is the way it is.

    Treat her with respect, treat fellow posters with respect, and even if she never publishes Midnight Sun, you’ll still respect yourself. And if she does publish it eventually, you will have the pleasure of knowing you were a part of why she did.

  191. I completely agree with this. I’m a writer, and if anyone did this to me I would kill–literally kill–them. Something you’ve written is almost like a part of your soul, and when someone disrespects that…well, I’m sorry, but if you’re saying that Stephanie Meyer is in the wrong, you obviously don’t know what it’s like to put that much of yourself into something that gets ruined.

  192. I had not registered the idea that Mrs. Meyer had probably lent out Midnight Sun pre the huge blow out of the Twilight series. This issue makes so much more sense to me now and I completely empathize with what she is going through, although I hope she does change her mind one day and we all get to read Midnight Sun legally!

    Negative attacks, cruel words and nit picking unfortunatly are as much apart of the internet as the sky is blue, it’s the mob mentality. It’s also easier to dump on someone when they aren’t their to defend themselves, it’s really quite cowardly. When you take into account that a huge portion of the Twilight fan base are teenage girls (I’m 31) who are sometimes lacking in forethought, but never in passion perhapes this explains things a bit, although it doesn’t make it right. I don’t think I’ve ever met a creature with more potential for cruelty than a 16 year old girl, not imagine a few thousand of them… scary!

  193. hi kaleb

    first i want to thank you for this article. it was beautifully composed, well written, and all around very positive toward stephenie. i am a long time fan of the series and actually based my summer plans around events in the book(i actually was able to go to bella italia, the restraunt where edward took bella and first revealed that he was a vampire, and eat the mushroom ravioli(it was delicious)i met another fan there and we spent our entire time there discussing the pro’s and cons of team edward or team jacob). i did not adore/worship Breaking Dawn in the way that i did the first three, however i did find that it was alright from a literary stand-point. i respect stephenie meyer’s desision to not publish midnight sun(though i was looking foward to it probably even more than breaking dawn)and i did read it off her site and thought that for a rough draft, it was pretty good. authors send their books out into the world, like ships into the sea, hoping they will not be ruined by critisism or in the boats case storms of rage, lightning and shipwrecks. if torn apart by every critic then people would stop writting and stop living. this is why i still support SMeyer.

  194. Thank you for writing this article. I’ve read a lot of bashing comments about SM and I really think those ‘fans’ need to shut up. I support SM all the way. I’m recommending this article to my friends.
    I think only immature people can’t appreciate Breaking Dawn.
    I can’t thank you enough for writing this beautiful article.
    We <3 you SM! :)

  195. whoooo! go kaleb!! stand up for steph m. !!!!! if people dont like her books they shouldnt read them, and those who do can cheer her on. !!

  196. I’ve written a long blog post (for me) in retaliation to this, and I’m going to summarize it.

    I am tired of these flame wars between the so called ‘haterz’ and ‘fangirls’. These are books, we are all entitled to our opinions. That said you need to have well thought out reasons to your opinions, or I won’t except them.

    I haven’t met Stephenie herself, so I feel it presumptuous to say that she is childish, immature, ect. That said, I also feel it presumptuous to believe that she’s a wonderful person because AGAIN, I do not know her.

    Kaleb, I don’t like how you generalized authors, because I think (my opinion) that the decision was not a bright one. Stephenie’s getting plenty of positive feedback about MS, everyone ignoring her typos. My friend spread around a short story I wrote just for her to see (and told her so), and I eventually find out that she showed others the story. I freaked at her, for disregarding my wishes, but I was very happy with all of the people who told me that my story was really good.

    Um… can’t really think of anything else to say.

  197. Again, I must defend myself. I don’t see anywhere in what I wrote where I said I spoke for all authors. I have gone up and down what I wrote trying to find where these people see that I have the audacity to speak for all authors: it just isn’t in there. I spoke for myself and for Stephenie’s supporters.
    I do have well thought out reasons to my opinions. I know Stephenie. I did not notice much about Twilight until after I watched dozens of videos of Stephenie on Youtube, because after seeing how good she is, I wanted to treat my future readers the way she treats hers.
    Hundreds of others have met her. I am making a video of them describing what Stephenie is like in person to combat these attacks on her character from real people who have met her. You will see it on this site soon.
    Thanks for commenting, though. I understand that others may have other opinions and I respect that. I am only trying to be a voice in a place where Stephenie cannot easily defend herself from these attacks without being misconstrued and making things worse.

  198. I agree! The Twilight Saga is done; she didn’t have to continue writing anything that had to do with the saga, but she decided to finish BD anyways. In other words, Breaking Dawn was just a great side benefit that we were to receive.

    Now that the story has been leaked, I don’t blame her for putting it on the back burner. Some may call it a “childish” thing to do, but I call it a vacation from writing a book that isn’t vital to the series, just to the fans.

    I understand that there is no way that her decision could have made anyone completely happy; we were all expecting the book to come out. But for the sheer numbers of people out there who are so upset with Stephenie’s reaction to the problem, that they have resorted to heated and vicious bashing comments, I am surprised. I am aware that you are entitled to your own opinions, and they may differ from mine. But I would think your words would be better directed towards the rightful source of this outrage: the illegal distributor(s) of BD.

    Or, maybe this is why so many commenters have claimed that Stephenie “talks down to her fans;” because, maybe it was them who she was talking about when she expressed her disappointment that her fans would distribute and/or read illegal copies of her work.

  199. Whoa, I completely got my books mixed up; please insert “Midnight Sun” into all the places that I wrote “Breaking Dawn” in my above post. *Slaps forehead*

  200. *sigh* it made me incredibly sad when I found out such a terrible thing had happened to Stephanie. I might not be her biggest supporter. But still, I am her supporter. This is an incredibly brilliant defense of her. She’s lucky that you have her back.




  202. Thank you for writing a well, thought-out response that sums up my feelings. Those backstabbing, immature fans have totally pissed me off. You don’t like the series? You don’t like Breaking Dawn? That’s fine. There’s no need to be rude and make nasty comments about Stephenie. She doesn’t write to please fans… she just writes what she wants to write, and she wants to share it with us. I am upset about the leak.. and I read it after she posted it on her site… It is a pity we might never get to see the completed version because I LOVED it. I have to admit that I didn’t like BD as much, but Midnight Sun brought the magic back.

  203. I completely support Stephenie Meyer and her decision to put Midnight Sun on hold. A couple of my friends went and read it, but personally I tried to put myself in her shoes. As I am myself working on a story, I tried to picture how I would feel if MY ‘friends’ had gone around and showed it to other people without my permission. I would be extremely upset and betrayed, especially if it the story wasn’t done yet and I didn’t feel READY to show to anyone yet. I do not beleive her reaction to be childish, immature or anyother colorful adjectives people have been saying. I am, of course, hoping that someday she can find it in her heart to forgive us and want to write the rest of Midnight Sun, but until then, I have made the personal choice to not read the copy of it on her page. But, without a doubt, I support Stephenie Meyer one- hundered and fifty percent.

  204. I am a very dedicated Twilight fan and was dramatically effected by the loss of Midnight Sun. I have met Stephanie Meyer and I thought she was very sweet and loving towards her fans. And I understand why she has decided this and that it may still happen, but Im not quite sure if its the same decision I would have made. I have nothing against Stephanie because I find her to be very charming and glorious enough to create such a wonderful book. But, again, I feel that if I was put in her position I would have handled it differently. Im not saying ‘better’ just ‘differently’. I wouldnt have let someone I thought to be trustworthy that decieved me, take away something I really wanted. Someone like that isnt worthy of the Twilight Series and should not be the sole reason for Midnight Sun’s disappearence. In past interviews Stephanie has stated that it would be her dream to see the 5 Twilight books on the shelves in bookstores across the country. And if she still believes that then I know she will make the right decision and continue to write Midnight Sun. And whether or not it will be seen on shelves, atleast she continued something that really meant a lot to her. So, Im not going to be so depressed quite yet, cause in my mind I still see the characters and all the stories they have left to tell. Hopefully that will be enough to get through the rough parts. Im sure everyone can understand that. And, again, I have nothing against Stephenie Meyer, in fact, I support her decision even though its not the one Im most happy with.

  205. Sorry, more to read. I forgot to say that Stephanie has every right to her feelings and I send her lots of sympathy. I know it couldnt be easy to go through this and make such a big decision

  206. Hmm I’m reading through all these bd haters vs. bd lovers and the Anti Meyer groups and i just have to say, I’m laughing my ass off.
    It’s a book, nothing more nothing less. Yes we can be fans of it or we can hate it. But at least debate the book in a mature fashion instead of the name calling and the threatening you see on the forums.
    Oh btw. Kaleb great post. I like what you wrote and it was well thought out. :)
    When I read BD, all I could think of was.. “Well this book sucked compared to her others.” But I kept on reading anyways and just got over it. All authors have some bad ones and some good ones. Not everyone likes the same style and theme of writing. It’s all a matter of opinion.
    The immature thing about it though is getting so flusterred over it. I can see people going, Boy that sucked, but not actually getting really pissed about it!
    On the Bd Lover side, some poeple on the forums for The Twilight Saga are worshipping the ground for BD. They are also doing the same thing that the bd haters are doing, trashing the other side. There are no “true” fans to a book. There are only fans, people who enjoy the books.
    Then about Midnight Sun, I feel very sorry for Meyer. She worked hard on Midnight Sun amongst all the work with the other books. Being betrayed by a friend like that must’ve hurt and should never happen to someone who is willing to share their life’s work. I don’t blame her for not writing it. With time, I think she’ll continue it but she needs a break right now.
    **Excuse all gramatical mistakes and typos. My writing hasn’t been the best lately 😛

  207. I agree with your point for the most part, and I’m quite happy that it was written in a mature and calm manner, unlike most fans who cannot stand even a small about of critic for the book. I have mixed feeling about SM and this leak business. I myself would be quite angry if my book was leaked without asking and therefore breaking the law and my trust, but I think she made a bigger deal out of it then needed. She could have adressed it, yes, but posting 12 of the chapters made a bigger mess than before. I, and like others I read before, didn’t know anything of any leak ’til she mentioned it. I come on your blog once in a while, so I heard it here first, much, much later as it were, and after reading this… well… I just stated the first of my opinions; That she could have handled it better, but I do feel for her.

    The second is that the reason most are bashing her and turning anti is because, me and others were very unsatisfied with this final book. I can’t tell you anything, as you’ve asked us readers of your blog several times before, but once you read it… it will make a great deal of sense why many are already upset with her and her way she answered questions about the book’s response in interviews.

    The third and final point is thus: I am very sad about how you feel about Anti’s. I have read many of the things they have said and commented on and find them to be wonderful people, smart and cunning a noble. I know that not every fan is like this, but most fans of Twilight block out the betters ones, those that can take anything thrown at the books, even those that might be true, and not blow up and screaming horrid words and other terrible things.

    For instance, one fan on Amazon wrote this letter to an Anti, which she posted on the fourums. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/For-The-Lurker-Lilith/forum/Fx1GAA6GYWX8459/Tx2WUTB4ZT9C4R/1/ref=cm_cd_ef_tft_tp?_encoding=UTF8&asin=031606792X

    Once you finish the series, take some to talk with the people, they aren’t so bad, in fact, I find them better company than those that hold the books above Harry Potter, a classic. I say that not as biased, but that both series have different morals and messages and shouldn’t be compared.

    If anyone reads this rant, know that I am now on the bridge between anti and fan… my own twilight so to say, cliche aside. There is no such thing as a true fan, only those who are on one side or inbetween.

    Thanks for reading if you did.

  208. Im sorry, but to all the anti-twilighters who continue to lash out against the people who do care about the books and Stephanie Meyer herself, you guys are wasting your time. You can say unnecessary comments and almost rude remarks but its not going to change the way people feel about the Twilight Saga. And you can say ‘its a good book but thats just it, its only a book’ and people will still continue to read them, because Stephanie has created something that reaches out to people. I actually feel sorry for you because to make a book come to life in your mind, you must take it all in and understand its background and all its meaning. And thats what we Twilight Lovers are doing. So go ahead and post comments on your little websites and maintain all your anger against Stephanie cause your just taking away from your own free time. Leave us alone and let us discuss something we love. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just because we like spending our time living out these fantasies doesnt give you the right to criticize us. Sometimes we like to escape the stresses of our own lives and settle down with something we truly strive for, a true love. So, lets just leave it at that. We continue to read and you dont. If you ask me, you guys are the ones missing out

  209. Um…wow. That’s all I can say. Kaleb, you get MAJOR props from me for writing this.

    I’m sick and tired of people acting as if we’re entitled to this book. Because we’re not. Mrs. Meyer is not being “selfish” at all. It’s not about us, guys. People don’t write books simply for the fans, often times they do it for themselves (however, I can’t speak for Mrs. Meyer, as I have never met her). So stop whining. Please. Can’t we all join together, show her our support, and help her through this difficult time? Maybe if we actually showed her that we cared about HER and not just some BOOK, she’d feel like continuing it. Just something to think about.

    Once again Kaleb…wow. I’m so glad you posted this. I appreciate you being civil about this, as hard as I know it must be.

  210. (I’m trying to express my feelings as kind as possible. I may or may of not succeeded)

    Stephenie is a professional writer. I understand that being a writer is different from other careers, but it’s still just that: a career. She chose to sell her work for money, and thus made writing, not only a hobby, but a job. She no longer does it for herself. She may enjoy her work, but, like any job, she does have standards to meet. She doesn’t HAVE to meet any of them, but if she doesn’t, some people are bond to complain. Some say she meet the standards, others disagree.

    I’m not saying that she had to please all her fans (that’s impossible), what I’m sayig is if people don’t think she did her job right, of course they’re going to say something about it. And if they have good points (which many do (and not just because of the plot)), than I say, by all means do express your opinions. I don’t think people should bash Stephenie herself, but her work is out for people to judge and comment about. That comes with the career choice.

    As for the MS leak… I thought it was a terrible thing to happen. I think Stephenie has the right to feel bad. And I understand why she no longer wants to pursue the project. HOWEVER I don’t agree with her choice. If something goes wrong with your job (something awful, even), you don’t just quit. I mean you can, and she has, but it’s normally not the best choice since it’s bond to hurt your career, and people expecting to receive your work. It’s human nature to want to quit, but unprofessional to do so.

    I don’t hate Stephenie. I think she made bad choices, that I sympathize with, but disagree with. I don’t like when people bash Stephenie, but criticizing her work, and bashing her are not the same. If people have reasons her hating BD, then let them express them, just as those who love BD can express their opinions.

  211. I feel terrible that people are bashing and judging Ms. Meyers for wanting to put writing of Midnight Sun on hold. I don’t blame her at all. (I can’t imagine what she’s going through and feeling after her trust was betrayed like that.) Like she said on her website writing it in her frame of mind now would not be good for the story and it would turn out all wrong. I am sad because just like any other true Twilight fan I was looking forward to reading MS and learn more about the story from Edward’s point of view.
    I just want to say when it comes to Breaking Dawn I don’t know how any true fan can be mad/unhappy with how the story ended. Ms. Meyer has said that she has known for years how the story was going to end.(I read it I think on her website.) I LOVED Breaking Dawn. I was very happy w/the story and how it ended. I thought it was a great end to a great love story.
    Thank you Ms. Meyer for creating such a wonderful story and book series. Whenever I’m in a bad mood or having a bad day I pick up one of the books in the Twilight Saga and it usually will make me happy & smile. I will always be a fan of Ms. Meyer’s and will always support her no matter what she decides to do.

  212. I’m really upset that because someone decided to leak Midnight Sun that we have to suffer.

    And then people are out there complaining about Breaking Dawn not being how they wanted it like they control how Stephenie writes. And thier also complaining about the movie. Who care’s if you dont like Robert Patterson as Edward, who are you to critize and judge? Just dont go see the movie, burn everything Twilight you have and relinquish your role as a Twillight fan. Goodbye.

    Back to Midnight Sun.People what would you do if something precious to you was leaked without our permission???? I dont blame her for putting it on hold indefinatley.

    Yeah i would love to beg and plead with her to keep writing it because edward’s pov is interesting but i’m not because no matter what we say its her decision. and i just want everyone to GET OFF HER BACK because she is a vampire genius. And what ever she decides is fine with me.

    And please dont mess up the movie with a stunt like this again people, because then we will really be deprived of our Twilightness. Also if you dont like Twilight fine you dont like it. Leave it alone let the rest of us who adore the series be. Dont ruin Stephenie’s and our’s happiness just because your bitter and jealous. Go get a life and leave us alone.

  213. Everybody knows about Edward, and the characters of Twilight. But who influenced Stephanie Meyers to create some of those characters, that may still be a mystery, but I do know who her boyfriend and prom date was in High school. On my blog, temparoo.blogspot.com I will be publishing my exclusive interview with her old high school fling. Please come and check it out, it might explain more detail as to some of the characteristics and influences of her writing.


    Mitchell Brave

  214. I really didn’t like Breaking Dawn (I won’t get into all the reasons why… it’s an exhaustive list…). The series could have ended with Eclipse and I think it would have been fine. However, I will say this: loved it or hated it, I have tremendous respect for the fact that she’s been able to do something I haven’t: write a freakin’ book! And not just A book, many books! AND get them published. Whether you like the series or not, that’s pretty freakin’ impressive.
    All the stuff with Midnight Sun is so disappointing. But understandable. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were her. She’s a professional, sure, it’s a job, sure, but writing’s so much more than that for somebody who really loves telling stories. The situation must have been so disheartening.

  215. Response to post 101.

    I will save the whales. I agree you don’t have to like a certain book to be a fan of an author or series.

    You’d feel “sad”? Do you write? Because, as said in the article, a piece of your soul does go into writing – as long as you care about what you’re writing. So try devastated. Her trust has been betrayed, her uncensored emotions have been poured into that draft. You can’t write a range of emotions (especially happiness, elation, joy, etc) when you only feel one emotion; sadness.
    I suppose it does seem like she is punishing fans. But, really, she’s doing them a favour. Do you really think that if she carried on writing, that it would hold the same emotion that had (and still has) people adoring Twilight so much? If she went ahead with writing Midnight Sun, her work would be shoddy, and contain none of the aspects that enchanted so many people in Twilight. And what would happen then? She would be even MORE highly criticized for the bad writing, and although I have never met Stephenie, I don’t think she’d want to sell
    bad writing to anyone, regardless of wether they loved her books or hated them.

    This thing has happened to lots of people, but, in my opinion, that just makes it worse. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t make it okay. And, personally, I think the emotions behind the writing are a little more personal than nude pictures. (Of course, that’s my OPINION – some people are bound to disagree) Where has she “moaned”? Can you provide me with some links please? As I ony know of the one statement she made, but I could be wrong.

    Maybe, as her fans support her more, she will continue to write, but people have to understand that GOOD writing is based largely on the emotions you have when you’re writing. Do you consider yourself a hater? I think you’re just someone with an opinon, because you hated one book doesn’t mean you’re a “hater” or not a fan, it means you didn’t like that book. Breaking Dawn isn’t a £50 note, not everyone’s gonna like it.

    The petition is a form of support. As all petitions are. You don’t pledge your respect, you pledge that you believe in the cause being petitioned. And I’m not sure what you mean by “weird”. And I absoloutely agree that personal comments are completely out of line. How has she “not respected” you though? I don’t understand that at all. Maybe I’m missing something…

    I don’t think you’re not a fan if you didn’t like certain books, but you shouldn’t dislike a person because of what they write (when it’s fiction, at least)

    Anyway, I completely agree with the article. ^_^ And Keeley (no. 264) your post is great.


    P.S – Sorry if I’ve misinterpreted anything.

  216. Well, all I can say is, I wish this had happened with Breaking Dawn, instead. Then that trash might never have hit the shelves.

    And some comments I found interesting:

    “Opinions are one thing, but demands and threats are completely out of line.”

    Tell that to the rabid Twitards who key cars and threaten anyone who even mentions in passing a minor dislike for the series with bodily injury. Tell that to the rabid Twitards who think that they’re the only ones with the right to Freedom of Speech.

    “Her private thoughts, rough sketchings and ideas coming together in a story that wasn’t even halfway completed yet.”

    The story is technically complete already. Remember, Midnight Sun is just a rewritten version of Twilight, from Edward’s POV. I don’t see why it’s such a problem for her to keep writing; it’s not like character development or plot is in any way an issue. But then, I’m not a mindless Twihard, so I wouldn’t know.

    “most of the people lurking on those boards are frightening and i think they should seek medical help. especially those that talk of making videos of taking chain saw to thier books. and wishing death on people because they differ in opinion.”

    Right, because the Twitards NEVER do anything like wishing death on people who have a different opinion… HOWAIT!!!

    “ell me j how would you feel if some teenager decided that you gave good advice and accidentally burned their house down? or what if somebody got hurt listening to your stupid advice? what if someone died? how would you feel then? would you pat yourself on the back?”

    Oh boo-hoo. If someone decides to burn their books and burns down their house, that’s they’re problem. Stupidity is rampant all over the world, I’ll be damned if I’ll take the blame for anyone else’s.

    “‘The woman is a HACK.’ I think you have it all wrong.”

    But… she is a hack. If she ever wrote something actually decent, I think I might faint from shock.

    “She gave a very detailed, informative answer under the BREAKING DAWN section on the FAQ page.”

    That’s funny, because she has never given a satisfactory answer to any question she’s ever been asked. “Why can’t Edward read Bella’s mind?” “Cause it’s all super-speshul and PRIVATE, duh!” Which makes absolutely no sense, because someone who has a ‘private’ mind wouldn’t have such a readable face. And her explanation about vamp powers is complete tripe, because what human characteristic would lead to fricking elemental powers? electricity? And the next person who says ‘shocking personality’ will earn a dunce cap.

    Plus, Meyer mutilates classic lore.

    And yeah… I’ve gotta go before all the mindless praise loses me some IQ points.

  217. yea, i agree with you and all but still…her fans trusted her to continue writing it…
    and now she might not. its quite unfair if u think about it
    so yea, she should writing Midnight Sun. and if she publishes it, even more poeple would want to buy it

  218. she’s obviously not mature enough to be a real writer. jkr was always careful about who knew what about her books, this idiot handed it out to people and then got upset when they did what anyone with the internet would do and posted it, because people didnt like it and said so.

  219. stephenie meyers was unwrongfully hurt so what she gave it ppl she trusted. It a preavil to get to see a draft. having her draft get leaked was wrong and tottaly against the copyright laws. although i am upset that her draft was leaked i still wish she countine writing for her fans who still love and cherish her work.

  220. stephenie meyers was unwrongfully hurt so what she gave it ppl she trusted. It a preavil to get to see a draft. having her draft get leaked was wrong and tottaly against the copyright laws. although i am upset that her draft was leaked i still wish she countine writing for her fans who still love and cherish her work.

  221. I’m not really a write but i do write poems well so here one i just made up now:
    Through hardship and batraly
    From the lies and the stories
    You must move on and stay strong
    As the saying goes while the weak survie the strong prevail
    But now the strongest of them all is slowy slowy falling down
    And to her honor we must obay
    For once upon time this star could shine

    I know this isnt the best or the greatest but it what i think and know that she problemy feels. I will always love her books and i will always read and talk to my friends about them. And no matter what ppl say ill be to defend her cause it was her draft and it was what she wrote. And someone took that from and her and put it all over the internet. She was wronged and she desreved to know that there are people out there who love and cherish and prasie her work. I know i do. So thank so much for giving me a chance to say wat i feel.
    Thank so much kaleb and i hope stephenie heals soon. She deserve happniess and she deserved her fans.

  222. I just came back to this website recently to check up on things, and I must say, this is getting pathetic. Come on Twilighters! I know how hard it is but this is old news! Whatever Stephenie Meyer writes, something is going to disappoint you and its not her fault, its just the fact that everyone has a different vision of Twilight and their own love story. I bet if you really truly thought about it, you could finish Midnight Sun. Reach into the beautiful Edward’s mind and pull out your own version. What do you think he was thinking. I bet it could really be romantic. And I’m not saying you can’t be upset, cause I know I am. And you don’t have to take my advice…this is just what I’ve done to cope and it has REALLY helped

  223. I’ve just discovered the Twilight series and i read a book a day. Stephanie has an amazing talent that she chose to share with the world, she didn’t have to. But her generosity has been completely abused. No one has the right to take her writings and give them to the world except for her. I would hate it if my unfinished works were put on display when i knew they weren’t my best yet. She has every right to withold this book….even though i’m praying she won’t…because it’s her book, her thoughts, her writings, no one has a claim to them. I love the Twilight series and it’s a wonderful escape that i pray won’t end because of people selfishness and temper tantrums. For all my fellow Twilighters who stand behind Stephanie thank you.

  224. People who put Stephenie Meyer down are not true fans! Everything happens for a reason, so maybe somehow, there was a good reason for this. I know it sounds hard to believe at some point of views, but maybe she just needed more time with her family, or a break from writing. If she decides to finish writing Midnight Sun or not, I trust her and I will always be a loyal fan to her! I completely understand why she would stop writing Midnight Sun, and people can’t compare her to J.K. Rowling! They are completely different people who had completley different situations! I support Stephenie Meyer!

  225. I love the twilight series. Everyone has a right to their opinion. My opinion happens to be that I am very disappointed that she stopped writting Midnight Sun. She does have every right to, but I really wish that she would just take a break and finish writing it. I would be upset too. But there are so many people out there who loved her books and they were looking forward to this.

    I personally loved Breaking Dawn! I dont know why so many people didnt like it. If I had to chose the one I didnt like..it would be New Moon. She is a very great author. So what if you didnt like her views..its a BOOK! You didnt have to read it! So stop saying that she is such a terrible person. It is a fictional story. There are worse out there…why dont you complain about those for a while? Seriously.

    I can honestly say that I hate books. And her books I do have to say are the only ones that I really loved. The ones I read for fun! I finished the series in less than a week. I couldnt put them down. Finally something I enjoyed. I hated to see the series end. But I am not complaining about how it ended.

    I would love to read edward’s point of view. I really wish that she would finish it and publish it. She has an amazing gift of imagination and I would hate to let her let go of such an amazing idea.

    Thats all I have to say!

  226. Amazingly enough, I actually disagree with you. I dislike the Twilight series, and I don’t care what arguments you attempt, it is completely childish of her to stop writing because she is upset about a leak on the Internet. Authors and artists get their works leaked all the time– and yeah, they get upset about it. Do they suddenly decide “Oh, I’m never going to write another word or play another note or draw another picture ever ever again!”? No. They face the facts, talk about the leak, laugh it off, and keep working. So there is no reason why Stephenie Meyer has to throw a tantrum over something that happens to all famous people. It’s reality, Steph. Get over it.

    As for people threatening others who like Twilight… I’m confused. I have never seen an anti-Twilighter threaten anyone for their views, or even directly accuse them of being “wrong.” What I have seen is rabid Twilight fans keying cars, assaulting people, and threatening death to those who dislike the Twilight series. I once read a tragically true story about a girl who, on the way home from the Twilight movie, simply commented to the friend she was with that she didn’t really like the movie. Another girl overheard and yelled at her for it. The next day, the first girl was walking home from school when the girl who’d yelled at her stepped out of the bushes and, with the help of some friends, beat the first girl on the head, torso and knees with their backpacks, even holding her down while they punched her– all for “being mean to Stephenie Meyer.” The first girl was not badly injured, but she did get very bruised and sore, and actually ended up having to limp while she walked because her legs hurt so much.

    And yet you accuse us of being frightening.

  227. And we DON’T hate Mormons or her hairdo! At least, not the people on TwilightSucks.com, a.k.a. the most civil Twilight-related website out there. I mean, hell, my fifth-grade teacher was Mormon, and she was one of the greatest people I’ve ever known! And I actually wish I had hair like hers… my hair is boring- brunette, wavy, long, like everyone else’s. She has red, curly hair. Do you know how much I wished I had red, curly hair as a child?

    Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. I just wanted to encourage you all to visit TwilightSucks.com, where haters, neutrals, and open-minded fans can come to engage in light discussion and debate about the Twilight series and its cult following. So no, it’s not a haters-only website. If you’re a fan who is willing to admit that the series isn’t flawless and that some people don’t like it, the TwilightSucks community will welcome you with open arms. We just dislike rabids.

    –Proud TwilightSucks member

  228. leigh (270) she just didnt give her books to any old person. she gave it to her trusted loyal friends awhile ago to get their opinions on what they thought before she even became and author. so while you say she just gave to some person and didnt expect them to put it on the internet, it was one of her close friends who she was looking for an opinion now. Now like 12 years later they decided to post it on the internet because they knew the effect it would have and the publicity and teh drama. Of course she wasnt going to expect they were going to post it, this was a trusted friend whom she wanted an opinion on not some person she didnt know. She’s 29 of course shes mature enough to be mature. Besides JK Rowling’s situation is a littlle bit different, she never gave her unedited roughdraft scripts to anyone or posted them until after the final books themselves were published. Besides MS before she was another was Twilight from her dream before she made Twilight. So like last year when she decided to make it into a book this person decide then after all these years to post it because of the effect it would have or they just werent thinking. Stephenie’s obviously not an idiot because you got the whole story mixed up thinking she’s an idiot for entrusting her friend with an idea she had. Yea this is the real world, she obviously can handle it, but most people just need to grow up or move on because they turning the whole thing upside down. The whole MS leak went way out of hand. Yea people are arrogant and need to get a life, obviously or this wouldnt have happened. I think your the idiot for believing that Stephenie’s and idiot and not comepletely knowing the whole situation. Maybe you should read the article again and all the comments, maybe then you might understand whats going on instead of mixing things up.

  229. i agree with EVERYTHING that you’ve written above, twilightguy. even though i am NOT a writer, i can SEE the amount of time and effort and emotion put into writing the Twilight saga. i’ve only ever written short stories for school and THAT took me around a week to write 2 pages and another 2 weeks to edit and polish up my work. from that experience, i can only imagine how much time, effort, emotion and sleepless nights went into writing these amazing books. if somebody stole my short story – which is absolutely pitiful compared to all the writing that Stephanie Meyer has done – i would have been upset and annoyed to have to write it over again or continue with it because if people wont respect the amount of work put into the writing why should anyone bother? even though personally, i really hope that Stephanie does finish ‘Midnight Sun’ (dosn’t anyone who likes the twilight saga?) but i still support and respect Stephanie and her actions in not completing Midnight Sun.

    and for those who think Twilight ‘sucks’, lets see you guys try write books, makes millions of dollars and win the support of hundreds and thousands of fans world-wide. then we’ll see whos talking.

  230. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!! I know people that were once her “so called” fans, and the MS leak is SO infuriating. I am happy SOMEONE finally wrote something on it!!!!!!! GO KALEB!!!!


  232. i was so angry when i heard about what happened, but i still hope that despite all this stephnie will continue to write the book.

  233. I feel very sorry for Stephenie, it was unfair of those people to take her book and do that to her and it is unfair of her fans to be treating her this way. If it were my book I would be upset and I would probably stop my book to. Her fans should be on her side.

    I was upset to when I herd she stoped doing it, but I was not angry at her, I would have loved for her to publish it, but its up to her not me or her fans.

  234. Yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really do hope that Midnight Sun gets published. I hope that Stephenie realizes that her loyal fans really want to see the finished product. I can’t wait to see it in the near future.
    Really hoping it comes to life!

  235. people who hate back off u got no reason for ur idiocracy its just stupid to blame her for stupid, petty things.stephenie is one of my fav authors and her fans well…….. stabbed her in the back. if u wanna b a hater hate someone 4 the RIGHT reasons

  236. my cousin read twilight before it was ever popular which means stephenie wrote it before all the movie and “glamour” came around. haters r dum and should find a better reason to hate. she took out writin MS for a good reason AUTHOR”S RIGHTS if u cant respect her dont be a fan of her im a real fan and if she chose to stop writin M.S than let her remember one of your fellow FANS did this to u not stephenie

  237. i think that she is punishing us all for one person leaking this story. ASnd she letting this fault on herself she isn’t getting the money if she doesn’t have a book out you know. its all kind of like no duh u know?
    she needs to keep writing to have her fans really waiting when it comes out i mean peopl r gana go crzy but some people might not want 2 get it cuas of all shes put us through.

  238. I can understand her motives, I am a fan of her work I have read all the series of twilight and now moved onto working my way through the host, I am glad that I was able to find a refreshing author that can catch my interest, tho i did not have anything to do with what happened and was unaware that she was in the makings of writing another book, I feel terrible for her… And hope that this will not keep her from writin anything else she is a talented author

  239. I feel upset that she is not proceeding on with Midnight Sun. I haven't even read and I know it will be great, I have faith in her. I hope she will continue writing, and finishing the book. Many of my friends have said that it's wonderful, but I will not ruin the moment that it comes out. I will be the first in line to get the book that will change our very way of seeing life, and love.

  240. Uhm… I think I have to disagree. I mean, the 'childish' part is somewhat true. I'm a writer too, and I think that her action does not resemble an author's spirit. Dropping a book just because someone leaked it, and ranting about it on her site is not something that I would call very wise. A real, serious writer wouldn't give up just like that, and definitely wouldn't rant like that in front of her fans. So, if my friend somehow leaked my story to the net (which I doubt she would, and it wouldn't matter much anyway since I'm not that popular), I wouldn't rant on my page, and drop the book just like that. I would need more time to gather the writing spirit, yes, but I would still continue it, and maybe change the story a little bit so that it will come out rather different than the one which was leaked. I still think that Stephenie's action is somewhat disappointing. And she did revealed that she is not a respectable author by doing that.

  241. I completely agree with your post Kaleb. My heart breaks for her over what happened in `08… I'm a new Twilighter, having previously ignored the uproar of Twilight saga craze, but my sister insisted that I read “Twilight” and so I submitted to her will to appease her. I've read the posted draft of “Midnight Sun” from Stephenie Meyer's website, and I do think it is amazing, and it adds such a wonderful and unique dimension to the whole series. I feel the worst for Ms. Meyer though, because you can tell that she really was chomping at the bit to get Edward's side down on paper, and you can tell that her heart is broken that she cannot complete the masterpiece that “Midnight Sun” would end up being…. not that it isn't already a masterpiece. I don't feel punished, I don't feel cheated. I feel that Stephenie Meyer has every right to feel what she feels, and betrayal must only be the tip of the iceburg of the emotions she's gone through over this scandal.

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